Stabbing Victim’s Name Released as Well as Photo of Suspect

The deceased victim of yesterday’s early morning stabbing out Hwy 169 near Klamath was identified by Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. Timothy Willie Thompson, age 50 of Klamath was stabbed about 2:30 a.m. Thompson died as a result of his wounds. Another man was also stabbed but survived.

David Joseph Soldano, age 55, is a suspect. He has been arrested for murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

David Soldano

David Soldano

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  • Get a shave and a haircut before court, Mr. Soldano.

  • We should move forward with the firing squad or give him a choice of that or hanging…Have a nice day

  • Firing squad or hanging? it seems to me that he’s probably not good at making decisions.

  • What if he said half and half?

  • We don’t know what happened. he could have been getting the shit kicked out of him and he defended himself. No need for hanging or firing squad, yet.

  • There’s enough witness testimony to charge him with a hate crime! It only took three days for them to come to that conclusion simply because the Del Norte DA doesn’t like to admit they have a race problem in their county!

  • for one he looks like someone else too here in Del-Norte DUMB ASSES

  • Y’all are trippin. I know this man and he is a real nice guy . I’m from San Francisco and i’ve met David on several occasions. He comes to the city to hang with his childhood friends. He is a very nice humble man. this seems very out of character for him. I am also Latino and I definitely know he is not racist. something is wrong here need to investigate further before coming to any conclusion.

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