Armed Robbery at Marijuana Farm Reported to Mendocino Police Out Hwy 162

As if a 10,000-acre wildfire wasn’t enough, multiple Mendocino Sheriff’s deputies responded to the report of an armed robbery with gunshots fired at a medical marijuana farm near Covelo as of 10:12 p.m.

The dispatcher told law enforcement that a man had called them after being contacted by another man who said that there were “multiple gunshots going on at that location.”

Officers are now in Covelo and attempting to locate the scene of the alleged incident.




  • Does legalization reduce armed robberies? I feel that some of these legal farms literally have their gps coordinates added to them. Oh and that fact that people can’t call 911 because of the cell phone outage might inspire people to dosome bad things.

    • Do people rob farms that grow grain or hops for alcohol? I rest my case. Face facts the days of greedy assholes making bank growing dope are over.

      • Yes they do. Have an avocado ranch and have caught my groves being robbed by illegals on motorcycles with army duffle bags. They were about to get thousands of pounds before I caught them. Farm thefts happen. Just becuAse you have never farmed anything of value doesn’t make what you think real!

      • Well yes they do rob those farms, they also steal tractors and fertizlaisers to make explosives and other nasty things, but they dont receive the attention. Banking is legal yet there are still bank robberies, diamonds are legal yet there are still diamond heists. Hell anything that has value that can be resold gets stolen. Fuel, power, money canibius cars trucks tractors pills lawn mowers dogs cats etc

        • This is the truth you speak! Real talk, real talk!

          Rural property theft is rampant and completely indiscriminate – every frickin farm and homestead in the state is a potential victim…

  • Oh, Covelo…
    Why does this not surprise me tonight?

  • Scanner just said 4 suspects in custody, sounded like they were in Covelo. Hopefully they caught these theiving troublemakers who decided to rip off a Medical Cannabis Farm during a State of Emergency. Here is the Mendo Scanner feed on broadcastify

  • First responders have enough to do fuck the dope growers. Growers knew what they were in for when they started this business they shouldn’t be able to call the cops they shouldn’t be able to call the police this is bullshit. They should have their own security or f**k off.

    • A robbery is a robbery, a bank or a pharmacy or a medical cannabis farm. Times have changed, they would respond if someone robbed a winery, why shouldn’t they respond when a cannabis farm is robbed, farmers whether cannabis or grapes or corn all deserve equal protection under California Law. You are quite hypocritical and quite prejudiced if you believe otherwise. Why so much hate for community members who cultivate medical cannabis?

      • Medical cannibus that’s a joke. You mean black market weed


        Why is it always assumed Medical Cannabis? Estimated 20+ million lbs produced is excessive. Stoners are hiding behind a loophole to create a black-market culture that effects all. Are these thieves really so sick that they need to steal medicine?
        Oh,or do you mean “recreational drug”?

        The growers have proven themselves to be self-indulgent,irresponsible and dangerous to their neighbors.

        Hopefully the grow site will be inspected for hazards to protect the other Community Members from the “wonder-recreational-drug”.

      • MuttonEatingBridgeTroll

        How much tax free cash have u made in the last ten years “native”? You have no argument.

    • Hmmm, and banks knew they would be targets holding all that money. Police shouldn’t help them either. Gtfo.

      • U gtfo, Community is tired of the anti-pot propaganda and prejudiced belief systems all stemming from a 1950’s Reefer Madness way of thinking… Cannabis is now legal, and cannabis farmers deserve “equal protection under the law” . Time to end the “good old boys” pea sized brain train of thought and prejudice and hatred.

        • Look it’s only ” legal ” in cali and not even yet. There’s a huge black market country wide and is worth a lot of money. So being complacent is an excuse because it’s legal? Really? You are growing a sought after drug…. protect it your self. Yes. People are going to try n rip you off, that hasn’t changed. At least us “good ol boys” can take care of our own! A 215 grow does not mean it’s permitted or even rec legal. There are thousands of “215” grows,quit wasting law enforcements time and protect yourself. Sorry not much has changed at all except there’s ALOT more weed,a lot more dumbass growers and a lot more people who want to exploit it…legal,or not. I am not anti pot just anti ignorance in thinking your safe because it’s legal.

          • You’ll have to protect it with a knife or a dog because if you possess a gun while growing pot it’s an instant felony.

          • So grapes or hops to brew alcohol should be given equal protection under the law but Cannabis Farmers should not…. ? It seems you are discriminating only against cannabis farmers… are you stating that you should only be given protection if you grow the good old boy crops which are grown for alcohol, but not those who grow cannabis? So it is discrimination dependent on the crop a farmer grows???? Discrimination!

            • Why yes indeed. Just as people do not sympathize with the gangsters in a gang fight, most people look on violence between pot black marketers as expected. Mostly what people hope is that their violence doesn’t spread beyond their internecine warfare.

              There is definitely something wrong with the thinking that it should be otherwise. That somehow people who chose to be disrespectful of their neighbors and the society who follow the rules deserve more consideration than they give. The police came. That’s enough. Sympathy is reserved for those who didn’t play fast and loose with the very laws they now demand protect them. You get ‘protection’ because most people respect the tenets of a civil society. Not because you are respected.

          • So how can you state your anti ignorance, when you yourself don’t even know what the laws are. Cannabis for rec use became legal the day of the vote. The gov just isnt letting people buy it till Jan 1.

        • Um, I’m happy to be the one to inform you that not everyone in this community is PRO pot. In fact, many in this community are sick of the smell. Sick of the additional crime it creates, sick of the dirty stinky trimigrants with signs staring you down at a stop sign, begging for food and rides. Alot of us are tired of the environmental damage this may be causing to operate these “legal” grows. Just because we all live in Humboldt, does not mean we all support the marijuana industry.

        • Conservative Stupidity

          The ignorance of the prohibitionist has always been CONGENITAL.
          “Hi: you know me: I’m a clone of my right wing parent(s).”

        • Maybe if those @sshole growers would start acting like they care about other people/ considerate of others (this includes not just people employed at the grow / surrounding neighbors but people in towns and along the by-ways) and stop being such Dickwads, people may consider having a little kindness back to them in return. There are some growers that are wonderful, kind and considerate … really great people and help out in the communities and help other people but there are a growing number that are just pos and they treat others like that. It does nothing for the mj industry to have this growing number of entitled, mean people.

      • Um…the reason banks won’t take the pot money is because of federal schedule 1 laws.
        To the folks who are tired of the smell, the crime, etc etc there is only one answer. Remove all prohibition laws. Price drops to nothing. Problem solved.

        • How will a low price reduce the smell created by smokers? Growers maybe some but smokers it will make worse.

    • I have my own security, provided by a couple of guys named Smith and Wesson. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • If I was as belligerently prejudiced against cannabis as “hello” I would move. [edit]Live in Texas and whine about cows, live in Hawaii and whine about waves, live in SF and whine about gays. LOL “hello”[edit].

      • Let’s see. Don’t like illegal grows? That’s prejudice. Don’t like getting pot sink in your car every 100 ft? That’s prejudice. Don’t like the violence that surrounds pot growers? That’s prejudice.

        By the same rationale- don’t like murderers? That’s prejudice. Yup. Pot logic.

        • Conservative Stupidity

          These crazy prohibitionists hate cannabis because THEY ARE SCARED OF ANYTHING THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND”. It’s easier NOT TO THINK and just believe the reefer madness fed to us by the straight world than figure out for ourselves whether cannabis has value or not.

          • If only that was the reality. That pot smokers kept their stink inside, pot users didn’t drive impaired, didn’t provide edibles that send children into hospitals, wouldn’t show up to work in critical jobs with impaired judgement, didn’t neglect their children, etc.

            Unfortunately many of the posts here show that either pot impairs thinking or those with impaired thinking gravitate to pot. That is why deregulation will have a wild west free for all of about 5 years before regulation starts being imposed again. Pot addicts are a small, excessively noisy and highly destructive group.

            • Quite possibly you aren’t noticing the marijuana smokers that don’t fit your stereotype…

              • It has been true for the ones I’ve know personally. Mentioning a few big names who might of might not have smoked pot does nothing to establish that pot didn’t impair their thinking at the point they were using. Maybe all their ‘good’ work was done before they took it up. Maybe they really did use the drug as a medicine and were not constantly impaired as some of the users are now. Maybe they were unusual in having enough brain cells to spare so they could appear less impaired than they were. Maybe they rested on pre pot laurels. Maybe they were well enough iff to have people to keep them from exposing their poor thought. Maybe they did not need to drive a car, perform surgery, solve problems, etc while high so people thought them charmingly eccentric rather than impaired.

                I only know that I have seen bad think from potheads in the most basic terms, while the two I knew who were forced to stop due to COPD also stopped doing stupid things when they became sober. I thought they were just remarkly short on common sense previously.

                The really bad thing about overuse of pot is that no one I have even seen sees their own continuing impairment. They think everything is just fine.

                Stereotyping is unavoidable in talking about this issue. There is no way to point to one person and say ‘You seem to handle it’ while pointing to the next one and saying ‘You can’t handle it so stop.’ Not to mention pulling out a few example of people using pot who were not constantly stoned out of their heads is stereotyping too. Because I seriously doubt that you have never met any ‘stoner’ who was continuously unimpaired at times where they needed to be sober.

                • Ahhh….I misunderstood. You are talking about overuse. I know a few folks who overuse it also. But I know business people, firemen, teachers, politicians, as well as know of many famous movers and shakers in the world who all smoke marijuana regularly.

                • Little is as scary as hearing your nurse anesthesiology discuss how pot is harmless as you slip under. Frankly I don’t think most pot users know whether they are impaired or not.

                  I think it needs study before declaring that a pot smoker is unimpaired just because they are not apparently intoxicated. There are too many places where judgement needs to be at its highest level. The poor choices made commonly by people not appearing intoxicated makes me question at what point pot is effecting them.

    • Nice comment Hello you POS – we have legal rights to – hopefully your house or property doesn’t burn but then again if it does maybe you’ll think twice about being a non caring POS or maybe you’ll just move out of the county or state…

    • Discrimination lawsuits are coming for everyone who thinks cannabis growers should be treated different than any other people or any other industry, this include county government, state government, fish and wildlife, and could be you next.

      • Actually what pot people are complaining about is being treated like everyone else. Ranchers and farmersn deal with lots of poaching, trespass, equipment theft, rustling, malicious damage, dog attacks, etc. The only time police put it as a priority is when gun violence is involved.

        Welcome to the other side of the fence where the grass is even less green than you thought.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      @ Hello: Goodbye.

  • Criminals robbing dope growers and dealers. Who cares? They are all scum.

    • The scum are the bigots and prejudiced people like your self who love CNN, Fox News and Keystone light, yet rant and rave and spew your hatred at Cannabis Farmers for no apparent reason but to just HATE…. Time to grow up, the voters of Cali said “let’s legalize it” and Cali legalized it by an enormous landslide. Too bad for you and your keystone light buddies…. suck it up, grab a tissue, and dry your hate filled eyes. Cannabis is the next Pinot Noir of California. Get used to it! Soon you will be laboring for us, not the other way around, now shut up and grab a shovel and dig that hole over there, we taking over these counties! Nothing you can even do… not even cry to the sheriff that “the smell is bothering me”, too bad, get used to it or move, permitted and legal. Get to work or move away.

    • Just another dope grower..

      You know “dope grower” money is what lines your pockets and pays for these counties further expansion and development. [edit]
      Even if you don’t like it. Cannabis isn’t worth nearly as much as it was and it’s becoming a regulatorized product and industry. Those who don’t have security propbably don’t because they’re not going about it legally or they don’t have enough money and are
      Making enough to get by. Yes there are a lot of ignorant assholes in the marijuana industry but they’ll get weeded out as
      Time goes on. No one deserves to get shot, no one deserves to get robbed! You been robbed..? Chances are no.. until you’ve been held at gun point for ANYTHING… [edit]

  • Hey Mendo Native you seem like you worship weed and are against anyone who isnt a pothead like yourself. Your pothead kids must be proud of daddy…

    If robbers KNEW they would be shot….

    • Nah, juse don’t like discriminatory jerks who think Wineries deserve protection as well as banks, but farmers growing crops they do not like do not deserve equal protection…. how do you not understand that all farmers deserve equal protection? All theives, burglars, and robbery suspects are a danger to everybody and should be caught and held responsible for their actions.

    • Don’t need a gun, gotta cell phone with 911 on quick dial. … the police demand you do not take the law into your own hand, just like any good citizen I will call law enforcement if any thief or trespasser bother me, my family or my farm.

      • So your gambling on the cops saving your dope farm n family in a time of crisis. Good luck with that….PS. I doubt your phone even works down there right now! Lol


        Just like any good citizen with a pot farm… and a family to protect.
        Best wishes for your kids.

  • There are too many things happening now. Our 1st responders and emergency services are stretched to the limit. Let the damn pot burn and the robbers and looters with it.

    • After I typed a long rebuttal to all the reasons why I am disturbed by venom and violence called for by some anti-marijuana folks on this feed – I deleted it. I realize anyone that claims all marijuana farmers are “greedy” “dope-growers” that deserve to be murdered by thieves and/or “get what they deserve” probably will not understand that marijuana is legal in California whether they approve it personally or not, and that anyone who wishes violence upon another is just exactly the type of criminal we are all afraid of. So I will save my energies for a venue where folks are capable of reading and comprehension at an adult level.

      • I’m sure there are respectful, courteous pot growers out there somewhere. Just because anything is possible. Yet there has never been any respectful, courteous responses on this site. Everything is ‘tough for you, pot is legal now. Don’t like it? Move.’

        When some offer solutions to pot related miseries rather than flipping people off, then I might believe. When some acknowledgement is make that pot is an intoxicant and needs careful use, I might believe. When there is some acknowledgement that pot simply stinks whether you happen to like it or not, I might believe. When respect is given to differing opinions, rather than name calling, I might believe.

        As to hate, that seems to reside on your side of the street too. In spades.

        • Yes, you know, when you talk to someone face to face, they are very circumspect and agreeable, no matter what side of the fence. When commenting anonymously, they are suddenly very one sided and aggressive. It’s human nature, I do it sometimes although I try to catch myself.
          If everyone commenting here tried to imagine we were actually talking face to face, we could probably get some stuff figured out!


            Because it’s nice to express your views without worry of repercussions from your weed-worshipping boss,co-workers,neighbors,etc.

          • OK. This is an opportunity to say what would, IMO, pot growers and users from the PITAs they are into people who can be left to do their own thing:

            1) They recognize that pot impairs judgement in every user and refrain from doing things that need judgement like driving or running a burn pile, etc during/immediately after use. As it is now they make judgements at times they are incapable of it.

            2) demand scientific investigation of levels and duration of intoxication to establish realistic guidelines for use and growing. Then follow them.

            3) follow laws and regulations regarding water and land use while recognizing that they can create distrubance that neighbors have a perfect right to object to. And then be guided by that understanding. Saying for example ‘ I understand how objectionable pot smoke is to you and will take steps to keep it from bothering neighbors who object.’

            4) Keep your bloody dogs confined. No it is not a “country thing” to get aggressive dogs to protect you and let them wander free so you don’t have to bother about them. Anyone who is not befuddled by pot knows they haven’t a clue what ‘Diesel’ and ‘Cuddles’ do when they are out of sight.

            5) Stop making stupid arguments like cigarette smoke is offensive too so shut up. One may get a whiff of cigarette smoke with a close neighbor but pot smoke creates a circle of repugnance 200 feet in diameter. A barbecue may create a temporary nuisance but pot smokers create daily hours long miseries continuously. These things are not the same.

            And good luck with that because most pot users and growers are all about themselves.

            • I am definitely with you on the dogs. I can’t stand grow-dogs- they are the worst! A real menace to wildlife. All your other points, meh.. I find cigarette smoke way more foul. I love to have a smoke and a beer and burn some brush, or dig a hole with my backhoe 🙂
              Generally I agree most stoners are somewhat idiotic though. I’ve almost completely stopped smoking as I’ve gotten into my late 30’s, just to stay sharper. There’s no doubt that it dulls your memory and response time. I won’t argue that. But on the other hand there’s nothing wrong with unwinding at the end of a hard day of work.

  • Let the dope growers take care of their own security. They are scammers using “medical” as cover and selling their weed out of state in a federally criminal way. They got ripped off during a major fire? So what. Do not divert any resources from the fire and evacuating people.

    • Farmers are farmers, everyone deserves protection under the law from ripoffs and thieves, make’s no difference which crop you grow, equal protection under the law. Cannabis is legal, it belongs to the person who grew it or bought it, it does not belong to thieves. Expect prison time if you steal from farmers.

    • You missed the headline and story, shots fired means cops respond regardless if it is pot or tomatoes.

  • I don’t care if you grow or not. I live in Covelo and the cops hardly ever respond unless they can and want to. I’m surprised they did this time because of all the fire devestation and limited resources. Everybody in Nor Cal needs to man up and lend a hand right now. Basically if someone needs help and you can- why not help?

  • So much anger and hate on this post. What if it were you or your family involved?
    What if you or your family had a tumor and found out that cannabis oil could cure
    You and chemo would kill you. Until you make it personal and are effected you are filled with hate and evil. What about the fires if your neighbors needed help would
    You just run for your life and leave them behind. Cowards behavior that’s what your spewing. All talk and no action.
    We need everyone in our community’s to step up and help those in need. No excuses!

  • Its false to imply that cannabis farming is as bad as armed robbery or murder. It’s not. The criminals are the guys committing robbery.

    • A farmer is a farmer, grapes, hops or pot, and a thief is a thief, wine, beer or cannabis.
      Protect our Citizens, the only reason there are pot robbers is because the 70 years of prohibition and the fact the thieves believe the farmers will not call the police, guess what, Cannabis is legal, if you steal from cannabis I guarantee the court will make an example out of you from now on. The Police and Sheriff Dep is sick of thieves as well as the citizens and courts and judges. …. if you are caught stealing from cannabis farms expect to be prosecuted and expect prison time if you use guns and masks or kill or hurt someone in your greedy haste.

      • And the police responded. But like responding to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, it is due to a civic sense of responsibility on the part of the police, a duty to the public, not shared by the grower calling on them, who happily had no sense of reciprocity for decades.

        Deciding that some pot farmer who brought the violence to themselves “deserves” anything is not the point. It is simply silly. Maybe in another 10 years, if the industry really consistently displays adherence to the laws, maybe they can start talking of themselves in the same breath as those who have submitted to regulations in their industries for decades.

        • Police are here to protect and serve citizens of the community. They work for us. They don’t check if you’ve been paying taxes first. It’s called ‘civilization’.


            Civilized members of a community don’t create an environment that invites crime and puts their neighbors at risk.

            They are seeking the thieves to protect US from THEM. Not to save some “recreational-wonder-drug-farm”

            The fire dept already stated they would not send FFs into hash houses.

            • Ok but if a non tax paying bum gets beat up, isn’t it the responsibility of the police to stop it? Just the same as if rob arkley was being assaulted? The police don’t check your tax returns before they come to provide protection. (Should be the same deal for health care but I won’t step into that one)

              I’m not saying it’s ‘fair’ per se.. buts it’s the same with any construct that we have in common as a society. Roads? We all get to use roads, even though the rich pay more than the rest for road taxes. Does one person get more road than the next guy because he pays more in taxes? Nope. It’s called society.


                Correct,law enforcement should and is obligated to respond. To protect the entire community from further crime.
                They should also follow up on the cause.

                It’s not a federal crime to be homeless.
                It is a federal crime to grow weed.

                • So they can’t check if you pay taxes, but they should check if you’re a felon before they serve you? Come on! Do you know how the world works?!
                  I’ll give you this: a real grower from the old school wouldn’t even think of calling the cops if they were robbed, because they are outlaws. Greed rushers are entitled and pretty weak kneed in my experience!

                • ‘Real growers from the old school’ wouldn’t have called law enforcement because they would have been arrested for growing. Today’s reality is much different. It isn’t “weak-kneed” to change with the times, it is smart.

            • So strip joints, bars, casinos……..

              • All zoned to keep them from creating a nuisance. And subject to protest everywhere they seek to establish. You want to use their services, you go there to do it.

  • Law enforcement officials are tasked with “protect and serve”. It means they respond to everything that relates to a breakdown in the rule of law. While an emergency like the fires that broke out Sunday are a priority, shots fired are right up there too.

    Its sad that our LEO’s have to divert resources from lifesaving during a life threatening fire to some grower, buts thats the way it works. We should support them (LEOs) in their sometimes difficult and dangerous job, and let them do their job.

    • Oh? Armed robbery isnt a reason to reapond because no lives are at risk huh ?

      • The pot industry is like the town drunk. It takes way more than its share of valuable resources and gives so little in exchange.

        One town drunk is an amusing character. 10,000 of them is an epidemic.

  • A marijuana grower is NOT a farmer. They are operating in violation of federal law. AND they are currently operating without a state license- which will not be issued until 2018. Nearly all marijuana growers are NOT growing for medical but will pretend they are. Nearly all marijuana growers are selling product into a completely illegal out-of-state market while pretending they are not. I’m not saying they are all terrible people but most are scammers in the sense of pretending to be all legit and insisting that they are “farmers” and completely legal and therefore entitled to equal protection. In the midst of a historic and expanding, uncontrolled wildfire that is claiming lives I think these illegal – yes, permitted yet ultimately illegal- growers should provide their own security and not insist on taking badly needed resources away from evacuations and public safety for other citizens. I don’t think protecting the crops and profits of scammer growers comes anywhere close to protecting the lives and hmes of people in the middle of a major fire event. Also- let the weed gardens burn. We should not be lifting a pinky finger to protect the profits of growers, not when there are way more serious things to attend to!!

    • Farmer. A person who promotes or improves the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor or attention, land or crops or raises animals (as livestock or fish).

      Not sure how you think marijuana is “made” but you have to plant a seed in a growing environment (most often dirt). When seed starts to grow – you water the plant that has grown from the seed. A person GROWS marijuana just like a tomato, potato, carrot, onion, or brussel sprouts. Hate to break it to you, but marijuana is GROWN by FARMING. You argument is non sequitur – it is the equivalent of a vegan claiming that ranchers/farmers who raise beef, cows, and chickens are murderers.

      Using your argument, vegans should declare that all ranches and farms that raise animals for consumption should burn when faced with a wildfire – ‘…cuz I don’t like what they are doing.”

    • Conservative Stupidity

      The Feds and their useful pawn idiots can kiss my ass.

    • So in your thinking, the cannabis industry should provide it”s own security and law enforcement. So on the same brain wave: timber companies should provide their own fire departments, banks should stop bank robberies and do their own investigations of robberies, local shops should provide their own law enforcement against shoplifters, where does it end? Should people provide their own law enforcement on their lands? Maybe on your brainwave everybody who is earning money should be responsible for providing their own security and law enforcement, maybe society should just end all law enforcement because people should be responsible for their own security because they are earning a buck? Or is it just pot farmers who should provide their own leo”s due to the fact you think ppt farmers are as bad as thI eve’s and robbers? Pot is legal, and stealing from pot farmers will now days end up in a jail or prison sentence, sometimes I think it is anti-pot people like yourself who are out there robbing and ripping off cannabis farmers….. say it isn’t so. Your level of hatred is blinding you from being a good Christian conservative.


    This just reinforces the argument that it should not be near residential.

  • No locals? Really?

    Mendo native sure has a lot of time on his hands. Must be the nice weather. Pot isn’t legal. Sorry. But it’s not. Northing you say will make it so. Until you can offer a joint to a cop just like a cigarette … You can still get in trouble with weed in many ways… Legal trouble. It’s not legal

    • Conservative Stupidity

      It is legal. You and your peabrain prohibitionists have LOST the war. Beat it.

    • In California you are currently allowed to gift anyone 21 years or older up to 1 ounce of Cannabis, I would be happy to give a cop an ounce of Cannabis, maybe some OG Kush or Bluedream, or the District attorney, there is always the chance they will smoke the herb and increase their awareness, empathy, sense of unity and consciousness, cannabis is known to help people raise their consciousness as well as awareness. The rest of the fears are all just “Reefer Madness”

  • All you weed haters should move out of this weed encrusted area. Makes sense to me. The majority wins…….Bye

    • You’re hilariously out of touch. I’ve been here since ’76 and all of my old-school neighbors and friends- many of us whom incidentally did grow some weed back in pre- and during CAMP days- feel like it’s very out of hand. Not sure if it’s because the newcomers, especially the greenrushers have a terribly aggressive and self-righteous attitude or there are just too many people growing or irresponsible entitlement or all of the above. For instance….your comment. We were here before this crap show. How dare you?! How dare you push the non-grower part of our community aside and disrespect them?!! Yes-
      it turns out that my uptight, religious neighbors are actually cooler than you in the way of respect. If anybody leaves I hope it is your attitude.

  • Cannabis is legal and tolerated. I was pulled over last week in Mendocino county by a Highway patrol for a tail light being out. I had 75 lbs of Cannabis in my truck. He informed me of the taillight outage, checked out my license and registration, ECT..
    I was asked what was in the large contractor bags in my truck, my answer was Cannabis. He said thanks for being honest and bid me a good day. Times have changed. Get over it.
    Liquor bootleggers are millionaires now. Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Evan Williams, George Dickel at one time produced a federally illegal substance.
    The lethal dose of Cannabis is as follows.
    50 lbs dropped from 25′ on a lab rat. Alcohol?
    Three drinks and an automobile


      What was that badge #?


      What did you pay in taxes on that 75lbs?

      Your own analogy of 50lbs dropped from 25ft onto a lab rat is a great example of what has happened to N.Ca.

      Correct,times have changed. See attached photo of prohibition-era liquor prescription for rectal cancer.

    • I pay taxes everyday. Do you realize everything is already taxed. Gas, food, everything. Those taxes allow our country to thrive. Our taxes make up 24% of the USA’s GDP, legal Cannabis will raise it by up to 5%.
      I am an honourably discharged Army veteran. I worked for 34 years as a Chef, paid taxes the entire time. We all suffer the human condition. Everyone, everyday. Being kind to others isn’t that hard.
      If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.
      Well gotta go, I am a Red Cross volunteer helping people who have lost everything. One of the things they need is Cannabis, when you are looking at your whole life a pile of ashes a joint can help.


        Thanks for your service.

        I’m still curious what the tax rate on 75 lbs is? …..If you paid or not.
        And who that LEO was.

  • My granddaughter makes six generations of our family being here and you want me to leave. That’s fine I hope y’all do well pay taxes on all the Weed you grow. Don’t sell it on the black market because you’re an honest business. now that you’re all legal and the black market is very illegal and if you don’t have proof for every pound you sell how can you call yourself legal you should have no police protection.

  • the taxes on 75 pounds is 10.75 per ounces, sixteen ounces per pound, do the math yourself. Not to mention all the Fees paid both local and state, you pay both fed and state taxes on whatever you NET as an individual. There are a lot of us trying be legal, and this garden in question , called the police for help, because, yes, they are legal. Thats way more taxes than most of you NON- GROWERS or NON-CANNABIS FARMERS pay, so quit your bitchin.

    • Let’s see, I have paid taxes for approximately 51 years and you have been paying them for how long or if at all on your pot. We have growers all around us and so many drive vehicles with out of state plates, they grow on parcels that are in residential zones and are 1 acre and under and within 600 feet of bus stops so they are not legal. The bigger grows up the hill are not all permitted and the people speeding past our homes have no respect for anyone here so why should we change the way we feel or talk about them.

      • So what is it about the cannabis cultivators that are so bad, none of those reasons are a valid reason to discriminate against cannabis farmers: because there are outta state plates…. so what! Because they are 600 feet from bus stop…. so what, that’s legal under Cali law….. just seems l you do not have a valid reason…. maybe you just don’t like pot and that is why you are criticizing and grabbing for a string of a reason why cannabis farms and farmers are so bad…. give us 5 real good reasons…. the examples you gave just show your ignorance, fear and discrimination. …..

        • That exhibit of total lack of concern for others’ opinions is exactly why pot has so many enemies. It’s not for you to pick and chose what regulations you will follow. If you want respect, you must give respect.

          The reason for hating pot, its users and especially its growers is clear enough for those who do. What you demand is that they prove their dislike is valid to you personally when every point they could possibly make is never going to be enough.

          • “Lack of respect for others opinions” haha, I respect your right to your opinion, that does not mean I have to respect your bs opinion, especially when your opinion includes persecuting and condemning community members and citizens who have a different opinion, you persecute conflicting opinions, I simply just disrespect your opinion, but respect your right to have an opinion that differs from my own experience and knowledge….. You are showing your true light of hostility, hatred and lack of respect for others to do what they want with their own personal bodies on their own privately owned land and property! Can we say bigot and hypocrit?


    I guess those taxes also go towards sending LEO into the hills to hunt for thieves,while other crimes are committed.

    I wonder how to claim Fed taxes on that weed. Just say it’s lettuce?

    • County pulled in over a million in application fees alone, so yeah, send him up in the hills! Also the irs doesn’t give a shit how you make your money so long as the get their cut. I.E. Prostitution, Gambling and Medical Marijuana. Just cause you morally disagree with the law doesn’t make you above it. California, the people by vote, voted for legalization to grow both personally and commercially. These farms and the people who live on them don’t deserve the rights and protections offered by law enforcement?

      • No. The County of Mendocino is fighting a huge wildfire just east of Willits. It has burned out Redwood Valley and parts of Potter Valley. It is a massive fire with 0% containment that is burning homes and killing people. Evacuations are being carried out. In this context I think that sending personnel out to Covelo to protect a grower’s profit is inexcusable. We are talking peoples’ lives vs. some growers profits. Those same profits that are being made by diverting the crop into an out-of-state ILLEGAL distribution. What part of this doesn’t make sense? Are you all so enamored of marijuana and growers that now weed is more important than peoples’ lives in an actual wildfire?!! Priorities! And I think dope growers’ PROFITS and illegally-scammed money is pretty far down the list.

        • The robbery suspects with their guns were certainly a very good reason to send in leo’s…. the problem you fail to realize is that you are being a bigot and being very discriminating against the fact that a armed robbery is an armed robbery, why is the focus of the robbery only on the property being robbed? Is the reason the armed robbery shouldn’t have had a law enforcement response just because the property is not something you like or condone : ie; cannabis? I don’t like a lot of things, I don’t like wine, but that does not mean I think Law Enforcement should not respond to a robbery at a winery because I don’t like wine….. I want the robbers to get caught. PERIOD …. WHO CARES WHAT THEY ARE ROBBING, CATCH THE ROBBERS!

  • This is false news. I live next door no robbery and no arrests. Gunshot happen every night in town.

  • If I leave my car parked on the street with the doors unlocked and somebody opens the car and steals my stuff, who is at fault?

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