‘88,000 Pounds of Trash…and over 1,000 Used Needles Collected Today’ as Homeless Removed From Palco Marsh

Homeless man facing eviction from his campEureka Police Department reports that they removed over “88,000 pounds of trash and garbage and over 1,000 used needles” today as they forced the last of the campers in the Palco Marsh to leave.

The operation began in March after the Eureka City Council declared May 2 was the deadline for clearing the area.

Our reporter on the scene, Bobby Kroeker, reports that though not seamless, as a whole, today’s operation went smoothly. There was only one arrest and that person was not one of the homeless but, instead, a homeless advocate.

A few fires allegedly set by residents of the Marsh flared up consuming tents this morning. The smoke from the smoldering belongings gave an apocalyptic cast to the day. 01e16845-8b6e-4ff7-b497-c186ff54c4e1

People trailed out of the encampment with their belongings heaped on whatever wheeled conveyance they could find.01fb51a0-83c9-4a1b-9266-f350ba96b28d

Numerous government agencies and non-profits showed up at the encampment prepared to assist in the transition. At times it seemed that the residents of the Marsh were outnumbered four to one by those there to help.


Nonetheless, leaving was stressful causing some residents to scream in rage and others to break down in tears.


Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department tweeted that some of the homeless campers had left unpleasant traps for the officers assigned to the cleanup.

A video briefing and following that a press release from the Eureka Police Department further gives law enforcement’s perspective:

The City of Eureka began clean-up efforts at the Palco Marsh this morning. The planned police enforcement and property maintenance operation has been in the planning stage since March 18, 2016, when the City Council announced the May 2nd exit date for all illegal campers at the Palco Marsh.

The City of Eureka began planning by working with several shelter organizations, animal rescue groups, DHSS, MIST, and others to relocate the individuals living at the marsh into shelters. Eureka Police collaborated with other agencies to plan for today’s operation to ensure the safety of the people living in the marsh, city crews and officers. These extensive and thoughtful planning efforts helped to ensure a safe operation that took place today.

Eureka Police Department, along with all City departments, Humboldt Bay Fire, U. S. Coast Guard, City Ambulance and the County of Humboldt worked diligently to execute the operational plan.

City work crews estimated 88,000 pounds of trash and garbage and over 1,000 used needles were collected today. Campers leaving the area who could not take their belongings with them, were given 96 gallon totes to store their items for a period of 90 days. At this time 3 connex storage containers are full with additional boxes ordered for tomorrow’s operation. The City of Eureka will continue to ensure that property is stored and secured according to all applicable laws.

EPD and City Staff will be on the lookout for any obvious stolen property which may be in the marsh and that all recovered stolen property will be returned to its rightful owner.

1 person was arrested for refusing to leave the operational area. All persons entering this police operational area will be subject to arrest upon entry. Any illegal campers still remaining in the Palco Marsh area will be subject to arrest. All entrances to the area are being monitored and entry restricted.

Camping in any City park or greenbelt is prohibited. Anyone who notices camping in a City greenbelt or park should contact the Eureka Police Department. EPD and City staff will respond to calls for camping within the City of Eureka as time allows.




  • Absolute filth dregs of society, all the needles garbage sicking.I just hope we aren’t doing this again in,a month . That just goes to show how much drug use is going on down there.

    • Are you kidding??? Oh so you think that when your homeless your gonne make sure you dont have a stain on your shirt, or some gunk on your shoe? They’re homeless, they’re just trying to live and they have to put the neccessities of life to the side, they dont have a choice to go down and wash their clothes, THERE TRYING TO STAY ALIVE. THEY DONT CARE IF THEY’RE DIRTY. they need food and water, that’s what there focused on. All of you poeple judging the homeless, you’d be doing the same thing if you were them. Oh…and they dont really get to choose what pent house they live in.

      • When I was homeless, I did care about how I looked, and guess what, I found a job and now have a 3 bedroom house. When is the last time a homeless person staved to death, in Humboldt?

      • I agree with you Corey, people who are judging the homeless most likely haven’t been in the homeless shoes…I’ve never been homeless, but I’ve been close to it and people do what they have to do to survive,especially if they have children. Just keep an open mind when you’re sitting in that judgement seat. This is not a good time for them!

      • Listen here, Snowflake. If you are so concerned about the homeless being evicted from private property (called squatters) then how about you open the doors your house or your backyard and let them camp out. I’m sure they would really appreciate it. Make sure you provide acceptable receptacles for their used needles. Oh yeah, just one more thing. Buy lots of Kibbles and Bits for their dogs. They are homeless also.

      • Theyre focused on drugs and getting their next high. Thats why most of them end up there in the first place

      • Is that what the needles were for, staying alive?

        • Really … Ask any doctor or nurse if needles keep People alive… (Insulin for one, You SMF)

          • Insulin needs to be kept refrigerated just like liquid antibiotics. If you were a diabetic you would know that.

      • are you out of yer freaking mind?i have had times of homelessness and i have had times of drug addiction. in times of homelessness my first priority was getting myself off of the streets.my use of needles n pipes n such was always secondary to my basic survival, shelter n such.recently ive once again ,unfortunately become addicted to alcohol , for pain relief.. i pay my rent first, THEN get a gallon of whiskey.

      • Avon Barksdale

        They are leaving piss traps…. I think that qualifies for filth.

        • AGREE with you Eureka having to pay them for there stuff is a sick joke and the Police being called names as they clean out the camps is just plan wrong .This was the reality of selective enforcement over many years .I for one have been a victim of this as a property owner I hope Eureka and other cities learn how wrong this was…

      • I was homeless. I never looked it. $10/ month gym membership for showers. Food bank and ebt.
        If the homeless want assistance its there for them…they just have to ask.

        So let them BE right??? Just let them be homeless??
        Not when they are trashing the earth.
        88k lbs of trash on the earth…

        You wanna be homeless be homeless!!
        They were clearing out an area in which the homeless were destroying!!

        I was homeless. I never left trash ANYWHERE!!
        The help is there if they want it…
        But you can’t just let someone be when they don’t care enough to stop from destroying.
        If they want the help they just have to ask. Its THERE!

    • Cascadia ought to take care of it.

    • Saddens me the callousness of some people on this planet…the one thing WE ALL NEED TO REMEMBER …. There but for the grace of GOD go I… Cheeers! (Needles, ever hear of insulin, way to jump to conclusions)

  • Did Bobby take the top picture…heart breaking Kym 🙁

  • Coletta Hughes

    This is how Eureka says FU to Fortuna and other small neighboring towns around them. Eureka made this mess and now they’re sending them our way. We really need the 101 to bypass Eureka so we’re in less danger from Eureka’s gangs that the EPD is to chicken to deal with. Eureka is a cesspool where you’re either wealthy, or you’re on probation. And they’re causing everything in Humboldt to decay.

    • Former Humboldtian

      They have taken up residence in the Scotia trails. I hope they can find the help they so desperately need.

      • Where abouts in the Scotia trails. My kids play down there. I don’t need to worry about needles and crazy people

    • Eureka is not saying FU to Fortuna. Eureka didnt start this crap. And @Sloppy just because there homeless doesnt mean there crazy. First off, San Francisco is filled with homeless people, and what do they do to get rid of it????? they give the homeless a phone a little bit of money and a Grey Hound ticket for a one way alllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy up to Humboldt. and thats where we are getting homeless people. Let me ask you all one thing, Lets say im a veteran, my wife broke off our relationship while i was serving, and i got fatally injured to the point where its hard for me to do everyday tasks. Im forced out of getting a job since im incapable. my wife broke up with me took all my money and now here i am a war veteran asking for money since i did something courageous, risky, and faithful to my country to keep you people safe in your homes. YOU @sloppy are calling a war veteran crazy FOR PROTECTING YOU. FOR SERVING THE COUNTRY. FOR GOING OUT THERE RISKING GETTING A BULLET IN HIS HEAD. And you all sit here not looking at both sides of the story. I realllllllly hope your all ashamed. Eureka Does not have gangs. Everybody around this town of Eureka, acts like they’re gangbangers and what not. we need real gang members to come over and show these actors what gang life is really about. i can assure you theyd all go back to school to get there GED that they never recieved because they’d rather go around wearing some colors and acting tuff.

      • Too bad california has terrible schools for the working class.

        • It is too bad. California had the best education available for the working class a mere 50 years ago

      • Thank you for your Service. If you were in Nam, my sincere apologies for not getting you out sooner. We gave it our All. af

        • My aplogoies sir, Im only an Eighteen year old Boy, and i have not spent a second in the Army/Marines Etc. Im sorry for strewing you into The wrong direction. I want to thank you for your services. And i also would like to further restate that i was not a war Veteran, and my purpose was to simply bring justice and defend homeless war Vets. Thank you kindly for your post.

      • Avon Barksdale

        First off, who is this “they” you are referring to giving out free phones and tickets? Second, if you were a vet, who was FATALLY wounded you would be dead and not on the internet. That’s what they mean by fatality…it means dead. Third, nobody directly called any vets crazy for serving. I believe she just wanted to make sure her kids don’t trip and fall into a used syringe pit.

        • The city of SF, gives the Homeless down there a Phone, a one way gray hound ticket to Humboldt county. You understand???? Okaay, Now! Neeeext, i said, AND I QUOTE “Let me ask you all one thing, Lets say im a veteran, my wife broke off our relationship while i was serving, and i got fatally injured to the point where its hard for me to do everyday tasks. Im forced out of getting a job since im incapable. my wife broke up with me took all my money and now here i am a war veteran asking for money since i did something courageous, risky, and faithful to my country to keep you people safe in your homes.”

          Here it is again if you didnt catch that.

          Let me ask you all one thing, Lets say im a veteran,

          One more time???

          Lets say im a veteran,

          You got eyes right????

          Did i say (if i were to say) That i had a fatality wound????? No.
          said, i was fatally injured, meaning “SEVERELY WOUNDED”.

          Third i did not say anyone called a Vet., crazy, How about you go back and re-read my Paragraph, because you clearly missed what i was saying. But ill say it again….

          Everyone doesnt know eveyones story, SO, you dont know if that homeless man you walked by served in the military and maybeeeeeeeeeeee thats WHY hes homeless. Thus meaning it is unfair to call a homeless man, AND I QUOTE “Crazy”, simply because its not okay to judge someone on the way there life is going, or how you percieve someone as. I used the Veteran example to show you guys, “Hey there is many different reasons why a homeless person is homeless.” Maybe he was a Vet. And maybe he got hurt. And thus forcing him into homelessness. And then you walk by. And you call him crazy. Because he was serving for you, so you dont have neighboring countries try to take over. You know why you have a house and neighboring countries arent holding us on dog chains experimenting with us? Because we have war veterans. Who went out to give his life for you. So you could have that house, while he was out getting injured. And you call him “Crazy”????????

          Good luck to you all.

          * CAPS are for Passionate debating, not “yelling over the internet” sorry for those who took it that way.

      • Crescent City

        Don’t include Veterans into this discussion. There are certainly homeless Veterans, but there are lots of services available to them. I am a widow of a Vietnam veteran and am well taken care of by the VA.

        • Yes ofc, but…. its not your place to say “Don’t include Veterans into this discussion.” Your right you could be very well taken care of since your husband is dead. Alot of them arent and alot of them are homeless and alot of them are right here in Humbodt County. And im simply defending the war veterans who risked their lives, and got injured from duty and were forced into homelessness, since they cant do everyday tasks, you know? Im an eleventh grader in high school debating with full fledged adults, and it just scares me that my mothers generation is only looking from one perspective. I learned at a young age to take in consideration for poeples thoughts, and understand that the world is diverse, and continues to have many many many outcomes for different situations. Take that into account as well, its the only way Life can advance.

          (p.s. Anyone on here can bring whatever they want into conversations or debates. therefore i will not be taking your command of “Don’t include Veterans into this discussion.” because i am simply entitled by The USA for freedom of speech, ofc it is exempt from explicit’s or derogatory’s, By which i feel i have not done, so there shall not be any posts of mine taken down or removed, and i respect, and expect that for anyone else as well.)

    • Eureka didn’t make this mess, the homeless came from all over the county, now they have to re-disperse. In the last 11 years, I have never once had a problem related to gangs, in Eureka.

    • How did Eureka create this mess when these people come to out city from places like Fortuna?

      I keep seeing deeply stupid people repeating this nonsense that “Eureka created this situation”, how?

      By being the county seat? By being the place where the vast majority of social services are located? No city in the state has the resources to deal with the vast number of issues that comes with homelessness, ask LA or San Francisco, cities with far larger resources than Eureka.

      Eureka didn’t fire these people from jobs, kick them out of homes or apartments and get them their first high. Eureka is the location where they can get a meal and a bed if they wish, so I ask again, how did the city of Eureka — which means me and the 25,000 other residents — create this problem?

  • You are so right coletta they are headed to so hum no panhandling ordinance

  • Coletta Hughes

    I’m not bagging on the homeless, it’s awful what the few wealthy pigs did to the many who are down and out. It’s the corrupt city of Eureka I have far more of a problem with than the poor homeless.

    • Yes it’s horrible to clean up the city and try to make it respectful. I grew up there and it’s sad to see a beautiful community that has become crime and drug ridden. Those “wealthy” families worked and earned their “wealth” and many retire here from the cities. I know it’s a difficult concept that people work hard to earn their living and invest wisely to secure futures. There are many programs to help these people. It’s sad, very sad, but hope they get help they need. Now, I live by a major metropolitan area and this is not allowed at all. 88K pounds of garbage and over 1K needles. Ridiculous.

    • Another Snowflake speaks. Obviously, you are not one of the “weathly pigs” of which you speak. Please help the homeless. Open up your doors or backyard. Provide a clean and safe environment. In fact, how about starting a “soup kitchen”? The homeless can line up at your front door three times a day for food. It would also be nice to provide some healthy snacks and don’t forget dog food. Animals get hungry too.

    • Excuse me? “…few wealthy pigs…”????

      A) They were breaking laws.
      B) They were creating environmental problems.
      C) They were breaking laws.
      D) They were offered assistance.
      E) They were breaking laws.
      F) There were problems.
      G) They were breaking laws.

    • Just an FYI they just built rooms for these people in eureka. Some nifty people got together and built living spaces out of storage containers. Oh and it was those darn scumbags you preach of, the rich people….. Funny how things work out.

  • Coletta Hughes

    I’m willing to bet Fortuna ships them right back up to the stinky city by the corporately polluted bay.

    • USMC Sgt. Mike Maloney

      What’s your address? We should send them to you. [edit] I laugh at the thought of gangs in eureka. You ma’am are looking at punks who think they are tough and the police are doing what they can in there power with there funding. And for your knowledge all us rich people pay our taxes. And do contribute to the community. But when people like you who act like it’s some one else’s mess to deal with you are wrong. It’s a community problem, from the homeless to the want to be thug gangsters. It’s your right not to help, but if you don’t want to help then don’t complain.

      • First world problems.

        Well, homeless people and drug addicts arents the only problem with our world or community, sgt

      • Though police have been given the lion’s share of Measure Z funding, our Board of Supervisors refused to adequately fund the Public Defender’s office to process the cases the cases the police create.

        Yesterday Public Defender Kevin Robinson asked for $600,000 in Measure Z money to process the cases he anticipates the police will bring to him, based on past figures. The Supes gave him $200,000. He explained later that, when they run out of the 200K the County will force them to hire private attorneys, paid for by the public.

        They justified this by saying Measure Z funding was created for safety, not justice. Since safety is founded on justice, in this matter they have it backwards.

  • Coletta Hughes

    Better yet send them to Arcata so the HSU student can protest for them to get housing lol.

    • Are you kidding me ? You think us college students don’t have better things to do ?

      • Right? These poeple are acting like “oh since im first class wealthy everything is everyone elses problem and if your not me your not perfect.” Just stop. @colleta

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Just for your information, Fortuna has had this problem at the old Palco Mill site on Newburg Road for a very long time, along with some of the creeks running through Fortuna. We have had a group meeting at least once a month to go out and clean up the mess left behind by these people. The Groups name is “River Life Foundation” and they have been doing a fantastic job on their monthly cleanups. Fortuna also has another group “Fortuna Clean Team” who is going around at different parts of the City and Community and cleaning up various types of trash, garbage and whatever else is left behind by thoughtless and inconsiderate people who has no thought of cleaning up after themselves. A thought though, what about putting them on a barge and taking them out to a Island somewhere and let them set up camps there.

  • Utmost disgust. You let it in. Glad our people and county officials prevent this from happening. Thanks for attempting to take back your city. Question is why did it reach this point. Kids can actually ride there bikes again and feel at ease without being stuck by needles. Well we hope. Nice to go to the beach again, yeah yeah yeah.

    • Itll probably be awhile before any non drug addicts go into that territory. Could you imagine how much urine and pheces are there??

  • The River Of Life FOUNDATION Is Awesome thsnks to Shawn .they were supposed to have a BBQ ,but it was raining .I wanted to go .I hope they have another . I want to donate to the cause .

  • Homelessness is almost always a mental health issue. Mental health is contagious. Homelessness can happen to you. Fix the problem with mental health and housing for people and the issue will decrease in severity. While some choose to be homeless (weird huh? Go figure) most do not and are caught in terrifying addiction. The less abuse you subject people to the better.

    • Best comment on here, thanks.

    • No its almost always a drug issue which leads to mental health issues. This situation is proof that they are pure scum that just dont want to live by the rules & people need to stop enabling them.

      • I know a 16 year old girl who recently ran away from a perfectly good home & a loving mother so she could go party & do whatever she wants…these bums are the product of this kind of Behavior.

        • And I know of several people who lost jobs and housing over the last year and that’s how they wound up homeless. I know a 92 year old woman whose rent was nearly doubled and nearly became homeless. I know of a young (25’ish) year old guy who has a brain injury and that’s what led to his homelessness. I know of a 60 year old man who was homeless right up until the tail end of cancer that took his life about a month ago. I know a young man who works, but can’t afford to get housed and he’s on the streets. I know many who live in their cars. Homelessness is a national crisis.

    • Great comment. We need, socialized, secular, in-patient rehab facilities.

  • Not to worry. I heard that Jim Wood submitted a bill to encourage more homelessness. I think it was AB 2300.

  • Where are they going to go? Do they have Human Rights? I blame the community in part for the trash, it doesn’t take much for some Dam garbage removal daily, trashcans actually help believe it or not. What do you do when you loose your home and everything else that you have? Where do you go? I was homeless once, I found out exactly how ugly people can be, and none of you, unless you become Homeless you will never understand.

    • Ok, listen up Snowflake. Don’t provide trash cans. how about dumpsters? The amount of garbage the homeless produce will quickly fill up a dumpster in less time than it takes to shoot up. What are you doing personally to feed, house and provide assistance to the homeless? I gather, not much. I pay a tremendous amout of Federal, State and local taxes which, in part, provide some help for the down and out. Open up your wallet and hand out some cash.

    • The city is providing 180 living spaces for people. Each space can fit two people, so spouces can stay together if need be. Each person has 120 days to prove that they are trying to find a job. If they don’t they are going to be asked to leave the city. If they do show they are trying they are allowed to stay, I think the limit is 6 months

    • A you never had a tweaker mentally broke relative, they hord garbage and broken stuff , shame on government Reagan for closing mental hospitals shame on us for not opening them back up

  • Here is a link for you. I think you might want to find places for those (residents) under the bridges. They acquire rights for living where they are if nothing is done. ( Can not believe it either, what it is) You know how the judge ruled, right? In favor of the 11 residents


    Seems better to embrace them help find a better place. That is hard I use to live in a van down by the river/ocean it is like a permanent vacation .

  • aweisme, so now all homeless peopl get judged fo the actions of junkies, just great 😐

  • I think they will spread out all over. I had to run one off a couple weeks ago. He actually set up a tent on my neighbors property, who was out of town. Some of them aren’t looking for a place to live. They’re looking for a place to live, but only the way they want to live. They give the down and out a bad name.

  • That’s why a bunch of new camps poped up in coppers gulch… Makes seince now.

  • They had various resources offered to them prior to the cleanup. The ones who remained had to literally refuse help. It’s also well known that the shelter has many beds that go unused. To paint Eureka as a place not doing anything about it, undermines all of the attempts to help them which they refused leading up to this.

    Also, its our own state government that did this to rural communities like Eureka. We have no viable rural industries right now. Where there is no economic opportunity, you create a vacuum that fills with social issues like poverty, homelessness ect. Most people around here vote for the very people who do this to us and think they are actually helping. This is as much a California-created problem, as it is a Eureka-created one. That, and rural northern CA districts like ours do not have a voice in our state government because of how the states legislative representation is districted.

    Eureka has become a hub for Mexican Drug Trade Organization heroine. The more local demand there is for it, the more the supply keeps coming. The more there is locally, the cheaper it is. The cheaper and plentiful it is, the higher chance we’re setting up the next generation of Eureka addicts. I’m sorry there have been people down there who have made a lifetime of mistakes to land them where there are in their life situation (and persist on staying in) but that doesn’t necessitate a risk to my children and the future generations in our Eureka community.

    There actually were people who actually want to receive help and they have received it.

    The homeless in Eureka have been used effectively and local political pawns. Essentially by keeping them here and enabling their lifestyles we have created a support infrastructure of people whose livelihoods depend on them staying here. It also helps ensure that a certain political demographic stays in office in our area as keeping them here and addicts, scares away higher functioning individuals who would actually stimulate the economy and actually change the tide of poverty and lack of economic opportunity in our area. i.e. we can’t keep doctors up here to save our lives among other professionals. Again, the very people locals primarily vote for, are the ones encouraging the poverty and crime as some trademark of our city and our county. The irony.

  • Prolly Wannakraker

    Betcha Mrs Chin is busy today baby.

  • Of all the photos posted on this and LOCO, I haven’t seen one person that looked over the age of 45. Most appeared able bodied and fit for work. Easy to say ‘get a job’ in a county where the timber and fishing industry were run out on a rail and any progressive business expansion is vehemently contested by special interest groups. McDonald’s has only so many openings.

    • Avon Barksdale

      Safeway is hiring. Winco is hiring. These are just the ones I have seen advertising for help, and I’m not even looking for a job but still know that places are hiring

  • Society needs to take care of its own, but people need to take responsibility for their actions. The seeds of destruction are sown into Capitalism, and it’s just a matter of time before the inevitable crash of this whole bullsh-t system which favors the rich and discriminates against everyone else.

  • All responsibility starts and stops at the top. Did you know that Michelle Obama wears a size 14 shoe, and her ring finger is longer than her index finger.

  • I want to make a seperate Post comletely unrelated to any other Debates i have had.

    I would like to see a picture of all of the 1,000 used needles.
    People talk down alot of the homelessness in eureka, and i just respectfuly would like to see it first hand for complete proof, that nobody has laid out false information just to manipulate and twist the headlines of society. Because honestly, not every homeless person does heroine. Everybodies had a chance to Manipulate something or make something sound bigger than what it is just so people can have a common dislike. its hard for me to explain this certain topic, but poeple in bigger power, such as adults and teachers, have the power to just change you grade if they want to. The police officers could have found 473 needles, but nobody knew, so to get some grattification, and make certain people look bad they could say 1,000 needles. most everyone it seems in eureka aren’t too fond of homeless. Nobodies gonna listen to them, so police can abuse their power if they want and set their own headline, to make the homeless seem even more socially unaccepted so they could have more people on their side. Im not being biast right now, but even i have abused my own power when i know i can get away with it.

  • Welcome to the new world order! In the future these sort of people will be transported straight to a fema (concentration) camp.
    And all of you will do nothing about it!
    Our government has been high jacked and our county supes are no better than the rest. ,when you stick them in a giant sack and smack it you will never hit the wrong person.
    get ready for the NWO you pansies!

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