Man Injured in Accidental Shooting at College of the Redwoods

A man was injured late yesterday afternoon in a firearm’s accident at the College of the Redwoods Firing Range.

According to an email forwarded to us the injury “was a self-inflicted, accidental discharge and occurred during an Advanced Officer training.  The injury appears non-life-threatening; the injured officer was conscious and alert.  There is no reason for worry.”

A second email from Ron Waters, Director of the Administration of Justice school at the college describes the incident to another individual.


Ron Waters [Photo from College of the Redwoods webpage.]

The person who was injured was a retired annuitant with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. He suffered a flesh wound to his leg and was treated at St. Joseph Hospital. Again, there is no cause for concern on campus.



  • Amateur!!!

  • Poor guy. Ego’s probably hurt the worst, but, still, it’s almost refreshing to hear it was accidental for once. Too much stabbing and shooting and hanging on purpose lately.

  • Do they use rubber bullets??

  • Eh -excuse me, but what’s a retired annuitant? He wasn’t an annuitant when he worked..Is he a retired sheriff?

    • A retired annuitant contracts with the government to do work for them in addition to receiving retirement. Usually, they do a very limited amount of hours at a job they have expertise in that the government needs someone to do but not enough to hire someone full time.

  • For Mr. Waters and Ms. Petersen; So sorry to hear about this. No matter how careful you are and all of the safety programs, this just goes to show you that even an experienced person can be the victim of an accident. Best wishes to the victim.

  • Someone accidentally shot themself? Groan…

  • When I was taking a land surveying class at CR, (from a teacher named Wil Kale), we had to walk past the firing range some days. One day as we were headed up the hill, the firearms instructor yelled “Fire at will!” It was perfect timing! Glad this other story had a happy ending………..

  • A former officer shoots himself in the leg. Was he playing cowboy or just plain stupid. Keep your fingers off the trigger till your on your target is what I was. Taught in the academy and in the military. So this guy was just stupid. Just my opinion

  • More proof that guns are dangerous, m’kay? Even with a well trained, experienced person. So think about that next time you THINK you can protect your self with one. Its not likely you can protect yourself from someone who has the element of surprise. It is more likely your gun will be used accidentally, shoot the wrong target, or be used in a suicide.
    Look for this story in the next episode of #gunfail from Daily Kos.

    May you recover fully sir.

    • sharpen your pencil

      You try and protect your self with good wishes, I’ll take the gun, we will see who is safer. In order to Cheddar Bob yourself you need to be a complete moron and get ricochet….

    • Guns are dangerous??? Had no idea. Thanks for this educational moment.

    • Huh I’ve used a firearm twice now in eureka to protect myself, thankfully didn’t have to pull the trigger either time. I’ve only had one accidental discharge and luckily it was at the range and pointed in a safe direction but that was definitely a wake up call. People get over confident and make mistakes, luckily this time it was just an injury. As a parallel how many of us talk on the phone, or do makeup or eat/drink, fiddle with the radio or reach for something while driving because we have that same over confidence? Can still take a life or cause injury or damage and far more often does. Hope for a full recovery and that he learned a solid lesson.

  • Everybody bitches and moans about guns. how many car crash stories have made it on this site in the past month?

  • Glocks….


  • “No reason to worry”…???
    I worry that what we assume to be a highly trained professional would manage to shoot himself. He is armed & dangerous with the authority of a badge.

  • Hey Troy…AD’s can happen to anyone…and are usually caused by improper trigger finger placement as you say…but not enough details here to call someone one stupid.
    Certainly not Mr. X…

  • Guns don’t go off by themselves. This wouldn’t have happened if he had followed the Basic Firearms Safety Rules;
    1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded, ALWAYS!
    2. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    3. Keep you finger OFF the trigger until you’re ready to fire.
    4. Be sure of your target, and what’s behind it.
    If you don’t follow the rules, bad things happen.
    This wasn’t an “accident”, it was a “negligent discharge”.

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