Old-fashioned Carriage Rides, Caroling, and Goodies Entice Shoppers to Garberville

Horse and carriageOn Friday, December 22 and Saturday, December 23, Garberville business owners will be enticing shoppers with carriage rides, caroling, offerings of goodies, live music, and extended hours.

According to Michelle Bushnell, a local business owner, “Some of the merchants and I had a vision of an old traditional Christmas in our town….[W]e have a great area with amazing people. So we can up with this. Carriage rides will be from 1 pm to 3 pm. Dec 23rd starting in front of Organic Grace. The people doing this have requested no fee’s.” However, a tip jar will be in the carriage to benefit Heart of the Redwoods Hospice.

“[W]e will have Andy Barnett and his town band playing… and Carolers on Saturday,” Bushnell wrote. “Our stores will open for extended hours, and be serving refreshments and drinks.”

This event, she said, “makes my heart so warm to be pulling it together.”

Note: Music begins around 5 on Saturday in front of the Co-op.



  • So, what exactly are you supposed to be able to BUY in Garberville? Besides drugs, that is…

    Let’s see, a van with pot growing in the back, check, stop off at the Humboldt House/Drug Supermarket for something to mix with, Ray’s for liquor, beer, Cheetos, some Snickers, let’s see, you can’t even get a decent Pizza here in Garberville, gotta go to Redway, what the fuck else can you BUY in Garberville? A sandwich at Flavors, a hamburger at Burgess, CAJUN food at Cecils (?), (jeeze let’s blow to Fortuna for sushi at Kome, hit the MacDonald’s or the Round Table… at least they got a Starbucks…) back to what to buy in Goobsterdam, hmmmmm, Hemp Clothes, batteries at Radio Shack… HEY! That’s IT.

    I guess you could go up to Truitt-Kirby Hospital, take a good chance of never walking out again, if you like that sort of thing…

    Garberville HAS nothing to buy, except intoxicants, gasoline, prepared food, and coffee! And what they do have there is expensive and has to be paid for in cash!

    Why the fuck would anyone go shopping there?

    • Hey don’t put down Flavors. That’s who employees all the homeless scum-bags that drift into town.

      • Yo I actually ATE at Flavors once (someone else paid). In 2012.

        Only thing I would buy in Garberville is the organic bulk salad greens at Chatauqua, and the local veggies and such at the farmer’s market…

    • Your arrogant statement, shows you have no clue, & never have really shopped Gville. By the way House of Burgess been closed, like a year, hum um!

      If you had a clue what so ever, you’d know there is a wonderful selection of local arts & crafts @ the Mateel gallery. Hubby or Wiffie, need New shoes, clothes, bags & accessories? Head on over to BootLeg or The Denim Bar, SHC, Robert’s Humboldt Tees, HCSC, Hemp Connection. There’s an array of different gifts , you’ve might have been searching for, at Sweet Grass, Organic Grace & Garden of Beadin. Kids need some crafts? Check out The Paper Mill & All Sport. Family member, digs antiques or reading? Check out Old Stuff, Gville Thrift or King Range Books. Girl friend digs the beauty products? Check out one of the 4 saloons, for hair cair products, makeup & gift certificates.

      Hungry after all the shopping? How bout some Caliocos? Their under New ownership & the love shows in their quality food. Sat & Sun, they also serve Mexican Cuisine. Craving gourmet? Amillias has evening dining on Fri & Sat nights. Flavors has Paninis, Salads, homemade soups, LG selection of sides & baked scones, cookies & espresso. Don’t forget Chinese food & Thai Food is open till 9, maybe 10.

      So creep somewhere else with your negativity, [edit]! Remind me to not invite you to my Christmas dinner. No Grinch’s or Debbie Downers allowed!

      • The day I go to Garberville, wave my way through the clouds of pot smoke wafting from the mouths of indigents laying in the middle of the sidewalk, walk around the dog-shit and the beggars in front of Rays, jeeze… I took a walk around Goobsterdam on a sunny morning in November when I felt like seeing some people around, but stoned-ass trimmers and tweakers gross me out, and I got back in my car and went home to lower Redway.

        Garberville sucks.

        I would rather drive to Ukiah or Eureka than expose myself to it again. Whatever you have there, I do not need.

      • Thank you. Some individuals have no So Hum pride obviously. I’d personally say Eureka pushes the envelope there but same issue. G-ville is run down and does carry the faces of numerous transients. Any person can easily see through the thin layer of crust into the awesome community of small business owners selling diverse, quality products there. These businesses got perseverance putting up with rashes of theft and vandalism, I give them big support for giving back to their own after putting up with so much BS. Like this guy ♤ Go shop locally HumCo.

      • I mean I live here but all those things are so taxed it’s ridiculous .

    • Why so bitter? People have businesses to survive, locals should patronize these to keep the money circulating locally. What do you contribute beside complaining? You, ballznot, seem like a sponge.

    • Man, we sure see different things in Garberville.

      Organic Grace has everything from adorable baby things to this incredible plaster for walls that creates the most beautiful interiors. I have it in my home.

      Feather Rose has lovely second hand items. I just was there with a friend who scored everything from a dress to ornaments.

      Tranquility Lane has the most beautiful plants and planters. I make myself not go in there so I don’t buy things.

      The Mateel Co-op is one of my favorites. My husband always gets me some of my favorite gifts there. Right next door is Sweetgrass with so many great things to choose from and Simone, one of my favorite sales people ever.

      Across the street is All Sports–my kids’ favorite store when they were younger and I still love to poke around in there. Next to that is Blue Moon. If you don’t like that store, then there is probably no hope for you as a human being.

      Don’t forget the Bootleg and the Papermill and the Garden of Beadin, the Hemp Connection and all the others.

      Your complaint reminds me of the story of the woman who sat outside of the walls of a city and when travelers would ask what the city was like she would ask what was the city they came from like. If the traveler said that their town was terrible, she’d say they wouldn’t like this place either. If the traveler said the place they came from was wonderful, she’d welcome them in telling them they’d love it.

      A good part of life is the perspective you bring with you.

      • Yessss! And please don’t diss flavors, the owner is so wonderful and all their employees try hard, it’s so obvious!!

      • Thank you Kym. I feel for these folks who see only the negative side of our little towns. Traveling to the bay area I see that local problems like homelessness and addiction are everywhere, and that hate is never the answer to problems of poverty, mental illness and alienation. I like to shop local, and see my friends doing the same. Happy Holidays Everyone..

    • Balls off— it is not the business that attract people to Garberville [ I like the twin cities verbiage ] it is the collective personalities of the town folks, where else can you meet so many different people. that are so interesting. Sure we are different but that is what makes us great. So many diverse people with a story. there are a lot of millionaires here who walk around with woolen shirts with holes and Levis to match, driving old beat up autos, trucks. No need to show off here. Our wealth is our personalities.
      and others rich & poor , too numerous to mention. We/ they are a very proud and hidden treasure, if you care to dig you will uncover all the precious stones. God loves us all.

    • Granted we don’t have stores like target or sears but we do have wonderful stores that aren’t only for the pot growers. I’m a local for 22 years and love shopping in my community for the fact that money stays here and benefits here. Blue moon is one of my favorite stores to go into to buy gifts for my nephews or something for my grandmother. AllSport has been an blessing for buying supplies for schools outdoor activities like soccer, basketball and baseball. And they have a great selection of board games that are usually cheaper than what Eureka stores charge. Brows has been around longer than I can remember and I still go in there! My family enjoys fishing and camping and they cater to that so it’s handy that they have that. Our community is simply trying to bring a wholesome Christmas energy that we need at a time like this. I agree the food selection is sparse but don’t rip apart our homegrown community. I have yet to find a place so warm, nurturing and loving as Humboldt. I have nothing to do with the marijuana industry and still find some of the cutest, amazing and laughter enduring things in my home towns of Redway and Garberville. Please don’t be a grinch towards us and yourself. We have so much to offer including Holliday Cheer, especially for the little ones. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Way to go haters!
    Yeah screw that lady trying to help people with a strong work ethic who are down on their luck& want a job but don’t have the savings to get first, last and deposit for a place to live, if they can find one. Cuz flavors is never busy so im sure she can hire drugged out losers. (not)
    Just like that damn fishing industry hiring people for seasonal work who live in tents. (Yes there are unfortunately many of these workers homeless).
    So you yell at homeless to get a job then put down a business who may hire them?

    Wtf are you thinking? Really? You’re obviously so out of touch with the harsh realities of how easy it is to become homeless and how many people in tents want to work.
    Yes there are a lot of losers around. There’s also a lot of great people.
    Its funny how the first rant was mainly about food, that says a lot.

    There are many stores to check out, & i hope people come out for it, im glad to see something like this happening to bring folks together and re-inject town with some positive times as a community.
    If you hate it so much then leave, good luck finding somewhere with no homeless and no drug issues.

  • I’ll be there & my family too! Thank for putting this on! I’m looking forward to it!

  • Garberville, build a town, act like you have some self-respect! Hire some police, clean up the streets, throw out the wastrels, the “Spanish Trimmers”, the loose dogs… Clean up those Motels! Build something new every year, tear down the burnt-out church, don’t let people live in vehicles, and, quit smoking that dope!


    I do like Organic Grace, thanks for pointing it out! Blue Moon is a good example of what is wrong with Garberville…

    If you want to improve your town, and I said this to someone who owns open property there, build efficiency apartments/studios so that young people have somewhere to live. The critical lack of housing paired with the desperation and drug addiction present in your community, will cause continual degradation of your image, socially and commercially. Like my daughters said, “It’s kinda cute in the daylight, but there’s creepy guys all over the place!” Never mind, ladies, they just haven’t seen women like you, lately…

    And close that disgusting, filthy, moldy “hospital”. Quit pretending it is still 1981! Kent, Matt, Barbara and Dave will be wanting to extend your parcel tax soon, so that they have a place to work and personal care at your expense.

    Don’t worry, the hipsters will be here soon to start their own street culture… If you dig Goobsterdam now, in 10 years you won’t recognize it! Hey, a nice Coffee Roastery, donuts, ice cream cones, cookies, cheese, wine, and sandwiches place… just what Garberville needs! Cash only!

  • Check out the “Hipster Business Name Generator”… “Barefoot and Adze”, that”s it! You’re gonna love it Garberville… Smartest person in Garberville Award goes to the gal who started the Humboldt Hunnies Day Spa, and the clothing stores for ladies. What else does she own? Some people know how to do this…

  • AND: Go compare Willits (South Garberville) to Ukiah for renaissance… Willits is stagnating, putrefying with tweakers everywhere and the Ted Kacsynski types who inhabit the place – Ukiah is COOKING with new economic activity, but they still haven’t paved the streets in 50 years!

    Garberville could BE something if it would evolve a little… Those growers add cash but they bring no class. (Interesting that Garbervillians hate Willitsians) and vice versa. (Ever heard of Alturas and Cedarville? Now THERE’s a rivalry no one understands…)

    If you want to be the drug town, that’s all you will ever be… I do love the parade with the lights on the old cars and trucks though…

    • Ohhh I get it. Your like my grandparent, who asks me, “Who was that?” At every person who walked past on the sidewalk, outside her front window every 5 mins!

  • Working in town I meet a lot of customers from all over the world. I must say I find them to be polite and positive in their attitude and behavior. I like the fact that they are seeing what many of us take for granted, the beauty and uniqueness of our little village with fresh eyes. For some life here is a marked improvement over where they came from . Every morning when I’m diving into work I still wonder at the scenery and lack of traffic and realize how truly fortunate I am to live here. I have traveled extensively throughout the west and not found another place where the environment is as pleasant as here. But then I am spoiled.

  • Pardon me but how else do you clean up your town but to have good things happen,to clean it up and show people your changing.show case the good and bring out the good. If your always unwilling to give it a try to see the changes,Stay home. Im very happy to see the folks of Garberville trying to bring back their town!! Kudos to you all.And HAPPY HOLIDAYS🎄

  • Every town has problems and there are many folks in Garberville that have been the change they want to see in their community. More will step up if needed. We are a unique small town not a city and even though we have some bad apples we try and help the ones that want the help. The others like so many today need mental health or drug intervention. Everybody knows this. I shop locally for everything I need here.
    If you don’t like our town then go somewhere else like the Big Box stores up North or South we don’t need your $ or your comments.

  • Some people don’t want garberville to be a gentrified yuppie ville and some do. It’s just all about having a thriving interesting diverse place for children. If you don’t like the rough edge of garberville, go live back east where small broke rural towns exist with nothing but old folks stuck in their ways and non evolved culture, or stale culture. Either way, garberville is like a microcosm of the universe with it’s people, social class distinctions, you name it. It’s here. It’s just about the kids though, at the end of every day. So hopefully shop owners can lower prices just a bit.. just a little bit. Why is there never a “just had a kid” discount along with the senior discount?

  • Garberville is a cesspool. Nobody will go.

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