I Am Humboldt – Jack & Janice

A recent I Am Humboldt introduced us to Jack and Janice, a beautiful couple who have been married for over 66 years.


This is what 66 years of wedded bliss looks like! [Photo credit: Sandi Petersen]


Janice is a quilter and this is one of her favorite creations. [Photo credit: Sandi Petersen]


The I Am Humboldt crew is always looking for new faces to photograph and stories to tell.  Know someone with a positive tale to tell?  Please message them on their page.



  • Two of my most favorite people!
    Love you Grandma and Grandpa!
    You are truly an inspiration.

  • What a beautiful couple! Blessings on many more years together. Most of us only dream of a marriage lasting that long…

  • I love to see the good stuff! They are beautiful, relaxed, happy. Any wedding photos? or early family photos? I love the whole story!

  • What a beautiful couple! Thank you for putting this on the site. Would also like to hear more about them. It’s not everyone who can be that happy after 66 years of marriage.

  • They look very beautiful together. best wishes to them.

  • So nice to see they have been blessed .To bad all the good news can’t cover the sad reality we face but keep trying it’s a free country for now.

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