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Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is set to score the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie that was shot in Humboldt County, county officials are exploring options as Governor Newsom released billions early for mental health housing, a new mental health treatment center is still set to open in Arcata sometime in 2026, homelessness, Arcata ‘Gateway’ housing plan advances, layoffs at Sun Valley Floral Farms look to strike a big economic blow to our region, continued pro-Palestinian protest coverage, a former addiction recovery center owner was sentenced to prison for 3 DUIs and 2 with a kid in the car, more information has surfaced regarding the demotion of Arcata High’s principal, Humboldt County’s airport is again upping things making it six weekly LA flights beginning the end of summer, Ferndale export Guy Fieri has shed over 30 pounds with diet and exercise, ex-Eureka Logger and NFL standout Rey Maualuga recently reached 1,000 days of sobriety, a thank you to Scott Hammond for having me on his podcast ‘100% Humboldt,’ and more.

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26 days ago

Bitchin’ picture! Looks like a picture of the place where good people go when they die.

26 days ago

And in other news, looks like our supervisors just voted themselves another 10% raise. Even though they’re expected to have to lay off up to 25% of county employees by the end of the year because of lack of tax revenue…