[UPDATE 7:22 p.m.] Roads: Snow Is Falling on Mountain Passes

Turkey in the Snow v

Turkeys in the snow about 1500′ elevation in the Salmon Creek area near Miranda about 3:30 p.m. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Snow has begun falling across the region. The National Weather Service is predicting snow down to 2000 feet until 5 a.m. on Sunday but areas of Southern Humboldt are getting snow far below that.

We will do our best to keep the information on the roads updated in the section below. If you must travel, check your routes and carry chains if needed.

UPDATES from 6 p.m. on are in green.

Major Highways–Here’s What We Know: 

Please keep in mind this is the weekend and it is difficult to get accurate information. If you are traveling and could take a photo of conditions and send it to us at mskymkemp@gmail.com, that would help other people make decisions about whether they should travel or not.

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)

  • Hwy 1: Open but snowy
Snow on Hwy 1 about 5 p.m.

Snow on Hwy 1 about 5 p.m. [Photo from Caltrans]

  • Hwy 3: No reports yet of snow.
  • Hwy 20: Open
  • Hwy 36: Chains required from Van Duzen Road to east of Knob. (See Quickmap for more information)
  • Hwy 96: Open
  • Hwy 101: Open but wintery in places. 
Hwy 101 between Klamath and Orick near the Newton B Drury Parkway.

About 3.p.m., Hwy 101 between Klamath and Orick near the Newton B Drury Parkway. [Photo by Megan Yost]

199 Snow

Snow beginning to stick on Hwy 199 near the Oregon border.

Snow on Berry Summit at Vista Point.

Snow on Berry Summit at Vista Point. The snowplows are keeping the road open. [Image from Caltrans Traffic Cam]

Humboldt County Roads:

Here is what we know so far:

  • Alderpoint–report from resident that the “switchbacks …around 3 1/2 miles up are becoming impassable without 4×4”
  • Bald Hills Rd- 6” new snow, currently snowing. Road clear, 2wd-chains mandatory, 4wd carry chains (This is from yesterday. Presumably it is only worse now.)
  • Berta Road–flooded again!


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