[UPDATED With Input From HRC] Truckers and Protesters Concerned About Plans to Log Rainbow Ridge Clashed Near Scotia Mill Yesterday

Several days of protests over plans to log old growth Douglas Fir on Rainbow Ridge reached a crescendo just before 3 p.m. yesterday after demonstrators blocked the southernmost exit/entrance from Hwy 101 to Scotia and the Humboldt Redwood Company Lumber Mill.

Video by Earth First in Humboldt uploaded to YouTube and embedded above shows a trucker with empty trailers driving through a large banner held by two protesters blocking Main Street in order to enter Hwy 101.

Another video uploaded to YouTube by Rick Shreve, an environmental activist, and embedded below shows a trucker hauling logs arguing with protesters including one who stepped up onto the semi.

The California Highway Patrol received reports that the blockade forced truckers to stop on the exits and this was impeding traffic. They also received reports that demonstrators were climbing onto the trucks.

Several law enforcement agencies were dispatched to the scene but protesters dispersed before law enforcement arrived.

Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) owns the 18,000 acre piece which is located on the headwaters of the upper and lower forks of the Mattole River. The company has received approval to log [a portion of] it.

John Andersen, Director of Humboldt Redwood Company, said that the company has “a very robust policy” against logging old growth trees. However, he said that the protesters had a very different idea of what constitutes old growth.

“They believe that trees much younger than our policy should be protected,” he explained.  One person, he said, had even told him that old growth was any tree older than him.

He said that what HRC did while harvesting timber mimicked natural fires and helped prevent the massive wildfires currently plaguing California. “The thinning we do in the forest mimics natural fire selection,” he said.

Below is a video of the company’s policy on old growth trees.

Andersen said that for years protesters had been allowed on Rainbow Ridge. “HRC supports the rights of individuals to express their views about forest management policies,” states an HRC statement Andersen pointed out. “At the same time, HRC seeks to avoid risks to people and property.”

Andersen said that prior to the recent removal of protesters from Rainbow Ridge, a woman protester had been burned there badly enough to need treatment. According to him, when a campsite there was looked at, grass around a fire ring had been burned.

“I don’t need to tell you how much of a concern wildfire is right now,” Andersen explained. The statement Andersen reference said,

Additionally, unauthorized dirt bikes have been witnessed off trail operating in an unsafe manner and it is unclear if the dirt bikes have proper fire prevention equipment. Campfires and dirt bikes are a common ignition source of wildfire.

When we learned of someone suffering a burn injury in the midst of wildfire season and people operating dirt bikes unpermitted and unsafely on the property, we felt compelled to act for the safety of people and property in order avoid additional accidents or an uncontrolled wildfire.

A Rainbow Ridge video shared by protesters that describes their argument for protecting the area:

Note: The Humboldt Redwoods Company’s director, John Andersen, returned our call and information from him has been incorporated into our piece.

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  • Rainbow ridge is one of the last pristine old growth doug fir stands. Its amaxing i wish everyone could experience it as i did years ago, as a biologist i can say it has an incredibly diverse amount of wild life of all levels.

    There have been ongoing talks with the company since the first blockades out there in the early 2000’s about purchasing the land. I wish they would just agree to sell it and move on, theyll make more $ that way anyhow and part of the agreement can be that workers get compensated for the lost time.

    The log yards look like it was in the 90’s, way too much being cut at once and ive personally found multiple violations of logging rules on the cuts green diamond did in my neighborhood, like logging right up to the edge of a fish bearing stream. I looked up the rules. CDF is not doing their job and the fines are too low anyway, companies should have to pay for restoration work.

    Regardless of what you think of the tactics of these folks, we should all be taking heed of the amount of trees cut especially old growth.

    The fires are a reminder why its a good idea to leave trees standing, again, especially old growth.
    The overall temps are rising regardless of why so our chances of firestorm are already increased, its literally a public safety hazard to be cutting old forests right now, its just asking for major fire issues. Thinning work is great as long as it doesnt favor just one species of tree thus creating a tree farm, which is what a lot of timberland becomes.

    Our county from top to bottom could burn down in a day in a crazy firestorm. Every little town would be gone.
    Whats more important to you, doing your best to protect your family or letting timber companies whose owners live elsewhere make a chunk of money off our resources without having to deal with repercussions.
    We are at the point with climate issues that scientists thought would be happening at least 20-30 years in future but theure happening now.
    Every decision we make right now is literally going to affect how much our kids and grandkids suffer in the future. No question they will suffer, but how much is something we can have a say over now, we are just passing the point of no return, is that the path we want to take?

    • Concerned citizen

      I wish these people blocking trucks from doing there jobs would be arrested and charged with and held for at least 30 days it’s not right to mess with someone else’s lively hood

      • sick of double standards

        Like the cops who stopped the coke dealers in Arcata? Or is it sometimes ok to mess with people’s lively hoods? What about protesting at lunch counters for black rights? That sure messed with a few cook’s lunch shift. Was that wrong too? How about video recording police officers in public view? Many says that is “messing with their lively hood” when they get caught abusing their authority. What about attempted assault with a semi-truck? Is that within a person’s job duties? Protesting a politician is “messing with their lively hood.” What about lying about where Obama was born, where does that fall in your narrow little world? I don’t see you thinking this through past your nose, really.

        • Hellfire! They’re taxing the cannabis growers $25,000 a day for doing their jobs. And the worst environmental douchebags among them don’t come close to the damage of cutting into this forest. Livelihoods?! Wtf are we talking about?? I think we are talking about endangered species and global warming and raging fires.
          By Andersen’s own admission,the cool intact forest didn’t burn when a fire “spilled” there. So let’s fuck with it and do better than God, right John???

      • The hole dam thing is inevitable look how trees they allready cut as long as thar is wood to cut and they can sneak a few of these old growth thu the mill and make what i call gravey money thar going to do it human greed it natural right

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      Power to the protesters! The rest of the world is out of our jurisdiction, we need to protect the forest right here. Mature trees are our number one allies in maintaining the balanced aquarium that is home to all life as we know it. We’re so fortunate to live among them. We can live with them without killing them. Reforest Humboldt County!

      • Same old bullshit; different year one of these days they are going to protest a full load truck sideways I don’t want to know what a dozen green logs look like rolling toward a crowd at 45 mph.

        • I’m the woman who stepped onto the log truck in Scotia on Thurs. Just want to say it wasn’t an argument. The driver and I actually did listen to each other even tho he was angry and we disagreed about some, but not all, things.
          I know that truck was not an HRC truck but HRC, who we are protesting, profits from their contract loggers who may or may not even be certified sustainable.
          I respect his right to his views and commend the driver for his patience and restraint, unlike the driver who rammed through the protesters holding the banner.

      • Can you tell the difference between a meadow fir and a non-meadow fir? I’ve cut 3’+ diameter meadow firs that were 60-70 years old, with some rings 1.5″+ in diameter. These kinds of trees are poor wood, little heartwood, and aiding the degradation of Humboldt’s meadows, madrone/oak (live oak, tan oak, black/white oak) woodlands, and the diverse ecology therein., by sending out hundreds of cones every year with high sprout rates. I’ve cleared upwards of 400 young firs in a 50×50 area, many of them less than .5″ apart.

        Conversely, i’ve seen 4″ diameter firs that were well over 80 years old, overgrown by 12-18″ diameter firs of less age. Had i/we known the trees age, it never would’ve been cut to begin with.

        Just because a tree is big does not mean it is old growth. Just because a tree is small does not mean it is first-growth.

    • Two cents thx.. Thank you for your 2 cents! It’s exactly how I feel.
      I wish everyone would read your comment.. And several times!!!

    • The people trying to keep the trees alive should be looked upon as Heroes like firefighters and the veterans that came back from the wars protecting what is left of the old growth is important if you want to see a really beautiful stand of old growth fir trees Lady Bird Johnson’s Park is a good place to look there is some Redwood in there but a lot of old-growth fir trees too Giant Majestic trees

  • WTG protesters! Don’t stop until they criminalize logging altogether so we can watch the tree chipper convoys rushing to the rescue.

    (vid explains my sarcasm).

    • People with no jobs interfering with people who do have jobs. I’m guessing these are the same people who voted to legalize marijuana. Do they realize they are wiping out the last of the economy? No weed ,no fishing, no logging. No economy. What do they expect us to do up here. . I dought half the people protesting are even locals or live around here.

      • Apparently you didn’t bother to watch the tree chipper vid that enhanced my sarcasm.

        • I misunderstood above post. Null my reply.
          (Note to self. Reread before responding, especially when the eyelids are heavy from a long day).

      • There is no such thing as a viable illegal economy. If illegal, it sucks all the profits to itself while spreading misery to those not controlled by it. If made legal, it finds it can’t compete on its old terms of extortion.

        Just look to what the history of our area is. Murders, violence, disrespect for all law, theft,raids, jails, etc the whole time. Yet growers push the fantasy of a garden of Eden when the product was illegal. It never was that at all. Just like any parasitic situation, it was all good for the parasites as long as they were few in number. It’s just that it never stays like that. They reproduce if not killed off. Eventually the are so numerous they suck the host dry and the other infections they carry kill it. Only the parasites long for the good, old, convenient days when the living host was there to provide.

      • This planet is our home some people believe they own it we’re only here for a short period of time some indigenous tribes believe that we are caretakers stewards of the Earth the circle of life is handed down through the generations in a time of Global Environmental destruction most of it being done by corporations big money Banks backing the oil companies a giant warm water pocket in the Pacific North West they are calling the blob it is not the first time it’s been sitting out there in the ocean it was part of the beginning of a long drought along with El Nino brought some dry and hot weather patterns the Arctic ice sheet has been having a hard time breaking up over Greenland and other places most scientists agree that we are headed in a bad Direction unless we stop and make better choices for the future

  • I was wondering why all the trucks were lined up yesterday. This could cause a serious accident. It’s a flippen freeway!!!!

  • “One of our short loggers at the coast encountered some protesters yesterday😂”. 1 hour ago.

    From the facebook group “Men of the Woods: A logger’s life. caution the page contains graphic images of destroyed wilderness with men bragging about the destruction they cause while at work.

    • someone in the truck was actually stupid enough to comment on this pages post.

      “I know the driver I was sitting In the passenger seat…. he looked at me and said well? I replied floor it and well here we are… LOL”. I wonder if Robert understands that he just proved reckless endangerment and will most likely facilitate a large settlement. its a public road.

      • A large settlement for what? I don’t think you get money just cause someone didn’t respect your snowflake status.

        • the driver will have his license revoke and pay a fine. redwood coast will be advised to settle by their insurance company. the dipshit bragging about it as a passenger will lose a bunch of friends due to his public post. and if you were wondering if logging is better or worse than a 3 acre conversion to grow weed, feel free to flip thru the pics and comments on that facebook group, lots of Humboldt loggers posting pics.

          • Come back in 30-40 years to make a judgement. On logged land, if logging is not made impossible, it will be green and growing. Full of wildlife that came back in from the surrounding land held to be logged in the future.

            On land cleared for pot, it will be a shacky house surrounded by junked cars, garbage piles, tattered shreds of pvc pipe and sad people. Or, if lucky, big houses with swaths of lawn. Even if abandoned and not claimed for other uses, which is unlikely, it will be slow decay and weedy growth.

            I’ve lived with both. The loggers come in, make a lot of noise and damage for a season, then disappear for decades. Pot growers leave scars that never will be allowed to heal over- the land they had will be used continuously. If for no other reason that preservationists only want to keep what exists, not rehab what was taken.

            • The insulting stereo types notwithstanding, your arguement has merit except: ancient forests converted to managed forests haven’t got the same climate stabilization capacity as the ancients.

              I host a round of the environment show, so one might predict I have a bias toward leaving trees stand, but I have Looong said, ‘the only thing worse than a clear-cut is a subdivision.’ (this is an allegory. rainbow ridge is being selectively cut)

              Anyway, I’ve invited the forest defenders on the environment show tomorrow night, they accepted and will be on the phone if they haven’t been arrested or something over the weekend. I’m going to invite HRC to have someone as well.

              Let’s talk about this. Voice to voice. What is reasonable?

              HRC has economic needs as do the loggers. We all have the need for the “terrarium” (as a reader here put it) to stay balanced.
              What could work for everyone?

              Its a call in show, so Let’s hear your ideas on KMUD 91.1 in southern Humboldt, 81.1 for northern Humboldters, 90.3 in northern mendocino and 99.5 out at the Cove. All signals are fm.

              7pm Tuesday night. (August 4th)

          • Hahahaha! Lost coast says neither the sheriffs office or the highway patrol office is investigating as there was no injury’s and basically no crime. Hahahahaha! Attempted murder? Nope. I’m glad not everyone lives in the new age PC world where if your feelings are hurt you think everyone owes you’

        • I’d be rich if they did!

      • Is it really reckless endangerment if the people voluntarily put themselves in the pathway of oncoming traffic? Especially considering they are breaking laws to start with.

        I’m all for not destroying old-growth, but I’m also all for the Darwin Awards.

        • its actually attempted murder due to his intentions and subsequent actions. if his dipshit passenger didn’t make the post there would be no intentions and it would be reckless endangerment. the Darwin award goes to the driver and his passenger, this mentality needs to be a thing of the past.

          • He proceeded slowly and they yielded right of way and he gave them the required 3 foot, if I get on that jury I he will skip out of there. The courthouse isn’t even hardly prosecuting actual murders let alone your made up one. Any person deliberately obstructing traffic should be responsible for whatever damages come from the idiotic choice

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          OBVIOUSLY attempted vehicular homicide charges will take precedence over trespassing, etc.

    • Some people are saying attempted murder while others are saying attempted suicide. Now backing up trucks for miles on the freeway because you want to have your cute little protest! is that attempted murder or just malicious mischief? Or premeditated murder considering you guys planned this protest long ago!

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Have you noticed how there are multiple posts in this thread calling on pro-environment protestors to be MURDERED for the act of protesting, which is apparently acceptable somehow on this blog?

        But, strangely enough (and I’m sure it’s merely a coincidence), there are no comments encouraging protestors to excercise their right to armed self-defense as Americans? When in this same blog, whenever the topic of guns are addressed, this blog’s comments section is invariably littered with pro-gun use propaganda?

        Now, having said that, hopefully my comments this morning in support of protestors’ right to self-defense against attempted murder by morons in logging company trucks will pass this blog’s test of what is acceptable speech, since you so readily accept damn near anything some racist [edit] has to say on any subject, no matter how violent & murderous their statements are. No double standard this time, please.

  • Cares about others

    They could have caused and accident on the freeway, these protesters have no regard for the safety of others and are clueless about responsible forest management.

  • This is a bad company just like maxxam was. And I am not antilogging.but this is about the last patch of virgin fir left in that area.

    • I was told by a GD employee that the plan is to hammer everything and sell to land trusts. climate change killed the 60 year redwood cycle. a proposal to cut the remaining tree’s in the drainages is underway and it will explain how it will beneficial to the watershed. sounds similar to strombeck’s non-profit that claims more rentals will increase the price of rentals.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        These greedy logging companies and the[edit] tree killers who do their evil bidding are the scum of the earth. Put these worthless bastards out of business for good, by any means necessary! 👍🏿

  • Don’t cover the story… and the (few) protestors will go away.

    • We ain’t leaving soon they said the same thing in 1990 we EF are still in humbolt. We need connected core forest if redwoods are to survive. Green Diamond is a holding company where a mystery investors have bought the debt the trees pay for. Prove me wrong.

      • Why don’t you help stop the massive illegal grows, which pollute so much, and take millions of gallons of water from the system? It is said EF was begun by Charles Hurowitz and Red Emerson, who employed Cherny and Berry, to stop logging on USFS land. And when it did, it doubled the price of timber from private lands, and EF and others benefited.

        • Stuber, I agree 100%. These protesters wearing masks, if they truly believe in what they are protesting why hide ….. are they criminals?…. or hired destroyers go around different community’s.

      • Answer STUBER’s question. If you care about the Mattole River why don’t you protest the illegal weed growers sucking it dry?

    • Right, censorship, the answer to all our problems.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Isn’t censorship supposedly the answer to all of Benedict Donald’s legal problems, according to Twitler himself? 🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺💰⚖️

        Some truth you just can’t censor, no matter how hard you try, Republicans. And these scumbag psycho loggers & the pathetic piece of shit 💩 corporation they kill trees (and attempt to kill protestors) for are GOING TO PAY BIGLY,[edit] 💰

        • Actually the more such comments go on, the more they remind people as to why Trump, defective as a politician as he is, was elected. Not that convincing such a spewer that it’s self damaging. They are helpless to control themselves. Apparently only one weapon exists in their arsenal and it isn’t good sense or thoughtfulness or self awareness.

          For the enemies of contrary opinions to win, all that is needed is a little tweak in their direction and off they go again, destroying that they claim to want.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

            Trump’s approval rating with Independents is 31%. LOL! 🤣
            BLUE WAVE, BABY! No matter how hard you try, reactionaries, you can’t stop the future which is almost here… 🌊🌊🌊🐘💩🌊🌊🌊

  • Where is Rainbow Ridge located? Can someone post a map?

    • It’s on the south side of South Mane ranch which is in bear river and the head waters of the north fork of the Mattole river,which is on the south side of Walker mountain. Hope that helps, plus there is no public access as all the land there is privately held.

      • if you knew anything at all you would know its southmaid not southmane defenatly not a local

      • Can't Stand Trespassers

        Wrong Captain Obvious. Hollister Ridge is south of Southmayd. It is nowhere near Rainbow Ridge, other than it is in the same county.

        Rainbow Ridge runs SEbS from Rainbow Peak in almost a straight line to Mattole Road. Rainbow Peak is SW of Mt. Pierce, or as old timers call it, Mount Blanc.

        The area these dipshidiots protest is Long Ridge, which runs circuitously from Rainbow Peak to the NW face of Taylor Peak. Curiously Long Ridge HAS been logged before. Anyone with half a brain who looks at GoogleEarth can see the old logging roads and skid roads. The notion this is an ancient forest is a myth. A flat lie. A lie told often enough that it becomes the new truth. I have seen logging trucks leave Long Ridge. I have seen the Sulphur Creek side of Long Ridge logged by Columbia Helicopter.

  • totally misleading article. They did not get approval to log 18,000 acres.

    • After looking at that paragraph again, I agree. I should have said “a portion of the 18,000 acre piece.” I’ve corrected that.

      • Regardless of opinions for or against I know for a fact that aquiring a class A license does not condone the use a semi for which it was used. I feel for the men and women that could have been affected as a result of losing pay but the proper thing to do was to let the law dispurse the protesters. The driver abused his license privledges and I am pretty sure that law enforcement had an obligation to ticket him at the very least. If the issue is pressed going forward I would bet that he will at the very least have his license suspended if not revoked. Also the logging company that he is employed by may be in some sort of trouble. The officers that did not enforce the law will also be under scutiny for not abiding by the law set forth by the the state of California.

  • Loggers Daughter

    Redwood coast you should be proud of your driver he did the best he could in That situation these idiot protesters have no dam clue they are so blinded by reality. California burns because we can’t properly sustain our forests. Logging helps if you like it or not. The land that burns now proves that!!! You can’t log it at all an look at it BURN ! Idiots Earth first needs to suck a d$$k.

    • Loggers Daughter, you nailed that one for me. I agree with you 100%! [edit]Big wheels keep on turnin.

    • Old growth forests don’t need our help.

    • That’s an insane spin. Even age tree farms the the most likely to burn uncontrollably.

      • Yet it is impossible that every bit, or even a few pieces, of the world remain untouched by humans when there is so much self aggrandizing behavior. It’s not all about either camps, protectors or logging companies, but I must admit that people who will not trouble themselves to be anything but users of what others produce are the least sympathetic. If there was more respect for the worker’s of the world, they might be more willing to hear critics. The trouble is that while is is hard to work, it is easy and endlessly to carp on the work. It is dangerous to take seriously those who think themselves so important while doing so little.

  • What a huge loss. We need to realize we cant eat or drink money ppl and we have completely screwed the next generations out of any natural life, air and water. What a shit show.

    • Yet without either, there is no eating or drinking for such a large, noise, demanding crowd either. Money is the device that transfers those things to the people who Don’t have them.

  • Crashed the gate coin ninty eight and said let them truckers roll ten four!

  • Omg get the hell out of the road …..there is better ways to do this and not make the 101 unsafe …all the people that are in them videos need to be changed ……

  • Give thanks for these protesters.

    • tHANKS for the FReak sHOW MAYBE the whole state can turn into drug addicted homeless 6 toed in-bread side show dis- evolved humanity. Then the Oligarchy will have complete control of the masses. No need to work, you will be provided a stipend. They will decide. No more prisons, for the whole mass is imprisoned. Screams and torture from a cauldron of never ending hell.

  • It might be “Old Growth” but it does die. so why no make some use out of it before it goes to rot standing. and may I ask. why if your going to protest. use your brain’s. think about it. its cut right?

    • It’s not bamboo. Old growth does not “just die”. The forest live much longer than the trees. Standing dead trees are an important part of old growth and provide habitat for many animals.

      • But unfortunately, until a stable population is reached, more and more resources are taken to keep up with them. Too many vocal people will refuse to admit the correlaries to their values are destructive to those values. A population already too large to feed without destructive factory farming? Then why won’t unregulated immigration just spread to places not already trashed? Think that everyone has a right to government supplied food, housing, education, etc? Then fewer and fewer who actually produce will have to take more resources by mechanized destruction to support those who will not spend any effort in taking care of themselves. Have endless sympathy for the “most vulnerable”? Then the class of “most vulnerable” will grow and grow until they act like a black hole of enterprise, sucking the life out of those left producing.

        It’s not that cake isn’t good but that you can’t have it after eating it has already made you fat and bloated. There is no natural law about the Conservation of Cake.

        It’s not that those idealsare not pleasant. It’s just that they are fiction and adhering to them always leads to more destruction. To the endless anger of the confused or dependant.

  • Nice trucks

  • There are buffer zones on buffer zones here in Ca. that will never be logged let alone visited by anyone. There are 6 trees planted for every one harvested–so I don’t think we’re going to run out of trees anytime soon. Also with the advent of plastic–concrete products–etc. being used more than ever to build homes would mean less wood being used and plastic doesn’t break down. With all the slash laying on the ground now that the environmentalist have stopped slash burning in the winter is creating bigger fires than ever before and the trees affected are not used and left standing to rot and be infested by more and more wood beetles.. So maybe we can throw up some more of those wind turbines that affect wind patterns and kill off wildlife and costly to maintain..

    • Planting trees in exchange for logged trees only produces even age tree farms
      It is a horrible management practice. We are using a higher percentage of the forest that are left, not less.

      You are completely clueless on forest management and how it relates to fire suppression.

      • It is consistent that those who hate always respond by throwing in a comment about how stupid other people are. And if bullying ever changed anyone’s minds.

  • Keep on Truckin’!!!

  • I am not seeing old growth on the trucks. One log loads with a couple of cheese blocks (small pole logs) would be old growth. These are second growth or even third.
    These protestors aren’t hurting the company ‘bosses’/lumber company/land owner but rather the truck drivers and their families. These guys (drivers) depend on per load. What are these stupid protestors thinking? That these guys are on salary? That they are some fat ass government employee with benefits?! Give them a break! Some of these are independent haulers that aren’t even part of a multi truck company, just a little guy that won a contract.
    You want to protest, leave the selfies and your stupid tambourines at home and go chain yourself to a living tree! The ones on the trucks are already dead.

    • How dare you make perfect sense!

    • The logs on the trucks were redwood,and not fir logs. Rainbow ridge is fir… they are blocking trucks that aren’t even hauling from rainbow just to make what point? That they don’t want to wipe their asses with toilet paper?

    • And the truck drivers are hurting all of us.

      • Only if you sit naked in your tiny cabin made of deadfall, trying to grow your own food in total shade and never travelling more than you can walk are you even close to free fromharming others.

        All people take and cause harm in the taking but some of them try to give more back than they take.

  • Testes, testes, one two...three?

    Know your history. Logging companies have already knowingly and willingly been raping that land. Read for yourself, logging profiteers blaming “nature” for the damaged and diminishing watersheds, long before the ganja rush. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, then and especially now. Leave the trees alone, period.



    …just a tip of the information iceberg the logging profiteers want us to not think about at all.

    • Bastion of Faith

      More popcorn, please. (Crickets)
      Salmon carry the spirits of our ancestors, coming back to feed us!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      I appreciate your attempt at discussing ACTUAL FACTS with these anti-environment [edit] 🏌️‍♂️🤪, but [edit] only care about “alternative facts”. Just remember, “Truth isn’t truth.” That’s how these Southern-fried fascist tree killers make “sense” of all the bullshit 💩 nonsense that they are spoon 🥄 fed on a daily basis by the corporate media & Twitler.

    • When I was a kid we had a cabin in mattole. Going out one Friday evening we met 38 loaded trucks heading back to the mills,and not one flippin protester, they the protesters need to get a job.

    • Yes they have. And now that the world sees that the earth’s limited, improvements have been made. Not that people ever seem to talk about their own efforts to overcome their own excessive consumption.

      What have you done to stop parasitizing the earth? Maybe your example of not taking yet still producing will be a guide to others.

  • This makes my blood boil. I’ll play nice so Kym doesn’t have to delete my post.

    I strongly disagree with the protesters tactics and hope the worst for them. I give the hard working, salt of the earth truck drivers my best.

    • I find it interesting and incredibly sad that while the protesters are trying to save lives (albeit protesting in a dumb way) most of the comments here from anti-protesters are wishing harm and EVEN DEATH upon those kids.
      Wow. Some people need to look in the mirror.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        And have no doubt about this – these same anti-environment, lawless [edit]🐘💩🤪 will preach to you this Sunday about how “Christian” & supposedly holy they are, and how evil YOU are for protecting God’s creation. They are total & complete hypocrites and Pharisees. FAKE “Christians” suck.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        I find it to be somewhat surprising how Kym Kemp is apparently censoring any comments suggesting pro-environment protestors have the right to self-defense, which THEY CLEARLY DO.

        So, Kym. Only Republikkkans have 2nd Amendment rights, as far as you are concerned?

        And you apparently are of the opinion that calling for the murder of pro-environment protestors on your blog is acceptable, based upon the multitude of pro-murder comments you have allowed through in this comment thread (and many, MANY others on your blog elsewhere). But comments in support of legal, justified SELF-DEFENSE are not allowed? WTF?!?

        Shame on YOU, Kym Kemp.

        P.S. – Double Standards are for moral cowards and kiss-ass conservatives.

        • What? Can you point to an example? Remembering of course that I allowed myself to sleep last night and the last comments I edited were somewhere around 10:30.

          • Kym, I came in late for the discussion and didn’t see any that this poster claims. I came back this morning and re-read and still didn’t see any. This person (who seems out of control and frothing at the mouth) accusing people of things seems to be the only one spouting violence or imagined violence. I don’t read every article but you do a damn fine job, thankless as it is but I appreciate what you do.

      • Pot calling the kettle black. As far as the last such protest I saw, the protestors made ugly noises, engaged in physical altercations, actually set equipment on fire, while those they protested against made only made ugly noises.

      • My post was a bit harsher than I intended … I wish these confused people holding signs the best and hope they can pull them selves out of this mess they are in. They have drank the wrong koolaid and need a drink of reality

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      What the hell are you talking about?

      Logging company truck drivers are the SCUM of the earth. And attempted murderers too. “LOCK THEM UP!” ⚖️

      • Highway patrol and sheriffs have both said there isn’t a crime to investigate so quit crying wolf every time you want some attention.

      • Logging company truck drivers are the SCUM of the earth??? What a fucking joke! They’re out there working hard for their money. You might want to take another look around?!

  • These protesters are saving a lot of these a****** loggers soles from being judged by the Almighty for killing something more sacred than a human soul if they had to feel the pain of all the old growth trees that have been cut so far they would not be able to handle it so leave a few of the old-growth here keep some of the Hallowed Ground for our children an animal’s to play in

    • Luckily for most of us God is more loving than humans. The rain falls on the righteous and unrighteous alike. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”

      Don’t confuse yourself with God.

  • So stand in the road where the big scary trucks drive……what could go wrong with that logic?

    • the trucks aren’t scary it’s the stupid drivers inside of them that was a very bad incident and it wasn’t the trucks fault definitely the stupid driver inside of it disregard for human life maybe if the big stupid truck came through your house you’d feel different

      • But then it would be different. My house rarely has been known to put itself in front of a truck on the road.

        • Some logging truck drivers don’t give a shit all you got to do is say punch it and they go through whatever in front of them most trucks are relatively peaceful even old war trucks I still believe it’s mostly the person behind the wheel and someday you might want to stand up for something yourself and it might happen to be in the middle of the road or at least on the other side then what is it okay to take you out

  • Somebody needs to purchase the property. It is a property issue. An old growth forest is not just a forest. It’s an ecosystem, some things take longer than a human lifespan to come into being.props to both sides.

  • Old growth Douglas Fir is rarer than old growth Redwood by far.

  • Protest away. I’m all for logging, but leave the old growth alone. We can not better that forest. With that said, leave the truckers alone. [edit] While you might be on food stamps or government assistance of some sort, these men and women are working for a pay check, not taking handouts.

    • You are dead wrong. Loggers are on unemployment half of the year. You can’t log in mud. This is just one way the government subsidizes the parasitic logging industry.

      • Really? Wow! Not the ones I know. If you are on dirt road, they close at certain saturation point/ rain for safety, erosion and fungus/ blight concerns… It use to be 1st rain but that was when there was rain that really came down, not the spit on the dust kind. Rock roads can go longer/ extend the season. They won’t be skidding or using cats to drag but they will use yarders and heli-loggers (helicopters). Those jobs need truckers. Some of the drivers might get time off. Some convert their trucks to haul lumber, scrap metal, etc. depending on their set up.
        So ask those poor hard working guys out in the damp with their rubber caulk boots and bright orange rain slickers setting yarder chokers how they like having half the year off.

        • You conceded my point, many lumber company employees are on unemployment for a good portion of the year. This relarionship is a form of corporate welfare. There are year-round field jobs, but many of those are due to the regulations the logging industry fights tooth-and-nail.

          The bottom line is that no amount of temporary money, most of which will leave town, is worth losing an irreplaceable ecosystem. There are other places to log.

          • Unemployment is paid by employer, not “corporate welfare” from the state at all. If unemplyment was not paid by them, the employers would either have a higher profit or pay more in wages.

            An “irreplaceable ecosystem” is a luxury that can only be afforded a society that can sustain itself without scraping every last ounce out of nature to feed itself. So you better hope that productive people are able to keep producing more than they use themselves to keep feeding those masses of unproductive people.

            If government was just, it would see that those who are kept from viability because the government wants to reserve land for the public’s use are offered other opportunities to earn a livelihood. Unfortunately those “promises” made to minimize opposition to government taking are chopped as soon as the noise died down, leaving poverty in its wake.

            • Testes, testes, one two...three?

              You call the pot kettle black calling the frying pan orange in an earlier post, yet in this post you defer notions of maintaining a more balanced ecosystem to a need for constant production. As if the only option is all or none, you must intentionally be missing the point of the protest, and youust be ignoring your own ability to concieve another way. How’d you fall so far behind in thinking, to continue supporting removing more forest? We can think of other ways, the people making money the current way won’t have it.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

            Exactly right about how lazy, shiftless, and alcoholic 🍺 your average timber company employee is these days. Many local timber company workers are some of the biggest welfare cheaters and thieves of taxpayer dollars in this community. They suck!

  • i agree with aggness on kmud.we need industreal hemp and solor panles to save the planit.

    • Im all for industrial hemp, but keep in mind that just about every possible piece of farmable land in this country already has a crop growing on it. So commercial hemp crops will take away from food crops.

      • Testes, testes, one two...three?

        “Just about every piece of farmable land in this country already has a crop growing on it.”

        No offense but you couldn’t be more wrong. Not just about the country but the county as well. Write your county supervisor and ask them how many acres of agricultural land they participated in rezoning to develop. Humboldt County has among the world’s most prime farming land, yet every year big developers petition for rezoning to cash in on infrastructure. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

  • “O my children! My poor children!
    Listen to the words of wisdom,
    Listen to the words of warning,
    From the lips of the great spirit,
    From the master of Life, who made you!

    I have given you lands to hunt in,
    I have given you streams and River to fish in,
    I have given you many things Great and Small,
    I have given you the oceans and the mountains,
    Why then are you not content?
    Why then will you hurt each other?
    I am weary of your quarrels,
    weary of your Wars and bloodshed,
    Weary of your prayers for vengeance,
    Of your wrangling of dissensions,
    All your strength is in your Union,
    All your danger is in Discord,
    Therefore be at peace henceforward,
    And as brothers live together,

    The art of peace in a time of War against humanity and nature love well win

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