[Audio] McKinleyville mom trampled during ‘Vegas shooting, recounts experience; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (6:50): (Warning: Explicit content) Some of our neighbors here in Humboldt will never be the same after what happened in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, the date of the deadliest mass shooting in our country’s modern history. Among others that were there — in addition to the Humboldt cops helping people in the aftermath — a McKinleyville mom said she was trampled by those running away from the devastation.

“Will I ever be the same again after this ‘Vegas shooting?” asked Janene Kirby. “Will I ever be able to feel the safety I did before having to run for my life? Will I ever be able to attend a crowded event? Will I ever be able to let my son go do these fun things with his friends without thinking he’s going to get hurt? Will I ever be able to think my family is safe anywhere? (I’m) heartbroken.”

While Kirby was understandably not ready for an audio interview, she did recount her experience to this writer. Her narrative can be heard in the podcast.

The story begins at 6:50.

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Janene Kirby, submitted



  • Glad you made it out alive .what a horrible experience.

  • Concert goers, drunk or otherwise, should NOT have to worry about being easy targets!!! It’s a CONCERT people go there to listen to music & have fun NOT to WORRY, about being SHOT at!!!!!

  • You will never be safe again anywhere. Turn in your weapons, the government will save you at all times. Turn in your ways of self protection. Bad guys can not get ahold of guns if everyone turns in there’s to the government. Repeat. You and your children are not safe anywhere,stay in your homes,the government will save you. Thank you for your patriotic support and God bless.

  • OMG DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT?? How dare you? What a sickening, horrible thing to say. Sick POS!! That’s for you Johnny Reb.

  • Johnny Reb: Scared of girls, scared of society, now scared of music and beer.

  • What a heartless, stupid comment.

  • Safety was not something I can remember assuming. At 5 years old, I was caught with my mother in a riot that surrounded our house. And that was the earliest but not the last time something really frightening happened in my life. I worked in a place so dangerous that the emergency door- the only one without outside bars across it because of fire regulations- had massive security bars in the inside.

    Maybe feeling safe is a rare condition. An illusion anyway. I remember the very minute I made a decision to do what I wanted despite being aware of what could happen. It’s not that I don’t think about danger but that I make a conscious decision to put it aside. It does take time to work up to that point but it can happen.

  • Ptsd exists. It may take a long time unt you’re comfortable in crowd settings again. Closing your eyes cause visions of the past, imagining sounds and smells that trigger it… don’t do what others usually do. Go get help, try trauma group meetings for ptsd, try AA or NA even if not an addict, the groups can help! You can also look into medicinal help, like Prozac or risperidone to help level you out. Get an emergency anxiety med from the doctor that you can take when you start to feel it coming on, will help tremendously. The more you can talk about it, the more it will normalize in your brain, the less impact the memories will have on you. Good luck, and I’m sorry for you and everyone else who had to endure that tragedy

    • Aquaman knows the answers

      No insult intended, but I feel this is a lot of what is sending folks into a cycle of addiction. At the least some strong cardio and weights is appropriate to try to manage anxiety before you head into self medication. Additionally, no matter how controversial it is you’d probably be safer and saner if you used cannabis as an alternative to anti anxiety meds.

  • I tear up every time I hear the gunshots ring out in video clips of the shooting in Las Vegas, and I can’t imagine how it would have felt to actually be there. I wish Janene all the best as she recovers from her experience. This tragedy impacts us all as human beings and Americans, and I appreciate Humboldt Last Week sharing Janene’s story in such a sensitive and respectful manner. Excellent episode.

  • Wow, a seriously hard episode to listen to, and yet another topic you’ve covered such grace, professionalism, and passion. That poor woman and her fiancé… so happy they’re back home and safe with their son.
    Something I really admire about your podcast is how it can go from something silly (like a Jerry Springer snippet) to something so serious and you move subject to subject with such a smoothness.
    Looking forward to next week’s episode already!

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