[UPDATE 8:15 a.m.] Fight at the Corner of Highland Avenue and Broadway in Eureka This Morning

Three law enforcement vehicles at a business

Law enforcement vehicles at O’Reilly Auto Parts on Highland this morning. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 6:55 a.m., a physical fight occurred a man tried to flee officers at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store on the corner of Highland and Broadway in Eureka. A transient had just previously been reported been reported sleeping near the business.

Four Eureka Police Department vehicles responded.

We’re attempting to learn more information.

UPDATE 8:15 a.m.: Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department tells us,

Officers were actually dispatched to disperse a male transient loitering in the parking lot.  The first officer arrived on scene and identified the male as Trevor Gillihan, 21 of Eureka.  Gillihan had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants…Gillihan attempted to run and actively resist the officer but was soon taken into custody.

Gillihan was medically cleared at the hospital for precautionary reasons and is now being transported to the jail to be booked on his warrants and a fresh charge of resisting arrest.




  • Common occurrence in Eureka anymore. Homeless everywhere and now the weather is getting better they are spreading out and making our town dirty.

  • Yep. With the tourist season coming, visitors coming into town from the north are greeted by the shitheads in front of MickyD’s, and from the south by the shitheads at Chin’s and the Pink Flamingo. Such a nice presentation to people wanting to see what is touted in advertising as the majestic redwood forest.

    • Whocaresaboutthehomeless

      Well the awesome thing is you will not have to be embarrassed because the Trump administration has made sure that tourism will be down in America. So when servers and hospitality workers lose their jobs and are homeless in the parking lot too…not as much of the world will see it. That way we can all look the other way and pretend it isn’t happening. You know….make America great again!!!!

    • yeah hate to see this put a blight on a local grow op deal or violent domestic battery. hate to brake up that presentation.

  • Perfect example of what is taking over Humboldt. Homeless and/or addicted people with multiple warrants and arrests. No money or job, and jails are full; so law enforcement ignores them until they break the law again. Courts won’t deal with them because there is no profit to be made through fines or property forfeiture. Arrest and release, and it all starts over again. Meanwhile, people and businesses have to deal with them on a daily basis. Vicious circle that our PAID supervisors need to resolve, or it will never change.

  • Veterans friend

    How nice to hear the concern expressed for these people who sleep in doorways and have nowhere to go but jail. Many of them served you in the military fighting stupid wars for apparently ungrateful citizens.

    • This kid is 21 and has never served so what’s the next excuse for this piece of

    • A few maybe served, and a few have mental issues; but most have chosen the life they live and wouldn’t accept help if it was offered. Many of us, myself included, have been down on the bottom or close to it; but we did not give up. Instead of feeling like the victim of society, people need to put their ‘big boy’ pants on and make an effort to better themselves. At 21, this “MAN” is digging his own hole; and has nobody to blame but himself. Grow up and be responsible !!

      • WallStreetBailout

        @ LivingEasy

        20 percent unemployment and “new economy” of part-time “gigs” instead of full time jobs means that your experiences are entirely worthless as a yardstick to judge people in the Post-Bailout era.

        23 trillion to bail out banksters who spent it on caviar and 100 dollar cohibas and you want to piss on the least among us.

        You’re the problem.

    • Tired of the crime

      Many of them SAY they served to get sympathy assistance. Probably 90% that SAY they served, DIDNT. Sadly, there is that percentage that has ptsd, injuries physically, gets strung out due to depression, many can’t keep a job due to ptsd, it’s difficult. Many lose drive to continue to try getting job after job, wife left em, etc. the people that have an actual issue due to trauma or disease need to be helped. The problem is, just like welfare and food stamps being used by off the books workers here, the homeless by choice abuse the system and utilize our programs and tax dollars leaving none for the ones who truly need the assist…. it’s a never ending issue

  • Puke Rica is a festering sore that needs to be have a lot of antibiotics

  • A homeless dude trespasses and 4 cop cars need to go out? and you write about it? wtf? must be a slow story day…

  • Take a deep breath people she’s just doing her job. 😊

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Possibly looking into the biker Nazi skinheads that gather and drink Great White every year around this time.

      There are more important stories in the mix.

  • Possible left over lepracaun with his Irish still up! It was early, maybe he thought they were after his lucky charms. Or his 40 of Mickey’s

  • Sounds like he was arrested because he slept near the business. If I were homeless, I would look for a lit area too. So many are victimized. What a crap society we have. Sad.

  • It’s just sad we have so many homeless people. Yes some are because they want to be but most don’t want to be. We’ve come close. It’s a sick feeling. I see folks starting over everyday. We are

  • You people who think you should judge and down people , not even knowing what is going on with this TWENTY YEAR OLD KIDS LIFE . All because you have a home and has been takin care of or had IT made easier for your life, does not mean this young man, or anyother for that matter, is a bad person . I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD TRY ALOT MORE TO PUT THIER SELVES IN THERE SHOES!!! AND with these homeless people try seeing exactly what they need ,so maybe you for something to help them with . Most of them are very greatfull.

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