[UPDATE 6:12 p.m.] Woman Struck Near Ferndale Bridge; Vehicle Fleeing West

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

A pedestrian was hit near Ferndale Bridge about 5:37 p.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The vehicle that hit the woman fled towards Ferndale. Traffic is at a standstill both direction. The woman who was hit has multiple fractures.

Here is the BOLO that went out for the fleeing vehicle:

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 6:10 p.m.: Traffic is backed up on Fernbridge. Reports indicate that the woman was struck on the bridge.

Accident on Fernbridge

Traffic backed up on Fernbridge. [Photo by a reader.]

UPDATE 6:12 p.m.: The patient has been put into the ambulance which is now headed north and traffic is flowing across Fernbridge again.



  • I have lived a lot of places. And this area easily has the most freeway pedestrians.
    I hope the hit-n-runner admits it,but it would be extremely frustrating to hit a person on fernbridge at dark in the rain.
    Hope the ped gets well,it’s hard not having a car.

  • political moderate

    WTF? Why don’t people stop anymore?

  • You couldn’t pay me to walk on that bridge, it is barely wide enough for two full side trucks, hope they recover, and catch the heartless person who ran.

  • I realize this is off topic… but is that called Ferndale Bridge or Ferndale bridge or Fernbridge Bridge or Fernbridge bridge or Fernbrige????

  • I was always under the impression that peds couldn’t legally walk over that bridge. There’s no way to do so safely. I’ve actually never seen anyone walking on it.

    • Pike… they do it all the time…There is also a button you can push to flash lights at on ramps on both sides that there is a bike, tractor, ect on the bridge. I was heading home the night before this and someone was just starting walking towards the bridge when I was crossing and they were dress in all dark colors… I was worried about them, now this. Idk if it is someone trying to walk home after work 😞

    • Have seen people ride horses over it-/bicycles/walk and and all done–but not at dark on Fernbridge–nope

  • I wonder if the county could get a grant to suspend a pedestrian/bicycle path off the side of the bridge. Technically it would be easy. Politically? Probably not.

    I wish the victim the best of luck and for the rest of readers out there please hitchhike over the bridge. You would be infinitely safer! There is room to stop safely at the creamery entrance and on the other side before the ramp up to the bridge itself. If I see you I’ll definitely pick you up!

    • Charlie… there has been A LOT of talk over the decades about replacing “The Queen”… the last one, was to do a new bridge upriver and keep her as a pedestrian/bike crossing. But…. obviously hasn’t happened. I have mixed feeling about it

    • A side space for walking and cycling across is a good idea. Engineering ingenuity could bring up several workable design possibilities..and locals could weigh in.

  • Or maybe it’s because most of the so called people around here are walking zombies high on drugs wondering in traffic probably wearing dark clothes you can’t see them question is would you stop if you hit a zombie

    • Isn’t that victim blaming?

      A woman gets hit, the driver flees, and now it’s not just likely the woman’s fault but why would anyone do anything but flee because she’s a zombie?

      That’s a pretty harsh judgement against someone who already has multiple fractures.

      • I would ‘victim blame’ anyone who walked across that bridge in the dark… or daytime I guess.
        Where and why she was walking… dunno. Odd place to walk.

        Driver shouldn’t have fled though… maybe drunk or no insurance or stolen car or no license… dunno again.

        • Bozo… I saw someone walking across at exactly the same time the night before.. I assumed it was someone walking home from work who does not have a vehicle given the obvious dangers and the time of night. I do not know… but that’s my point… why blame when you do not have a clue 🙁 Why be so negative

      • Thank you Kim. She’s in surgery now and will be okay but has a long recovery ahead of her. She was not at fault. And I would very much like to meet the coward that hit her. If anybodys at fault here it would be me for not having her car fixed.

    • ….. definately victim blaming…. and “Somebody”.. They left her there and ran!!!!

      • There is little to recommend using a buzz word term like ‘victim blaming’ to shut down valid comments. Somebody did not say that this particular injured woman caused her own injuries by being impaired. They simply repeated a fear that I suspect many have that the level of drug use in our area creates. The fear of hitting a pedestrian, who is behaving erratically, may be the result of terrifying experiences that drivers have had, where they might have come close to hitting someone who did not behave in a way normally expected. There is no help where it can’t be said.

    • Person, whom ever you are, person I was hit was a young lady not a zombie and she didn’t deserve to be hit. If it had been you on the bridge and you got hit would you not want to know who hit you

  • I’ve walked across that bridge safely, day and night, by walking on the opposite side of the bridge from any cars which may happen to come along (it’s a long bridge – plenty of time to switch sides), and stopping close by the rail if there is traffic in both lanes.

    I’ve also come within a hair’s breadth of hitting people who were dressed in dark clothing at night and walking in the lane like that was the thing to do. If I’d have hit one of them I’d have stopped just to kick them for their stupidity.

    • I’m glad you told your experience as, while I respect the usefulness and durability of that bridge, it can be scary to drive with a truck coming the opposite way, much less walk over. There is no other section of road that causes me to concentrate as deeply as it does. I would have never thought there could be pedestrians on it.

  • Sorry Kim but there’s literally people that have jumped in front of my vehicle and said hit me in eureka all zombied out I know nobody knows the real circumstances here and apologies for victim blaming

  • To all, the “victom” in question, happens to be my girlfriend, I assure you she’s no zombie. She is in surgery at this time and is and will be quite traumatized by this experience. But she will be alright. Do not assume a person is a low life druggie or zombie just because she is walking. That [edit] only shows your ignorance. When in fact, she’s a very wonderful lady without her car. The only reason she was on the bridge was because I’m still working on her car. The driver should have stoped, if for no other reason common courtesy at least.

    • Is there a GoFundMe page set up in her name?
      Is there way to help her?
      Can you give us her name and an update on her condition?

      • Yes there is a gofundme account, for Marie Kelley, She is doing better although her foot and ankle has been shattered, and being on bed rest is driving her nuts. Thank You for support

  • I just heard it was Marcie Kitchens boyfriend, Josh. Could you please find out?

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