Dog in Fog


Dog in Fog

Daily Photo

Most times her silky black coat looks unnatural and out of place out here in the hills but at night and in fog she finds her element.



  • Spooky but gorgeous! I love how the eyes match the color of the leaves. What a neat shot and a great looking dog :-).

  • Sandi, thanks for mentioning the matching eyes/leaves. I would have missed that! I was too busy trying to decide if she was missing a hind leg or if it was the camera angle and the pose. She looks very ghostly.

  • I love the milk moustache showing her age. I saw a one-legged black dog somewhere recently, so that crossed my mind too.

  • And she looks to me like she is dancing, a little pas de deux there. Good job on getting the eyes, that’s the hardest part of a black dog to photograph. As I can tell you as the former owner of three black Cockers, now all gone to the Happy Meadow many years ago.

  • She is lovely in her eeriness. Definitely in her element there.

  • She’s a slinky canine critter and does have all four legs though the sinuous turn she was making hid one. And the milk mustache is just her coloring; she is less than two years old.

    My favorite part of the photo is the way the tip of her ear (to our left) draws our eye to hers then across her white muzzle and straight down her crossing foreleg and into the autumn leaf.

  • Very wolf-like feel to the image.

  • great shot! I love how the shadowy trees seem to cast a shadow behind her.

  • I agree with forkboy – there is a very wolf-like feel to this image. I think it is the intensity in her eyes. A three-legged wolf. Maybe she’s scratching an itch. 😉

  • i am agog! nice fog dog blog… sure he’s not on a smog slog? anyway, wanna snog?

  • That is a great shot.

  • Thegnukid…have you gotten into the grog? LOL

  • EEK! We’re reading the Hound of the Baskervilles right now as our family evening book, and I had just marked the page, turned out the lights and bid everyone a reassuring good-night (“It’s just a story”!) when I brought that image up… it looks to me like the tree is radiating energy off her raised hackles and the perspective you shot from being so close to the ground makes the viewer feel small and vulnerable. And those eyes… they seem to follow you everywhere!

    Great photography, Kym.

    Tell me she’s really a sweetheart of a pup, though, right?

  • Kato,
    My first thought when I saw the photo of “Dog in Fog” was similar to yours. EEK! the “Hound of Baskervilles.” Interesting that you had the same reaction.

    I know this dog though and she is really a sweetheart – not a villainous bone in her body.

  • Yes, she’s a sweetheart and the “raised hackles” are a dog’s version of bed head.

    GnuKid and Aunt Jackie, I’m agog that you would hog my blog to flaunt your slog through a rhyme bog! (And no I do not want to snog!)

  • Blog Hogs slogging agog? Yet, your next post shows (DON’T SAY IT!) a FROG!
    LOL! 😀

  • Great energy, very dynamic photo, like a coiled spring . . . . thanks for posting . . .

  • Good catch, Heather!

  • Thank you. My dog is agog that her jog in the fog has been flogged on this blog. She wants a treat perhaps eggnog?

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