UPDATE 8:22 a.m. One-Way Traffic Control on Hwy 299 in Trinity County

A big rig overturned on Hwy 299 about 6:10 this morning. The semi owned by Ace Hardware is blocking both lanes of traffic. The 48′ trailer is on its side just east of Big Bar.

According to a tweet from Caltrans, there is not estimated time for reopening.

The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

UPDATE 7:55 a.m.: Caltrans posted the following update:

UPDATE 8:22 a.m.: Caltrans says the road is now open to one-way controlled traffic.



  • Barbara Clement

    I live in Big Bar. These big rigs need to slow down on 299. They go way too fast (over the speed limit). Last year I almost was hit head on because one took a turn so fast that he could not stay in his own lane. Luckily it was not a blind turn and I could see him coming to the turn, and I slowed way down, to not be in the turn with him. I could tell by his speed that he was not going to make the turn. With Buckhorn almost completed and more big rigs on this road, there are going to be alot of fatalities.

    • Buckhorn is years from finished, but it will have more big rigs and everyone will go faster. I hate the buckhorn project

    • I agree with your observation & prediction for post Buckhorn completion…unfortunately, the writing on the wall (or road, if you will) for the big rig accidents and over-all potential fatalities will be a growing threat to all of us sharing the road. Just as you did, we all need to step up our “high alert road vigilance” and become the ultimate defensive drivers…and, I can’t share this loud enough, put away our impatience hat. (Maybe someone in front of us is slowing down for a reason, and it could save our lives, aye?)

  • Hope the driver is ok.sending prayers

  • Thanks for the prayers, he is being released from the Hospital his wife is on the way to see him

  • Thanks for the prayers, he is being release from the Hospital his wife is on the way to see him

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