Fortuna to Hold Special Joint Council and Planning Workshop

City of Fortuna Blur

The City of Fortuna will be hosting a special joint Council and Fortuna Planning Commission workshop on Tuesday, July 26th, at 5:30PM, in the Fortuna City Council Chambers. This meeting will be held prior to the regularly scheduled Fortuna Planning Commission which begins at 7:00PM.

Items on the workshop agenda include:

  1. Discussion of the Status of the Planning Commission’s Update of the Design Review Guidelines and the Planning Commission’s Design Review Scope and Authority
  1. Receive Report on the Status of the State’s Inspection of the Fortuna Trailer Park

Items on the Planning Commission business agenda include:

  1. A Lot Line Adjustment Between Two Adjoining Parcels to Relocate a Side Property Line. Applicant: Open Door Community Health Center. APNs: 202-082-052 and 202-082-063. Project Location: 3750 and 3800 Rohnerville Road. Zoning: Public Facility (P-F) and Residential Multifamily (R-M)

    2. Informational Presentation of a 16-foot by 56-foot Mural on the West Side of Ray’s Food Place. Applicant: Karen DelAngelo. APN: 040-281-037. Project Site: 2009 Main Street. Zoning: Commercial Thoroughfare (C-T)



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  • One of the questions to be asked at this workshop is there a need for a design review board. Its obvious the board isn’t necessary since the 4 councilman gave Wendt a yes vote on his appeal . Wendt broke City policy by never applying for a building design approval before “ordering” his building. Wendt has now opened up Pandora’s box for all developers and builders to tell the City to “fly a kite-I don’t have to have any design board approval for my building”. The 4 council people made the biggest mistake made in the last 50 years and they’ll be remembered for the damage caused. The 90’s was Wendtville and unfortunately 20+ years later Wendtville has returned in full force.
    The Planning Commission needs to bring this very question up -what are the negative affects of bypassing design review approval?

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