King Bigfoot: ‘Possible Bigfoot Photographed in Eureka Forest’

Just for fun…


Possible Bigfoot photographed in Eureka forest

NOTE: The following account was submitted by an experienced Western naturalist. We can confirm the photos are original and unaltered:

A primordial ecosystem

Sequoia Park In Eureka.

Dear King Bigfoot, I didn’t know where to share this anomalous incident, but found your website on an Internet search and thought I’d contact you.

Before I begin, here’s a little background. I’m from another state but often take trips with my family to see the redwoods. Especially during this time of social distancing, we find them enjoyable and worthwhile to visit. I like to share forest ecology with my children.

Not all the big trees are in Redwood National Park or on the Avenue of the Giants. Sequoia Park in Eureka, which is near the coast about halfway between the two locations, has some scientifically significant old growth specimens. This picture here is an example of one estimated at 1,000 years old. Some live past 2,000 years in age.

But I’m not contacting you about the trees. It’s about a strange experience we had in the forest a few days ago. Nearing dusk, with the park quiet and empty, my son noticed something high in the redwoods in the distance.

‘I think I see a Bigfoot’

More than 50 feet off the forest floor, a platform of some kind was attached to one of the trees. On top of it was an unusual figure or shape.

“Dad, I think I see a Bigfoot,” my son said.

I was skeptical, but don’t have the eyesight he does. So I took a few photographs to examine whatever the thing was. Here is the first photo.

If you look closely, you can see a shape on top of the platform, one of numerous mysterious structures high in the trees in Sequoia Park.

Redwood Sky Walk Platform.

Closer look leads to questions

Zoom in of the mystery shape.

In this second image, which zooms in above the platform, the ambiguous shape comes into somewhat better focus. I don’t know what it us, but it could conceivably be a Bigfoot.

It seems to be looking up to the right, with an arm extended to the right, from the perspective of the viewer, grasping either the tree or a rope perpendicular to the platform. It has perhaps grabbed a cord as well, which looks like it’s dangling around its torso. What could be a face seems to be looking upward to the right.

If the head shape were interpreted facing another direction, more toward the front, two nodular protrusions could be either mammary glands, crouching kneecaps or maybe an infant.

We walked further along the trail to get a closer look but the hominid shape vanished.

Constructive encounter

I did some research and found out more about the platform. It’s part of the Redwood Sky Walk, which is currently under construction but should open later in 2020, connecting the city of Eureka’s zoo with its old growth community forest.

The $4M canopy trail will extend a quarter mile into the forest, connecting numerous platforms and rising as high as 100 feet from the forest floor. Here is a visual of what it will look like.

Eureka’s Redwood Sky Walk Concept. (Greenway Partners)

Potential megafauna habitat

Green corridors extend from Eureka’s Sequoia Park (red marker) into the state’s largest forests.

But I digress. Back on the topic. I wanted to find out if it was possible for a Bigfoot to be in Sequoia Park. It is 70 acres of forest, much of it off trail, with streams, meadows, plenty of fish, waterfowl, berries, shoots and roots. Black bears and deer make regular appearances. Why not a possible primate?

There have been other reports of primitive hominids near Eureka, including the testimony of an eyewitness from a farm south of town in the 1940s.

And Sequoia Park, while on the outskirts of Eureka, does connect with green corridors of private and public forests that go all the way to Six Rivers National Forest and Redwood National Park.

Bigfoot or not, Humboldt County has recorded the most encounters with the beast man in California, including the famous Patterson-Gimlin creature, captured on film in 1967 near Willow Creek, the so-called Bigfoot capital of the world.

*This account is from a former national park ranger who wishes to remain anonymous at this time given the sensitive nature of this topic. However, he is researching more on the subject and may send us additional reporting. The photos are public use and can be shared.



  • Pareidolia?

    The first thing I noticed was the giant set of “mammary glands”, though those weren’t the words I thought of. If Sasquatch is real, I’d give the females the dignity of calling the “glands” breasts.

    I grew up directly across the street from the forest. We romped all through it for years (trails? what trails?, but that was 50 plus years ago.) The wildest thing we usually saw was an aggressive duck.

    I don’t really believe that Bigfoot exists, but it wouldn’t be a big surprise if someday one was found (unharmed!).

    Maybe Bill the Chimp is haunting the woods.:) (Though that wouldn’t explain the “breasts”.)

    Was it breezy up in the tree? Was there a tarp or something that caught a breeze and then settled back down?

    • I miss bill 🙁I used to go see him every time I had an exam at CR ❤️ He would just look at me like what the hell do you want lady. I do not know why but when I’d see him it would remind me that life seems so long and so big and it’s really so short so why the hell am I tripping on this one test either I’m gonna pass or I won’t and I can handle it then… He never really changed but I did, Somehow the contrast helped me get through those scary days . Bill was the best and he didn’t even know it… as far as Bigfoot If anybody meets him or her, ask their name you know how they feel about that… Poor Darryl…

      • My uncle would walk across the street with a cup of coffee for Bill. Bill liked that. I know it wasn’t good for him, now, but he enjoyed it and he lived in that big cage.

        What you wrote is wonderful and lovely.

        edited to add: I just looked him up. I hadn’t known he lived so long. The period I am talking about was over 50 years ago to the late 70s. It sounds like his life improved (a TV!). 2007…RIP Bill.

      • I miss Bill too even though he always threw poo 💩 at me I’ve been told he only did this if he likes you… I know it’s awful but I also remember old timers sneaking him cigars as we who knew him where aware he loved them

        • Yeah, the cigars. I remember that too. I think he picked up those habits, the coffee and the cigars from his former life in the circus.

          When I first “met” him in 1967, he was living in a big cage with bars, like the old school zoo it was then. I want to say it was over in the corner where the garden on the north end is, but I might be misremembering, it was very close to our house on Glatt St.. The zoo, as far as I can tell, has vastly improved since then. I was glad to read last night that he had such a decent life and had so many fans. And that he lived so long.

      • Bill had a very long exciting life

    • I did not click on the link above and I advise readers to be cautious of it as well. The URL address for Youtube is incorrect as there is a . between the u and the b. This is not youtube, so this post could be a “phishing” scheme as it is baited with a tempting hook about the 1:48 mark. Be weary and always check the URL address before clicking on a link.

      • You’re right that it is good habit to always double check the URL of links provided on the internet. In this case, the provided link is a perfectly normal link. When one shares a link from youtube they’re offered a shortened version of the link using the URL. Have a great day!

  • No streams, just one tiny creek that is hardly a trickle. A meadow not meadows. Plenty of fish? Where exactly? Are we talking mosquito fish in the pond? No corridor to intact forest, just tree farms with little to support life.

    “Why not a possible primate?”

    No DNA, bones or scat ever found. No bed sites ever found. No suggesting of an extinct or extant non-human hominid in the fossil record. No clear photograph or game trail video EVER.

    But of course this letter was just for fun. If the author had actually thought there was even an outside chance of that trap being a Bigfoot, he wouldn’t have taken his eyes off it until the news arrived.

    • U best do your homework!!!! Thousands and 1000’s of people have seen them, their tracks, their structures and on and on. They are everywhere and being see daily across N America.

  • I would like to see a photo of the tree without the glob of darkness on it.

  • Looks more like an Ewok, to me.

  • Ever notice there’s no sharp photos of bigfoot?

    • How about todd standings footage? It’s crystal clear, the guy who did planet of the apes said he couldn’t make the blink look that realistic. He’s even submitting it to court in BC to try n protect em.

  • Were is billy bear ?

  • I know I am a hairy guy… but calling me big foot is a little insulting… don’t you think 🙂

  • Oh please…..

  • Lol..Nice one.. Like Bigfoot would be this close to town.. lol. It’s probably one of the platform workers in a well endowed Gorilla outfit.. but nice pre Halloween prank anyway!

  • I hope readers are enjoying this little diversion but please remember that bigfoot is about as real as the tooth fairy. Any and all primates or their close relatives has left behind a trove of bones and teeth over millions of years that scientists use to determine the exact species, including extinct species. There is simply no evidence of any kind that any creature remotely resembling bigfoot has occupied any place in North America. Ever.
    I agree with SmallFry (above) the well endowed big foot, or should I say big breasts, must be someone in a costume.

    • Joe your a f…. idiot do your homework you concrete dwelling safety of the city couldn’t and wouldn’t survive in the wilderness for a second idiot. Mind blowing how stupid and close minded people are..

  • Was the $4m raised by donation (for the skytrail) or did it come out of the Eureka city budget that cannot provide adequate servies to the local homeless population. I have a thick skin. Let the homeless bashers take their best shot☺.

    And mensheng, that would be “wary”, not weary.

  • Bigfoot Researcher

    Yup, thats him for sure. Its a fact!

  • rangers are full of it

    Either way, good advertising for Sequoia Park. Free advertising. BTW, rangers may or may not have any natural history knowledge. As law enforcement officers, their primary function is not being naturalists but enforcers. Take it with a grain of salt. Any claims made by a ranger, unless they are a wildlife biologist, are suspect. Have fun with this though. Why not? It is good for free publicity.

  • There have been rolls of fencing material and poles up on the platforms for a week or so now..they are there still.

  • Bigfoot!…. Rude!…. His name is Darryl, thought flo cleared that up!

  • I’ve seen big foot! I was a young teen and in Ettersburg but I swear on my life – I’ve seen him. It was a very scary time for me

    • Good for you Cali, I love it when I see someone willing to admit to having an encounter. I saw one, a very clear encounter while working for the Forest Service in Sept 1993 in the middle of the day. Lasted about a minute. I enjoyed every minute of it and I did not believe in Daryl / bigfoot before this.

  • If Bigfoot isn’t “real” and all that, I’d like someone to give me a really good reason why stories of its’ existence have gone on for centuries. I’ve never seen a Bigfoot/Sasquatch; however, over the years, I’ve come in contact with two people (one in No CA and one who spent a great deal of time in/around the borderlands between the US and Canada in both WA and Montana), who claim to have sighted the elusive creature. In the case of the latter, on two occasions; 1994 in WA and later in 2005 near where ID and Montana come come close to the Canadian border. Neither of these people would have any reason to lie and as both would be considered experienced outdoors people (one is a female), I’ve got no reason not to believe either. Truth be told, I think the creatures purposely make sure to never leave traces for personal reasons. Besides, maybe we should up and face the facts that perhaps there are just some things we don’t need the answers to.

    • Hi William, email me at [email protected]. I would be happy to share my story and chat. I think you would love my encounter. I did not share my story for years, I worked for the US Forest Services and they did not believe in bigfoot. Worried about losing my job but now I’m 61 and work for the County of Nevada in CA, not so worried about what people think anymore.

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  • Squatch babys are cute

    Anyone go back next day to see if any hair or excrement was left behind?, if it were me, I surely would have circled back the next day for anything to prove my story. We will see if this father and son duo has done their do diligence and are doing some DNA testing??. Would love to see some real science get behind centuries of myths and legends.

  • I dont really believe in “,bigfoot “.I think its a great way to boost the local areas,tourism.It brings in money,that is a good thing northern California is very beautiful. I lived in happy camp, ca in the summer of 1988.I never saw a bigfoot.

  • I am 66 of age, I started hunting at 12 old all but the last 6 years. The 60 years of being in the woods I’ve seen the best of what nature has to offer, I have also taken a lot of game from nature with rifle and bow but one of the most elusive animals I have never seen in the wild is the mountain lion, I have however seen a few in cages at the zoo, a friend of mine once had a mountain lion as a pet so in fact mountain lions do exist. As for this so called Bigfoot he or she isn’t in no zoo, no clear pictures, no absolute evidence that they actually exist nothing but claims of sightings, claims from hell to breakfast all without solid evidence. Just like the photo of the blurring object in the red wood, absolutely bull crap, if it had been a real Bigfoot I certainly would have taken a lot more photos and wouldn’t have taken my eye off for a split second. I’m not saying Bigfoot doesn’t exist, but the stupidity for attention is plain ludicrous. My opinion. Ronald L Morrison

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