$325,000 Grant for Eureka’s Waterfront Trail

Eureka's Waterfront trail

The end of the Hikshari Trail and the beginning of the Waterfront trail.

Press release from the office of Congressman Jared Huffman:

Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today announced a $323,000 grant from the National Park Service and the Land and Water Conservation Fund to Eureka for ongoing work on a waterfront trail through a once-blighted area.

“This grant means that more Californians will be able to enjoy and appreciate Eureka’s special place on Humboldt Bay,” said Rep. Huffman. “Improving Eureka’s waterfront and creating trails and a clean place for the public to recreate around the Bay demonstrates the value of the Land and Water Conservation Fund in our communities.”

“Through the hard work of city staff and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Local Assistance Office, the former mill buildings can be removed and one of the most picturesque areas of Eureka’s waterfront can be opened up for our community to enjoy a wide variety of nature viewing and recreational opportunities,” said Eureka Mayor Frank Jager.

This grant will go toward the removal of four former mill buildings, which will be replaced by a new park featuring a multi-use trail, nature play area, as well as interpretive viewing platforms and benches adjacent to Humboldt Bay.

For more than 50 years, the National Park Service has provided grants through the LWCF. Its State & Local Assistance Program focuses on helping protect a “seamless system of parks” by providing matching grants for local and state parks outside of National Park boundaries, such as this grant to the City of Eureka.

Phase A of this project is expected to be completed in November.



  • Good news !

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Defrauding taxpayers is not good news, but that is how Humboldt/cities gubbamint survive.

      Notice how Huffman champions misappropriating funds while displacing homeless without finding homeless programs and housing, etc….

      Proof: “For more than 50 years, the National Park Service has provided grants through the LWCF. Its State & Local Assistance Program focuses on helping protect a “seamless system of parks” by providing matching grants for local and state parks outside of National Park boundaries, such as this grant to the City of Eureka.”

      Culled portion: “…..protect a “seamless system of parks”….





      Sheesh…….where did the “existing” system of parks go run off and hide so the city would deny funding needs?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Think they will spend it on fish cranes that have and never will be used?
    Maybe some “art”?

    Maybe an ornamental tank and a monument dedicated to the iron claw of law enforcement?

    Maybe spend it on a Julia butterfly hologram that could date the 2pac hologram?

  • Oh joy, more multi-use trails. Nothing like getting shoved out of the way by cyclists to make your walk enjoyable.

    • you will just have to stick to your basic plan: have a dog on one side of the trial and you on the other at the end of a long leash.

    • One day you should come outside and visit the trail. You will find that you statement is so untrue. It is a great place and my out of town visitors remind me how luck we have this great treasure.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        HOJ on Hammond weekly,

        Bikes are a major problem with their disrespect, stuck up ass, snooty, self righteous attitude like some school twit blondie….except one old dude and one zz top looking dude both got bells, ring ring on your left, see how easy and respectful that shit is…..

        HOJ digresses……

        • Yeah, cyclists seem to be the worst. Equestrians can come pretty close, though. The riders on dirt bikes, quads, etc (I’m including other trails I’ve hiked, obviously) are generally nice friendly people, and manage to not be a nuisance on a heavy, engine-powered machine… while cyclists zoom up behind you, shove you out of the way if you haven’t leapt into the bushes, splash mud on you, and ride off. They’re usually the same cyclists that feel the need to have seizure-inducing strobing headlamps aimed right in everyone’s eyes. Oh well, another trail I’ll avoid. I hate walking on pavement anyway. Old skid trails with a layer of redwood duff are the best.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Ya, it is also the urban converts who have taken over Humboldt/ Arcata and made biking an activity to critique negatively…..evil shows itself as face pulling bike shmoozers too who are mostly white snobs…..

    • Girl, you are a real “Negative Nancy” !

  • Gotta pretty up the place for the buyers. Curb appeal.

  • ” a clean place for the public to recreate” …I hope that includes picnic areas for families.

  • Thank you Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) for helping this blighted area. If it weren’t for federal grant money the old mill remnants would be here forever.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, nice way to subsidize the perps who polluted the fucking land too…..steal it from taxpayers after kicking out homeless and then not funding shit for homeless services or forcing the polluters to pay for clean up, but misappropriate the funds to “create new” instead of “protect existing”……more political fraud for reelection purposes……

      • Girl, you got your knickers up in a wad.

      • Now we can add the 3 closed care facilities to the list of homeless in Calif.
        McKinleyville is building a new fancy smancy Welfare building for all our enslaved needs.
        Reservoirs and cow farts are the new methane problems.
        Worshipping government & govt paid science is the new religion. Down with the Constitution that assures freedom of religion, there’s a new master in town we must worship or else.
        No handicapped, elderly, diseased people wanted.
        Get on your bicycle, live in a 160sq ft over priced cell aka apt, work where you’re told to work.
        The new free choice. Dem or Rep, choose. Apt cell or homeless, choose. Bicycle or walk, choose.
        Gotta love the new & improved progressive style freedom of choice, or not. No choice.

  • Parks & Trails Enthusiast

    Thank you Congressman and NPS! There’s a lot of research demonstrating that parks, trails, and open space improve the quality of life and health of the entire community. The crusty naysayers need to get over themselves. A walk on a trail out in the fresh air might do them some good.

    • I think a walk through a homeless camp might do you some good.

      300k for trails… what about the 300 homeless just thrown from said trails?

      Maybe you’re right.. I bet a walk thru your nice new trails would help them get over themselves. I love irony.

      Who needs food and shelter when you have irony, self-righteousness, and private developer + city govt collusion enhancing a reelection bid

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