[UPDATE 12:16 p.m.] TV and Phone Services Down on the West Coast

Residents along the West Coast have lost TV, computer, and phone services. At this point, we have been unable to reach any officials to comment, however, at least some of this appears to be related to the large number of fires that broke out in Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, and Napa Counties.

We’ll update when we get more information.

UPDATE 10:07 a.m.: Press release from the City of Eureka.

The City of Eureka would like to notify its residents and customers that our phone system is currently down.  The issue is due to a large-scale AT&T outage that is affecting many businesses and residents in the area.  If you need to report an urgent problem like a major water or sewer leak or traffic hazard, please call Eureka Police Department’s business line at 707-441-4044.  As always, please dial 9-1-1 only in the event of a true emergency.

The City e-mail system is up.  Residents may also send an e-mail using our web-site atwww.ci.eureka.ca.gov  Please click on “report an issue”.

UPDATE 10:09 a.m.: Statement from AT&T to us at 10:08 a.m.: “Due to wildfires, some wireless customers in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, and Humboldt counties, and their surrounding areas may be experiencing issues with their wireless services. We are working to restore service as quickly as possible.”

UPDATE 12:16 p.m.: Arcata Police posted, “Due to the fires in the Mendocino Area, our 911 lines are down. If you have an emergency within the Arcata City limits please call 707-822-2424. If it is a non-emergency please call 707-822-2428.
We hope to restore service soon, but at this time do not have an estimate. To check the status of our 911 lines please visit the City website or facebook page.



  • Thank you for these fire and utility reports, Kym.

  • internet still working in city of clearlake but our cable tv is out . the line from their office in clearlake oaks goes past elam indian res. and over the hill the same direction the fire went

  • Internet is out in the Costco area of Eureka and in Rio Dell. We also had no phone service (land line) in Rio Dell.

  • We have no internet in Eureka and when I got ahold of a technician through their chat line they said that it was some outside communications issue that they had a technician getting too and that it should be up and running by this afternoon.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    8:30am, we still have internet and phone service here in Southeastern Fortuna as of this time. We are with Suddenlink.

  • Internet and landline service yet no cell service (sprint) in Arcata at 101 and 299

  • Verizon is out in Salmon Creek.

  • US Cellular is out, but 101 Netlink is up, and our Dish TV is up, here on Fruitland.

  • Fort Bragg still has phone and Internet as of 8:50 AM.

  • No cell service (U.S. Cellular). Wifi with 101 Netlink working okay so far. Shelter Cove.

  • 3 Miles East of Mendocino Village: Exceed Satellite: working. US Cellular: 1 or less bars. Could be the thick smoke as I have 2+/- bars on a clear day.
    Thanks Kym, this is invaluable information for the community.

  • Internet and electricity and Verizon on here in Garberville this morning.

  • Do we have an emergency plan? Is there an emergency location for each town? Do people know where to go?

    • Get one together on all counts!
      Theres a bunch of info online.
      Seriously, know ways out of your property.
      Its on each of us to have a plan ready. Know the elderly and disabled folks in your area so you can check on them too.

      • now would be a good time to think about bug out bags! while they were all the rage for y2k they are still great for things like fire, earthquake, etc. They are easy enough to set up, one pack for each family member … please don’t forget to include your pets and livestock when making plans!! Make sure your RX and first aid kit are updated and loaded as well as important papers (make that binder now!). Let’s hope you never need to use them!

  • Suddenlink internet in Eureka is ok, maybe a little slow but functioning. Staff in the office who have AT&T cell phones/data do not have service.

  • No US CELLULAR no AT&T no Verizon working in Miranda. Directv is up but without local channels.

    • Simplest way to put it is that the only thing we had in Miranda was our Satellite dishes (Direct and Dish).

  • How do they expect us to report anything over the phone if theres no service?

  • Loleta…AT&T not so much,Verizon 5 bars, and 4g.

  • Does anyone know the status of the sulfer fire (clearlake)? Is it contained? Spreading?

  • Does anyone know the status of the sulfer fire (clearlake)? Contained? Spreading?

  • All is well at The Sea Ranch..

  • I’m in Anderson Valley past Philo, and my US Cellular service is out. They say they have 34 towers down in N.CA, beginning at 5AM today, so probably due to the fire. I think a lot of them are backhauled by radio through other towers, so areas like mine that are far from the fire can still be knocked out.

    AT&T service is still up in Anderson Valley, as is North Coast Internet which depends on a Laughlin Ridge tower – surprised that still works.

    If you want details, this is great – Howard Forest and CalFire on the left channel, sheriff on the right…

    Mendocino County Sheriff, Fire, EMS, Cal Fire and CHP – Live Audio Feed Web Player:

  • If you have the Google Earth app, this map overlay collection is far more current and detailed than the web versions:

    The link should open in Google Earth… You can select MODIS, VIIRS, GOES, Landsat, AVHRR, and outlines or actual thermal energy.

  • Can one reach fortuna from eureka?

  • Most Sohum school lines are down, very concerning. What if they had an emergency ?

    • All the So Hum schools have an emergency plan, also there is an Emergency Response Plan for the entire area, with designated evacuation centers etc. I’m in So Hum but I expect other areas have them too.

  • 3:30pm in Arcata, CA… I have no cell service with verizon, but my internet with Suddenlink is fine.

  • 707 223 (Verizon wireless) Redway number to Arcata working (Sprint wireless)

    707 223 (Verizon wireless) to 707 923 (So Hum landlines) not working.

    Wave Broadband internet in So Hum working but slow.

  • 5:45 pm Alderpoint. Land lines down all day except local (926) calls. Been using the cell which is inconvenient since I have to go stand out in the field to get 2 dots coverage, but I’m glad I have something. Internet working except for Humboldt county GIS which might be out, or maybe they turned it off for the holiday, (it’s in Eureka which is having outages). Frontier, which bought our service a bit back, had no clue that its service was having any troubles at all. They are not local, of course.

    That 911 service is out in Arcata is absolutely crazy. I thought they had some backup for essential services. We are relying too much on out of area communication networks. One good solar flare and the entire communiations system will collapse. I suppose this is what they call a wake up call, but will anyone wake up?

  • 707 923 land line in Garberville out; 707 932 Verizon wireless working fine; 101Netlink Internet working fine.

  • I have Assurance Wireless through Virgin Mobile and no phone service; internet is through Suddenlink and no problems with that. I am in Eureka.

  • All AT&T service is still down in Rio Dell.

  • Headends are probably burn or ran out of deisel to run the backup generators…

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