[UPDATE 5:14 p.m.] Several McKinleyville Middle School Students Pepper Sprayed

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According to scanner traffic, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a suspect who pepper sprayed several students at McKinleyville Middle School.

There is Code 3 (respond as quickly as possible) request for medical personnel to respond to the office of the school as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the suspect who is known, is fleeing on foot away from the school.

UPDATE 5:14 p.m.:
UPDATE from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at approximately 12:35 p.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs responded to McKinleyville Middle School for a report of multiple students pepper sprayed by a male juvenile suspect. It was reported the juvenile suspect fled on foot on Central Ave. Deputies responded to the middle school where they met with several juvenile victims. It was determined the juvenile victims and juvenile suspect were in the cafeteria when the incident occurred. Two of the juvenile victims had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

While deputies went to the school to meet with victims, additional deputies searched for the juvenile suspect. Deputies located the juvenile suspect on Central Ave at Hartwood and arrested him without incident. The juvenile suspect was taken to Juvenile Hall where he was booked for illegal use of teargas and assault and battery on school grounds.

This case is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Is the person running away a student?

  • Will i don’t know any more than the rest of you, BUT more than a few times I’ve seen 3 or 4 students ganging up on a single kid bullying and harassing th along central of a morning. i even went to the school one time. Don’t really know what if anything happened to stop it. But, would not be AT all surprised if this is an act of a very desperately unhappy child who has needed help from someone for a very long time.

    • That is no excuse to assault someone.

      • No, it’s a justification for self defense though.

        • How is that? The kid that was involved is a sweetheart. & the Bully unleashed on her when she more likely did not do or say anything at all. This is victim blaming. NOT COOL. Especially when NO ONE knows the whole story.

        • Does anyone know what the rules are with kids bringing non lethal self defense products to school?..Like pepper spray, stun guns, etc.? Is it legal? Because I do believe that self-defense is necessary…especially these days. Mainly for kids walking to & from school.

      • i agree with you, the only thing I would add is that, having experienced bullying over 50 years ago I still remember that feeling of absolute desperation, and dispare that turned to rage when i received NO RESPONSE,HELP, OR SUPPORT,from anyone. My parents put me into a church school eventually. But to this day just the thought of someone else going through it makes me experience all those things again. I’ve often wondered if any of those bullys EVER realized or even remember the HEll they put me through !

  • Yeah this school lacks authority when it comes to kids bullying other kids even though they brag about 0 tolerance for bullying yet do nothing about it.but if the child defending themselves from the bullying tables are turned and that child gets the punishment. These people really need to get their heads up out there ads and actually do their jobs!!!! My child has been bullied and nothing was done to that bully but they told my child if anymore problems accrue come to the office to speak with principal or counselor, well the problem accured again and what was said to my child was upsetting she was told to make an appt. And they will get back to her next week. Umm sorry but if a child is being harassed,assaulted or badly injured is that gonna be their response make an appt. Or write it down on paper and we will get back to You! Sorry but no, it’s called get off your ass and do your job or step down and let someone willing to step up and handle it better like it should be handled.

    • Concerned Mother – Write a letter to the school board! Go to a night meeting and complain.

      My son wasn’t exactly bullied in MMS, but he was harassed by the girls who wanted him as a boyfriend (sixth grade, can you believe?). When he didn’t want to be a part of it, they turned on him calling him a “faggot” and really gross stuff, trying to shame him. He told one of them to “go fuck yourself” and she went crying to her mommy who got my son suspended – that is till we went down there and told his side of the story, including the fact that the offending girl had telephoned him repreatedly after he told her to fuck off. Suspension rescinded; harassment finished.

      • Just saying,, that sounds like something that happened to a kid i know. Same school. He tried to explain but they didn’t listen. He received the punishment. He loved school till that happened. Now he has to be forced to go.

  • When I went to school there, the principle Mr. Dakis was the bully. He threatened kids, was violent, called kids names, cursed at them, made them his personal slave carrying his second food tray around, making them help clean his glass eyeball, and so on. He really liked to humiliate kids in front of other kids by calling them names. At Morris School, Mr. sorter was the same way. He picked kids up and threw them around, dragged them across the floor, pushed them out of chairs, he even made two kids fist fight in a locked room. This was all approved by the principle who was an alcoholic with like five DUI’s. The principle had a wooden board with holes drilled in it that he hit kids with who he locked in his office alone with him. My brother was locked in the office with him and hit multiple times at 8 years old because in the morning he crossed the street in from of the school. He took me too and wanted to hit me with the board but I was crying hysterically and my brother said I never crossed the street. I was a seven year old little girl. We didn’t even know it was a rule. We had allowance money from chores and just wanted to buy some lifesavers. Why do people who hate kids go into careers where they have total control over them? My guess is, to have total control over them. Thankfully I also had some of the most wonderful loving teachers a child could have like Mr. Gelow, Mrs. smith, Mrs. Gamboa, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Hubbard, and Mrs. Hatchfield.

    • I had Mr. Dakis the first year he worked in McKinleyville. I didn’t experience any of those things nor did either of my brothers. Children who were disrespectful and did not follow the rules had consequences in those days. Huge difference from today’s kids. Mr. Dakis is a teacher I will remember my whole life. He gave me many opportunities to succeed when challenged. He donated many hours of his time to the children of this town for many years. He was a positive role model for me. It distresses me to see his name besmirched. He was not a bully but expected the same from every kid he dealt with. I fondly refer to him as a gentle giant.

  • You people cant change MMS until you stfu and actually make a damn effort. I was bullied in that school and they all basically turn there heads. They do manditory no bullying speeches but never embrace the reason for them. They won’t help your kids for a reason, none of you have actually prooven you care. Because if you did every last parent would be at the school one on one talking. Having a challenge day or something the kids could see rather than half hearted words.

  • I think everyone is forgetting that all the bullying, the mean staff, lazy staff, and all the other complaints have happened at other schools the physical stuff not anymore. I would know seemimg how I went to Dows Prarrie, Feildbrook, Blulake, mms, i have been in schools in New Mexico, mhs, and now at a high school in Texas. All of them have bullying, and they all have the the same problems. They also have some good people there too. Im only 16 and I can remember that I was picked on visiously when I was in middle school and I didnt really have any friends. I became so depressed I tried to attempt suicide 3 times before I finished middle school it has made me who i am today though. I am happy to say that I like who i am it took a long time and long process. I even got so fed up with the bullying that I decided to give them a taste of what they were dishing out. I am not proud of having the experience of being the bully even if they diserved it. I believe only God can judge us and that its not our place to say who and whos not a complete terrible person. Its not fair that people cant be nice, be trustworthy, understanding, or just decent but its life and no matter how many talks and presentations there are no matter how hard we try it will always be there in one way or another. I dont mean to offend or anger anyone and if I have I am truley sorry. My friend’s sister was one of the victims, i have known these girls since i was 4 and it upset me too. Its not right for someone to do that even if they are being bullied there is always a way to deal with it. There are some wounderful counselors at that school that can listen and confort. If the kid dosent have any friends i know exactly what that feels like I just moved from mhs to a school with over 2000 kids. I am shy and insecure around people my age so I have not made a friend yet but I still use other ways to deal with my pain. I sing, write in a journal, go on walks, hang out with my animals, and many other things. There is always a way and i hope that all the girls recover quickly and I pray that their families feel peace and calmness.

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