Woman With Possible Broken Leg After Falling From a Horse in Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove FireJust before 3 p.m., a woman had a horse accident on the fitness trail in the Shelter Cove area. The woman reportedly had a possible broken leg.

She was taken to the hospital.

According to Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire, earlier the department had dealt with a person with flu-like symptoms and that meant that “everyone in contact with the patient and our ambulance are considered contaminated.”

This is the new normal with COVID-19 explained Antony. “Everyone is gowned with masks [including] Gloves and protective goggles,” she told us. “After the call—-All  responders have to change clothes. The ambulance has to be decontaminated “from top to bottom” before it can be used again. “So for a while they are all out of service,” Antony said. “This is protocol for everybody with flu-like symptoms.”

Luckily, they were back in service before the woman had the accident on the horse.


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  • 🕯🌳Prayers to all involved. 🖖

  • Hand-painted signs have been posted along Shelter Cove – Briceland Road which reads Shelter Cove is closed and only residents are permitted. There is one just west of Briceland, another mounted on a power pole just before the Whitethorn Post Office (opposite side from Whitethorn Construction), and another (photo below) on the straight-away just before Paradise Ridge Road. Not all the signs contained the same verbiage, and all were hand-painted. Did the Humboldt County Public Health Office announce this closure and what government agency approved the closure. Obviously this impacts people who work in the Cove, essential services, (wink,wink), UPS and FedEx, Food deliveries to the General Store and restaurants, and fuel deliveries to the General Store and RID, as well as, propane to residents. The lack of prior notification to residents by whatever agency declared this was not well thought out.

    • This is not the kind of sign a government agency would post. Concerned citizens, seeing their towns overrun by non-residents, would.

      There has been no notification by any agency at this point.

    • Hills have eyes

      It seems like the signs are meant to deter tourists, as a lot of people seem to be running away from big cities trying to hide and wiping out the small sohum communities.

      Ps praying the woman is ok!!

    • Well there will more signs go up when locals get finished with their inland invasions to Costco! SMH

    • Not an official ( or legal) sign. No such local orders have been posted..

    • I do believe anyone may walk on the beach as long as they keep a 6ft. distance from another.

  • Kudos to these folks. This is very well thought out. At least they put signs up. There are other areas in Humboldt where you don’t get this kind of warning. Well done people.

  • The person or persons posting locals-only signage is claiming it is okay exclude others from the Cove. Does that mean those isolated out past Briceland would be willing to avoid exposing us in Fortuna or Eureka by NOT shopping here?

  • So the city slickers ran and came to the Cove to ride out the plague? They better isolate for 14 days, they better watch their distances, and they better donate to local causes, like the first responders in the Cove and other local areas that will be risking their lives when people start going into respiratory failure. And city folks, you are here now, do not go home and then come back and then go home and back. . .You made the choice now see it through. That’s what isolation means.

    • City people riding out the virus at the cove is hearsay. Are they staying in motels? Just something to get up in arms about.

      • They are staying in motels, air bnbs2, the campground, and vacant lots… I live in the cove. It’s very upsetting. Should have seen it here last weekend. Looked like 4th of July. At least 10 planes in and out. Tons of ppl from Bay Area saying they figured they would come hide here.

  • Glad the women with a possible broken leg is okay. Thank you Shelter Cove Fire! Only one comment on hoping the woman is fine. Thank you Hills have eyes!

  • The City of Trinidad issued a moratoriumon on short term vacation rentals. Shelter Cove needs this to happen also.

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