Wonderland’s Cannabis Lounge Shut Down at Reggae on the River

Reggae law enforcementA showcase of Southern Humboldt cannabis culture at Reggae on the River was shut down yesterday because the proper permits weren’t filed, said Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery, a dispensary in Garberville. “We had a permit to do this,” he said. However, the festival organizers, he said, “didn’t get a permit.”

According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, an article on social media indicated that Reggae on the River was “going to have a display booth and sell cannabis.” However, there was no permit filed. At 1 pm. he said, a sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office, contacted the Wonderland booth. After some polite discussion between attorneys and law enforcement, Hanson said, it was agreed that the booth area would close. “We asked for voluntary compliance. There was no arrest, no confiscation, no citation,” he said.

“It cost me a chunk of money that I won’t get back,” Jodrey worried, “We worked so hard…The staff worked their asses off.” But more than that he regrets that the festival goers didn’t get to experience the local laidback community culture. He said he wanted festival goers to leave saying, “Wow! When you come to Southern Humboldt. It is cooler than any place out there.”

According to Jodrey, one of his goals was to keep awareness of Humboldt as an important part of cannabis culture and bring outside money to the area. “I want to drive the money to Southern Humboldt,” Jodrey stated. “We’re going to be a footnote in the goddamn history books if we don’t do something.” He doesn’t want to see happen. “I’ve been here for 25 years,” he said. “I’m going to die here.”

Saying this is “new territory,” Lt. Hanson said that his office won’t be pursuing arrests. “We send a report to Code Enforcement and Building and Planning Departments,” he stated. “I can’t guarantee the future but [anything further] would come through the Building and Planning Department.”

Efforts to reach festival organizers for comment before this article was published were unsuccessful.



  • Kevin Jodrey is a Babylon impersonator. You’re plants all have bugs and you are green rusher. You don’t speak for the common folk of Humboldt and you don’t leave tips. If all you care about is being in the history books for getting people high then you’re crazy. One of the many people toting a medicine for business. Maybe you should just work for Pfizer? Do you even know what pfizer is?this guy is given too much credit and I don’t understand why? Cause he’s. Pot grower and savvy business man? Good for you.

  • Jodrey is so high that he thinks it’s acceptable. Nooooooot!
    But they should certainly reimburse him and tell him not to come back until it actually is legal , across the nation!
    And get them permits bro!

    • According to Jodrey, he had the correct permits but the festival organizers had not gotten theirs.

      • Permits? For what? to sell medical marijuana? Who has the legal authority to issue that permit?

        • Yes, there are permits issued regularly for medical marijuana to be sold. Wonderland, for instance, is a dispensary that has a permit to operate in Garberville. Many events, usually cannabis related, are held in Humboldt that have permits to sell cannabis. Lt. Hanson indicated the proper authority was the Building and Planning Department.

  • Thomas Edrington

    The Mateel didn’t have their paperwork in order by the deadline? Shocking! Sad to see all that money and work flushed down the drain over a chronic inability to execute.

  • Oh Jodrey, Southern Humboldt is already cooler than any place out there, with or without corporate cannabis. I’m sure your customers will find amazing quality herb at reggae without a state sanctioned booth.

  • Now Humboldt weed sucks, the green rushers don’t know about to grow good weed just big plants, you couldn’t force me to smoke that crap

  • Wow the cannifest in eureka now looks way more professional than reggae! Their 215 area had people out front with computers who could verify a patients prescription within 2-3 minutes. Super easy and a nice mellow scene.
    How could RoR not know what permit they needed considering all they do with the planning dept? Are the rules different for redwood acres vs RoR site?
    If anyone from planning dept reads this please let us know.
    And Kevin it would be good to get rid of the bugs, we don’t need a mite infestation like they’re having in southern oregon (tho rampant use of avid in Oregon is prob a big part of it)

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    Smarmy self importance and arrogance at its finest. Go ask Alice I think she’ll know…

  • We have an invasion of people who already know its “cooler than anyplace out there”…It would have been wise to make sure the festival had its permits first, but how is that on something that is illegal?

    • Kevin payed for ads at reggae. Does he get that money back. Sounds like REGGAE ON THE RIVER OWES HIM AND REDWOOD ROOTS AND TRU HIMBOLDT
      My goodness. This county and weed? 20 years later with prop 215. other states wide open. And now this. Back to G.W. Bush years. Esteele please comment. This product is grown with permits. We need to get it out to the world or all the farms will go belly up. Why permit a farm if you can’t sell it. ? Again Estelle please comment.

      • The good stuff already is out in the world. He’s just a custy trying to sell to custies

        • He is a custy selling to custys. At the golden tarp. I used the same herb from same greenhouse and same harvest with same trimmers. With not one visual trace of mold or mildew. I decided to put it under 2 different names and categories. Super ironic they disqualified half the entries. So half of my exact same herb was disqualified. He does not represent our community. The Mateel did an amazing job with Reggae and it did not need Wonderland to be “cool”!

      • Why would the MCC have to provide permits for someone else’s business. This thread is insane none of you no the actual details. Wonderbust a sure the mateel they had all there paper work in order. If anything wonderbust owes you all the truth.

  • Maybe it would have reduced beer sales,….I wish.
    Don’t get too high after drinking and you won’t get the spins.

  • You want breaking news, real news, that affects the community, then follow Kym!

    Not feeling sorry for Jodrey. Let’s see if Mateel responds.

    Maybe they can do a press release stating, we planned to shut it down if HCSO came looking. 😂

    • veterans friend

      Kevin is certainly not looking for your sympathy here. He is doing a yeoman job promoting and assisting a sustainable LOCAL cannabis industry.

      • Veterans friend, doing a yeoman job is if someone sacrifices and does something for good without expecting publicity or profit.

        Kevin is not exactly struggling. He certainly had enough influence sending his lobbyists when the commercial cannabis cultivation ordinance was being debated at the Board of Supervisors’ meetings.

        When Kevin contributes selflessly to the community as some growers/farmers do, and creates an environment where others can compete in a local industry, I may feel differently.

        I have no stake in the local cannabis industry but I feel like any industry, the small business owners deserve a fair chance.

        • veterans friend

          My comment on your personal integrity was deleted.
          Oh well. [edit]

          • As it should be. Say it to my face so your “stake” in this discussion is apparent.

            And your identity is not hidden.

            • Say it to your face?
              And then what? You call the police and report being threatened?
              you file a restraining order?
              What do you expect to happen from your constant invitation for confrontation on message boards?

        • This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

          I find it arrogant for someone who has no personal knowledge of an individual’s sacrifices/life experiences to make comment on such a thing. Do you know Mr. Jodrey and his life experience personally? People sure are quick to judge with self-righteous fury. You may find it infinitely more gratifying to direct your focus instead towards the positive things that you can do to boost the community up in ways that seem appropriate to you. Its one thing to complain, but it accomplishes far more if you actually bring solutions to those complaints. Be the change you wish to see!

          I miss the community I was raised in that boosted one another up and celebrated our successes as a community. It has always been Humboldt against the World, until now it has devolved into hate motivated by jealousy, desperation, fear, greed and ego causing in-fighting in our own County. Get a grip people, the enemy is out there, not in here. We need to be working together focused on the goal of Humboldt’s future and finding common ground instead of ripping each other apart over the past and trifling little things.

          Reality Check: Unless you are born of the native tribes of Humboldt, you too are the product of a Green Rush! Maybe not the ganja kind, but you are a transplant here too whether you/your family came during the fishing/timber booms or the back to the land era or the ganja green rush. Each one of these groups has/had its time and place in Humboldt County, and deserves to be respected.

          Think back to the reasons why you love this place, live and die here, and I think you will find that you have much more in common with your neighbor/fellow Humboldt citizen than you realize. Use that common ground and turn your anger/fears into motivation to build something truly grand for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY.

          We all came to this island of misfit toys for a reason, judge not lest ye be judged.

  • Dylan Livingearth

    As a member of production on Wonderland we relearned that collaboration with all agencies is key to navigating this new territory together. All paths are new at some time and serve many more as they take shape over time.

    Setbacks are natural and helpful if they result in collaborative strategies to forward a good process for accessing clean high grade Humboldt grown cannabis in Humboldt. This Canna-garden or disensary within events model is new territory and we will continue to seek to navigate in unity.

    Reggae on the River has always been a place to grow and unite. This is one of those times and we support the Mateel Community Center, Reggae on the River, all clean cultivators, manufacturers, canabis partakers and all government agencies to the fullest. We are all in this together.

    Giving thanks

    -Dylan Livingearth

  • The Mateel and Reggae haven’t been community oriented for decades. They are a stark and vivid exposure of what makes up the fabric of Southern Humboldt.

    Huge amounts of money siphoned from the community into private pockets under the guise of “non-profit” and altruism… Massive disrespect for the root intention of back to the land movement that spawned the original migration in the early 70’s.

    It was all supposed to be a benefit to rebuild a community center that is, to this day decades later, an unfinished project. The existing building doesn’t service the community but rather seeks to extract more money when local causes seek to use its venue.

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” – Orwell’s Animal Farm

    Much respect to Kev and Wonderland.

    • veterans friend


    • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

      Its people like this blowhard ….young, ignorant , arrogant and hormonal, that have ruined Humboldt co. get a friggin life dud!

    • Lol, you think Kevin isn’t in it for the money? And why, oh why are his clones covered with mites? This has been going on for years. There’s no excuse.

      • That I did not say did I?
        Yes, Kevin is operating a business that is honest in it’s declared intention.
        There is no false claim of “community benefit” that I know of.
        I was at the Razors show at the original Mateel Center firemans hall the night the branding iron burned… I know the history.

        Where was the UNIFIED community when SO MUCH of the youth has gone sideways into the GROUND. The list is LONG AND HORRIFYING.
        And to this day nothing has nor will it change and in this regard I agree with you.
        There is NO excuse.

    • And just WHAT do you (Obidiah) think was the “the root intention of back to the land movement”? I was there. I have first hand knowledge. Please share with me what is your belief and how you came to it. Also citing what year(s) you attribute the Back To The Land Movement to would be helpful. Thanks.

  • If kevin truely had all the correct permits and it was the organizers of ROTR that failed to get there side of the permits, I would assume the matteel owes him some compensation. Bottom line is I really doubt that he just showed up and threw up a booth. This was all discussed a while I’m guessing before hand with the ROTR organizers, and if they failed to do there part of the work, I don’t see how they wouldn’t be liable for some type of compensation.

  • I wonder if marci kitchen is at reggae?

  • mendocino mamma

    Until MM/Cannabis becomes across the board legal on the Federal level there will ALWAYS be snafus and loopholes like this occurring. No way around it.
    As far as the mites go bad pH and overfeeding damage the plants on the deep cellular level. This makes them unable to defend themselves against mites in conjunction with any ambient temp higher than 78° bam can’t fight it with these factors…no matter all the Avid, neem oil, safer or whatever product in the world.
    Marci Kitchen if she is at Reggae hope one of the security nabs her slimy butt. Peter put your boys on her tail!!

    • Healthy soil and good clean water are key indeed. The ladies at dirty business can help anyone with those problems through organic long term solutions.

      I have a hard time believing that it’s jyst plant health tho. Have seen some once healthy plant areas in arcata community forest that now have mites pretty bad, lots of indoor growers in no hum use avid and it seems to make the mites stronger once they become used to it. And I’m talking about ground species in the understory of the forest,not pot. I wish indoor growers would get it together and stop using poison cuz they’re too lazy to work hard in their rooms. And out some filters on those outtakes to stop the bug&disease spread!!!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Avid is designed to always be tank mixed with a rotating ovicide.
        Most people that use it don’t even know what an ovicide is, hence the resistance issues.

        • And not allowed in California. For whatever that is worth. I read the allowed pesticides from the early state issued recommendations and it is very thin on allowed treatments.
          Maybe with real study they could research what are allowable levels as they have done with other crops.
          They simply have no background of studies to work with.
          Oh, and you need to take a test and receive a license to apply pesticide.

  • Haha. Stupid lazy stoners.

  • Are you referring to the Spider Mite factory?

  • Kill the bugs !!! Don’t sell the bugs .

  • Wonderland is a nursery, if they are selling cannabis as a dispensary, they are illegally doing it. That is the fact. I’ve been told by many they do have bugs.

    • Wonderland has been a dispensary / nursery for a long time . Nothing they are doing is illegal . Sure he has mites , but that’s probably because he isn’t using harsh poisons ! Duh. Deal with the problems while they are young and you won’t have to either

    • Ah i think your misunderstanding. The name of the business is ‘wonderland nursery’ but they are not a ‘nursery’ they are a dispensery. I don’t know all the legal mumbo jumbo, but I know they sell edibles there (or they did a few years ago cuz i bought some from there) So hence, they are allowed to sell weed there as well as clones. I’ve only been there a few times and it was when they first opened, but it was a dispensary last time I was there. And totally LEGAL by the way.

    • Dylan Livingearth

      Wonderland Collective operates Wonderland Nursery.

  • They can sell edibles and concentrates “saucy” they do not have a permit to sell flower. Unfortunately

  • Wonderland nursery isn’t even a legal licensed nursery, just a dispensary that dispenses plants, which is how they get around being inspected by California nursery inspectors, hence all the buggggieeesss

  • Can we get a decent group of musicians, outside of roots rock and emd, to come up at once a year? Maybe like Kimock, NRPS, The Rock Collection, Stu Allen, ect., up here some where to throw down for a week end? ???

  • Jordrey Trump “I want to drive the money to so. Hum” “I want to make So. Hum great Again!” I hope he hurries with his second wish! Just do it somewhere else. Folks with this mind set are why Humboldt is going down the drain. “PUT UP A PARKIN LOT!” Greedy Mofo.

    • Dylan Livingearth

      Simply trying to share Humboldt niceness with as many people as interested. Simply creating additional safe space to do so. Not a competition of coolness just an invitation to partake.

  • Mites-Power mold

    Wonderland has hands down the worst clones I’ve ever seen… It’s amazing they stay in business

    • Dylan Livingearth

      Thriving nursery from and healthy clones this year Resulting from switching to full organic medium and compost tea ( foliar and drench) Letters and cultivators come in weekly praising the clones, assistance, service.

    • I hear they’ve been having a deal going on that if you buy their mites they’ll throw in some clones.

  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    Yet another reason to not blow half a grand at Reggae. They give top billing to a violent homophobe. They can’t get their heads outta their asses long enough to do their jobs. They charge an arm, a leg, and a left testicle for admission. They charge the vendors just as much. Greedy bastards, and stupid to boot. What next? Charge a $50 parking fee? $10 toilet fee? Hire security guards from the corporation formerly known as Blackwater? Or CAMP?

    Hey, Mateel- did you ‘remember’ to pay the water bill? And the trash collectors? I hope your festival is a quiet event this year. Maybe the river can get a rest from the annual sewage and plastics invasion.

    • The non payment of bills can be attributed to Tim Dimmick , not Mateel.

    • “WhoAreThesePeople”, to answer your question. They are the people who have created the first water-neutral festival in the country, by creating a water-catchment pond last winter. No water was pumped from the river for this event. They are the people who pay all their bills. They are the people who, with the Eel River Clean-up Project, co-sponsored the stainless steel cups used for beer this year instead of plastic. They are the people who require that every single food booth is either run by a non-profit itself, or gives a percentage of their profits to a local non-profit. All people/non-profits make mistakes. Being that the Mateel is a “community center” means that any mistake made by them is under the microscope of the entire community, which can be good or bad. Good, when community members give constructive criticism and maybe even offer to help out…..Bad when, ill-informed, very bitter, very entitled, people just spew their venomous, fact-challenged criticisms and insults at one of the most honest and hard-working groups of people Southern Humboldt has ever known for the betterment of the community.

  • People here seem to feel entitled to sell cannabis whenever they want at any event these days. Im for legalization, but as of now its still only legal for medicinal use. There were that many sick and injured people that needed medicine there that they had to have a booth selling it? This thinly veiled recreational use facade is hurting the medicinal community, not helping it. Gets public opinion against cannabis. There would never be a Vicodin booth there….

  • Well if it didn’t benifit the Mateel and the local party crew directly I can see it falling through the cracks. Community center hahahahaha

  • Wait they took the money and didn’t get a permit. Ha ha ha. Mateel greed is awesome in 2016. That’s why happens when you can’t sell out a show. Rip the vendors

  • Michael, up vote!

  • I got wonderland clones this year. Blue Dream, Royal Kush, Mr. Nice, and Berry White. None of which had mites, I didn’t even have to spray. I was reluctant to try there cuts as I heard of them having mites. But these had none! I have had mites on NCPRC clones before. But maybe he got his mites under control. Any room can get them they are easy to pick up, and breed fast, but simple to eradicate too.

  • Wow Kevin Jodrey now claims 25 years? Well I been here 40 and I consider him the advance front of the green rush wave- the stupid, the greedy, the egotists. He helped tremendously in destroying our old scene by publicly promoting himself as being a super-cool revolutionary while really just grabbing stacks if cash by selling out our name and the community we had built
    I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. I have heard youngsters repeat his false stories of his personal history. It’s easy to fool the impressionable youth and present yourself as a cannabis hero. But he’s not. More like a scavenger. Or a parasite. Or…a broad mite?

  • Just FYI for everyone out there…. this is a blog, not an accredited news source, Kym can write and censor whatever she pleases.

    • It is a private site so I can write and censor what I please and so is the New York Times. So I don’t think you’ve grasped the difference…..

      A blog is a writer’s opinion on events. A news site is the facts of what occurred. Most of the articles here on my site are just the facts–who did what, when did they do it and where. On my site, letters to the editors contain others’ opinions. I don’t usually express my opinion in my articles (though I do in the comment section.) When I do, I tell my readers that I am. I don’t remember the last time I did this. I think it was a couple months ago.

      There is no such thing as an accredited news site in the United States. Our government does not decide what is a news source and what is not. Just like the New York Times, I can write what pleases me (or in their case what pleases the editors) and censor the comments as I please. (The NYT is a vastly better news site than I am but a local reporter is still called a reporter even if they are not the quality of writer and researcher that Woodward and Bernstein were.)

      That said…I only censor/edit slurs, incitements to violence, insults to other commenters and accusations of criminal behavior that are not backed by law enforcement.

  • The days where Reggae money went straight into pockets are over, maybe go to the annual membership meeting… The financials are totally transparent….literally posted on the wall for the meeting.

  • I like the wunderland website, with a picture of two guys on a recently excavated flat….disturbing the earth for “medicine”. Stay classy new sohumers.

  • Honestly the smallest plants I have this year came from wonderland. All my own cuts I took are currently 10ft tall and almost as wide. All the cuts I got from wonderland are 5 ft tall, look sick all year. I lost literally multiple pounds per hole thanks to them. Never again

    • HAHAHAHA! Yeah man, it was the fact they came from Wonderland that made them “5 ft tall, look sick all year.”

  • (No comments read) personal opinion. Kevin you are a lame capaltist prick. Sorry you lost a “chunk ” of money to show people humboldt is the coolest place and your still a dick .


  • I find it unacceptable that the vendor coordinator for Reggae (he also is the vendor coordinator for Wonderland and for the Golden Tarp Awards and Spring Kickoff) made such a grievous error on behalf of both of his employers. This is why we are only working with people who have PHDs. We found everyone else to not be competent enough to work with us on my high level.

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