Purple Haze


‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Purple haze all in my eyes,
Don’t know if its day or night
You got me blowin, blowin my mind
Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?*

Daily Photo #21

Last night’s sunset with Lupins

Jimi Hendrix‘s Purple Haze



  • Lupins……makes me think of Dennis Moore. Dennis Morre. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    (and if this makes no sense whatsoever then you clearly do not watch Monty Python)

  • Pretty pic. Your post reminds me of the most famous misheard lyrics ever, “Scuse me while I kiss this guy.”

  • :Blush: I am not a true geek. I haven’t watched Monty Python films. This is because I don’t watch much tv or video content. I’ve always wanted to see Life of Brian but. . .

    Kristabel, I think that line is more creative. You get this picture of a free spirited fellow wandering around in a lustful haze randomly kissing other men. Intriguing!

  • That is such a cool shot. Did you do anything other than just take the picture, like your a flash.

  • My digital has an idiot’s guide to settings. I set mine to “flower,” steadied it on my knee, and clicked. Even though the shot was backlit, I didn’t need to use my flash (tends to wash out the colors) to get more than silhouettes because the light was coming in at an angle and lit the flowers up.

  • This is gorgeous, Kym. I’m amazed at the variety of flowers you have in your area.
    What camera do you have?

  • Actually, that “flower” setting is a macro, or close-up setting. They make it a flower because that’s what a lot of folks like to take close-ups of. Now if you decide to take a close-up of belly lint, you’ll know what to set your camera on.

    Although you take some mighty fine pictures, here is a place to learn, especially in the beginners group.


  • here is a story that includes purple haze, photography, film and “flowers”……..i read this thread and thought of it.


  • Kym, you are way ahead of me on my “Wonders of the North Coast”. Cats ears are one of my favorite flowers, but by the time they bloom down here, you already have it captured. So, I’ll tell you I also like Diogenes Lanterns they bloom in mid summer.

    Aren’t Lupin an introduced specie?

  • I once found a patch of Lupin out at Lewiston Lake that were fragrant. Really wonderful. I lay down in the middle of the patch and took a nap like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I even went back to collect seeds but had no luck propagating them. I still think about going back there.

  • These lupins look gilded…absolutely gorgeous.

  • Kitty, I kept thing of what you said about the variety of flowers here and tried to keep count. There were too many. The little ones gather in nameless flocks across the meadows.

    To answer your question, I use a Kodak Easy Share M873.

    Star, My camera has several similar settings–closeup, text, flower. I keep experimenting and I’m excited to check out that link.

    Theo, (For some reason you went into my spam folder. I’ll keep an eye out for you) The thought of Hendrix being exploited like that makes me feel sad. I suppose he doesn’t care but I do for him.

    Ernie, We don’t get Diogene’s Lanterns up here. Patty Hurlbutt once took me onto her family’s ranch to see them and I thought they were joyous –so wonderfully yellow and full of light. What incredibly beautiful flowers. Maybe it’s too cold up high? I would love to try and grow some but I’m reluctant to kill wildflowers in the hopes of introducing them to my yard.

    Ernie, The yellow bush lupin is from So. Cal. but I think we have several local varieties (including those in the pic above and the exquisite tiny blue and white ones) but I’m no expert. Maybe Ben knows?

    Ben, These Lupins are slightly scented but not as wonderfully perfumed as the ones you saw that day. I wish I was more successful in starting wild plants but I’ve only managed twice I think.

    Aunt Jackie, Thank you. The evening glowed with a gold light and the lupins spread like a “purple haze” all over the ridge to the North.

  • Hei Kym

    Purple is my fav colour, you see.

  • Jimi Hendrix, the god of guitar, lucky older people.. they got the good music. Purple Haze classic song http://lyricsmusic.name/jimi-hendrix-lyrics/are-you-experienced/purple-haze.html , string quartet version is pretty great.

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