Victim’s Name and Suspects’ Photos Released in Klamath Shooting

Sunni Jo Grant

Sunni Jo Grant [Image snipped from a photo provided by the family]

The victim of Monday’s shooting in the town of Klamath is Sunni Jo Grant, age 37, according to Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. Grant resided in Klamath but family members say she had formerly lived in Eureka.

Information about what occurred yesterday morning has not yet been released but a family member explained that Grant had been getting her son, a second grader, ready for school a little before 6 a.m. The suspects had a dispute with another member of Grant’s household outside the home, said the family member, when one of the suspects fired a gun. The shot struck Grant in the chest.

Grant was able to walk a few steps to get help before she collapsed. Unfortunately, said the family member, the remote area meant that it took a while before emergency services arrived. She died on the floor of her home.

four mugshots

From left to right: Natalie Wright – 36; George Johnson – 33; Marcaulius Woodard – 25; and Cinique Pratt – 32 [Photos provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

Meanwhile, the four suspects fled in a pickup towards Eureka. A California Highway Patrol officer spotted the vehicle and it was pulled over not far north of the Arcata Airport near the exit to Crannell. According to an earlier interview with Commander Steven, a weapon was found. Steven also said the four suspects (see photos above) were arrested, and a child who was in the vehicle went into the custody of Child Protective Services.

Family members of Sunni Grant are very upset. One told us, “The town of Klamath can have a casino but you can’t get help for your people…They don’t have any type of emergency service at all…Maybe it is possible that she could have been saved. She could have at least not had to suffer.”

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  • No matter what you say someone’s going to bitch about what you say so I guess I had nothing to say but rest in peace nice lady

    • Obviously these guys are not from this area…..criminal records Im sure….🙏🏻 For the Families. Klamath really needs to get cleaned up!

      • People get butthurt if you talk crap about klamath so dont offend them they act like there town is perfect .del norte let a 13 year boys murder go so i hope they dont screw up her case.praysjustice for sunni/dante

  • another innocent life taken by shitbags who ALL need to be executed…..

  • So, one of these folks fired the gun into the house to make their point, or they fired at the other family member, the bullet entering the house. Either way it was a dick move.

  • It is getting worse. To many people are dying. Lately I can not read the news or FB without some form of crime. It is even taking our young. There is no excuse for killing and taking someone’s family away.Sorry for your loss.

  • Sorry suckers, this isn’t Oakland you’re not going to get lost in the crowd! Idiots! Why the sad faces?

  • I sure hope this world turns around starting to feel pretty strange I guess it has for a while . Another life gone more people who could care less go to jail . This Story is getting to be all too familiar. God bless her soul .

  • Condolences to the family.R.i.p.Sunni. We have way to much death by another’s hand.

  • Blank lifeless stares from POS like this, no reason to rehabilitate. Send them to prison, that is where they are meant to be. Past posts suggested that we not invest in more prisons, jails. I would much rather my tax dollars go to building more facilities to house these worthless scums, then have it spent of programs to rehabilitate. Bull Shit, enough is enough.

    Lock them up!! Or better yet, let the family of the slain woman do what they want.

    • I agree to many criminals walking around

      • You got it !!!! Our courts, and people who believe it is societies fault for criminal behavior, will bury us. We cannot say our jails are full, so criminals should be arrested and released. Jails cannot have a ‘NO VACANCY’ sign on them. If it takes more jails, then so be it. Criminals cannot be allowed to take over our lives.

  • Dear Sunni Jo, I miss you so much. You were one of the few people I ever really considered a friend. My heart is broken. See you on the other side Sister.


  • Maybe solved the chicken coop bandit as well from last Friday ????

  • So sad wtf, I’m sure they all feel real tough now fucking losers shoot an unarmed mother, shouldn’t waste a dollar feeding and housing these fucks, straight to the chair. The bitch looks meaner than the rest of em! And does that one have a family tattoo on his neck! Ironic

  • Blessings to the family, what a horrible thing especially in front of her son.
    In her honor people need to demand emergency services in that area.
    The familys right, they build a casino but dont have emergency services close by?????

  • Remember folks: self defense is one thing but deciding to use deadly force in a situation that does not warrant it is just plain wrong. Don’t do it. Medicate with the high-C oil if necessary, but find a way to chill out. This ain’t the East Coast yet!

  • Why would she be hanging around people like them bad mistake there.

    • These bad people came from eureka and she was getting her son ready for school and sunni was in the victim..she was asking them to leave the property and she was inside of her home they where outside. They were unwanted persons on private property…

    • @Mogtx,
      Don’t be a troll just because you are faceless and protected by your pseudo anonymity while commenting. Read the story and than, if you don’t grasp what’s being reported by Kym and others, read it again. No where does any story state this woman was ‘hanging out’ with these cretins.
      Do you need someone to highlight pertinent areas and email them to you for your consideration before you post the next misrepresentation that occurs to you?
      Get a heart and a pair of reading glasses before you comment again.

    • Her druggy boyfriend. Was proprly the one who they were shooting.she was a sweet loving person to all everytime i saw her was always smileing.r.i.p sweet sunni

      • Uncool boyfriend had nothing to do with this he is a victim to the entire family happen to be in the house at the time…

  • A gun shot to the chest has a high chance of being fatal unless your in the ER when you get shot. And then…. not playing Dr. GOOGLE here. The scene needs to be declared safe by police before the emergency responders get taken out also. That is policy. 20/20 being what it is I don’t believe any of the suspects would think twice about shooting at a fire truck or ambulance. Think it is bad now with emergency services ? Just wait til 101 is traveling with the fish and we’re waiting 4 -10 years for the highway to be rebuilt. Emergency service will be a helicopter ride if you can get one. Weather permitting. Or a hour ride to Mad River Hospital. Oh and Cal Trans or our government, will they care ?
    Nope because they are waiting for EMERGENCY MONEY to rebuild 101 and then shit will get fixed really quick… wait in am talking about government…

    • Not quite sure what your talking about

    • My cousin was a victim, if she would have survived they would have taken her to suttercoast. And yes 101 is bad that way to…and you are right about shots fired no firetrucks or ambulance would have come but Klamath has neither….. You are lucky to get cell service to call for help….its a bad situation for our family. I thank the Del Norte sheriffs for responding..

    • Yup, the emergency services will be scarce. I’m so sorry to hear about this in our “community” where there is so much love and support. I can pray, and I will.

  • An innocent person being shot and killed on their own home. This is terrible and sad and disgusting. I sure hope all these people get what they deserve. Condolences to the family and all related and effected.

  • My question is when will they go to court? What is the process?

  • Cannot imagine the confusion and fear the poor child is going through right now. Losing his mom. Being kidnapped. Having strange people take him into custody. Ugh. My heart breaks. Hopefully he gets a great family or his relatives to care for him.

  • Small communities rely on volunteers to run their fire department and emergency response. I hope this, and other recent emergencies, drives home the need for more community members to become volunteer fire fighters and EMTs in Klamath.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump


    Those dudes aren’t from Klamath!

    Heck, they’re not even from Gold Beach…

    Possibly, they have a friend hanging out with pelicans along the bay up the road from CC, but I dunno…

    Rap music & devil’s lettuce need to be deported after building a wall…

    Think of the money saved if a wall is built and our longtime jail people are dropped into mexico, with a shoot on sight if they return?

    Building a wall and using Mexico as a prison, only makes sense.

  • I want to thank all the folks who are concerned and who have said kind words of expressions.. A few kind word go along way and thank you all..

  • A lot is lost and nothing gained. Terrible.

  • Thinking Allowed

    Apparently a member of her “extended family” got into an argument with these people who have no respect for anyone else, thinking it is acceptable to shoot just because they believe that using a gun is the way to be respected themselves. The internet is chock full of people like that- so full of bluster that they feel threatening to harm others for offending them is a reasonable opinion. They have no social skills and get away with it so often that they encourage the spread of violence.

    So to all those who post generic threats letting the world know that you are so special that you can offer to take some one out in any of myriad ways people post- this is were it ends up. Someone better that you dies. Realizing this makes it easy to define evil.

  • Condolences to her family why don’t they have a emergency response crew from k town the community I live in orleans town it’s not the best thing but it sure helps what is

  • So sad 😟 my computer condolences to the family. Also, feel horrible for the other portable child who was with the suspects. They involved multiple children whose lives will be changed for ever. This whole thing is just so wrong!

  • It was intentional to some degree. She speaks of it all like nothing. Skipping bail… this is not her first murder charge. I unfortunately had to meet her and with no knowledge of who she is, was surprised go hear her speak of things. She is a wannabe thug native tweaker who thinks she is invincible and can do whatever she wants. She will scare, threaten, manipulate anyone
    She can to make them help her. Even if it means that person loses everything. She won’t give them an option to say no. One if the ugliest people I have ever met. She has no remorse for this woman’s death at all and has no intention of changing. He’ll, she’s. Currently running around Crescent City acting like she owns the place, yet cowardly hiding from the law

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