[UPDATE August 8] Air Rescue Called for Man With No feeling Below Knees After Falling at the Jack Shaw Road Swimming Hole

medical helicopter

A 55-year-old man reportedly has no feeling below his knees after a “long fall” off a bridge on Jack Shaw Road near Kneeland. At 4:12 p.m., dispatch sent medical and fire personnel to the scene of the incident.

That makes the makes the second bridge injury in less than a 10-minute span at popular swimming holes.

UPDATE August 8: A family member tells us,

…We were all up at the ranch and everyone went down to the river to go swimming. Instead of taking the trail down, [the 55-year-old] decided to jump from the tree where the rope swing hangs. The water is 25 feet deep. He did not hit anything other than water. He jumped, he did not fall. He just landed a little awkward from about 90 feet. That’s all it takes from that height! He has jumped from there before, as have many others. No permanent nerve damage but he broke a vertebra in his lower back. He is regaining some feeling in his legs. He will have to undergo spinal fusion surgery and have a rod inserted for stability. He is now at Santa Rosa Memorial, then will go to the spine clinic in San Jose.




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