17 Lives Remembered: South Fork High School and Junior High Students Hold Silence for the Children and Teachers Killed in Florida Massacre

Students from both the High School and the Junior High left campus to rally nearby. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

One month ago, on Valentine’s Day, 17 students and teachers died in a mass killing in Parkland, Florida. Yesterday, students across the nation walked out of class and held numerous rallies, marches, and commemorations. Each gathering had its own flavor–its own take on what the students at the event hoped to accomplish. In Southern Humboldt, around 100 students and 30 or so adults gathered near the South Fork High School campus at 10 a.m.

Students gathered and stood silently.

Students gathered and stood silently. Marian Del Rio held a sign with the names of the 17 people killed in Florida a month ago in a school shooting. [Photo by Malachi Church]

After students poured into an empty area beside Sips Coffee in the small town of Miranda, former Southern Humboldt School Superintendent Clif Anderson spoke about those killed in the Parkland massacre. “Their hopes and dreams are honored by your hopes and dreams,” he said.

Clif Anderson speaking to the crowd. [Photo by Malachi Church]

Then, for 17 minutes the students stood quietly. Notably, this reporter, and former teacher, watched what appeared to be over 100 students stand in silence for the entire time.

Young students standing quietly during 17 minutes of silence. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Only one student glanced at his phone and one quietly mouthed a few words to someone next to him. The click of my camera seemed disrespectful in the hush.

Wearing black or rainbow tie-dye, the students appeared to think deeply about the deaths which may have occurred across the nation but affected them nonetheless. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

After the silence, one of the organizers, 14-year-old Nathan Baffert, a sophomore at South Fork High, thanked the assembled students. “This is how we get change,” he said. “We are the ones who make it happen.”

14-year-old Nathan Baffert, a sophomore at South Fork High, addresses the students. [Photo by Malachi Church]

Though the student-led movement for gun control legislation that rolled out across the nation in response to the Florida mass shooting led to these walkouts across the nation, only one small sign at the Miranda rally pushed for anything similar. Most students just asked for change in some form to protect them from violence in the schools.

One student, Lily Loomis, pushed back against those who say that protests like these don’t help. She said that rallies like this “show people we care.” She noted that “if everyone felt like this no change would happen.” She pointed out that if 17 deaths happened at South Fork that would be almost 10% of the students.

Another student, Mirna Navarrete, when asked why she had attended the gathering said, “We shouldn’t be afraid to go to school.” She added that the students who had died a month earlier “deserved better” than their terrible deaths.

Though most students didn’t have specific recommendations for change, Sendi Alatorre said that “too many people have access to guns.”

Another student, Viviane Noll, age 15, wasn’t sure that gun control was the answer, “but we need change,” she insisted.

Earlier Chapter: ‘We Want Nothing to Ever Happen Like This Again,’ Say South Fork Students Who Call for Walkout Tomorrow




  • If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. These students were honoring their peers who died. That’s not a negative thing.

    • Its a coerced walkout involving the school administration , this didn’t happen organically .

      All these high school kids are moved enough to walk out for gun control . But cant be bothered to stand up
      for the weird kid in their class getted bullied and fu#*ed with everyday ….

      • “Coerced?” There were many students who did not join the walkout. If any of them were punished for this choice, please contact me.

        • yes perhaps i used the wrong word but there are stories coming out about this happening in chicago.
          This event wouldn’t have happened unless the school administrators put it together . lets not Pretend like these kids acted on their own and set the whole thing up . Literally manipulating children and using 14-15 year olds to protest very complex issues they know nothing about to bolster a political ideology is irresponsible .

        • Here or anywhere?
          Reports from elsewhere have hit the net. Minnesota is one. Some kid used his freedom of speech to honor the kids who died with the right to protect the kids who didn’t, by waving his sign that said Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Needless to say, he was escorted off the campus to a waiting patrol car. https://www.dailywire.com/news/28268/viral-video-principal-removes-student-sign-saying-ryan-saavedra?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=062316-news&utm_campaign=benshapiro

          • If that is true, it is reprehensible. However, here’s what Snopes has to say about that: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/minnesota-school-walkout-gun/

            • Snopes basically confirms that a youth was told he could not use his freedom of speech and to take his sign off campus, because the sign was not a part of the school’s agenda.

              Snopes says the video did not show the authority (teacher, principle) telling him to leave or he will be escorted to the police car. Snopes should have watched & posted the same video the others watched.

              Snopes lost all credibility years ago, btw.

              • and you wonder who is being brainwashed. I don’t wonder.

                • Are you saying I shouldn’t believe Snopes explanations about the school’s agenda of protesting for more gun control and not freedom of speech?

          • If you believe everything on Facebook, you are pitiful.

              • The truth and nothing but the truth........

                The Daily Wire is a FOX News like right wing conservative source. And its editor Shapiro is a Sean Hannity look alike. Dailynews (Shapiro) supported our pathological liar (no one cannot deny that fact) and a Mussolini Narcissistic delusional personality before Trump was voted in. To use the Daily Wire as a accurate source is like Trump tweeting mistruths. Snopes and Fact Checker sites have investigated Trump (current lies from Trump is over 350 and still counting). Saying all politicians lie is a terrible statement (Trump supporters actually said that in public). The truth is the truth regardless who makes the comments. And lies are LIES! To attack Mueller’s investigation of connections of the White House and Russia is fact finding of the truth. We live under a Constitution that says Gov’t BY the People. And if we allow lies from our leaders shame on us. And if you don’t vote shame on you.

                • You didn’t read it did you.
                  The article mentions the trojan horse bill that back then was snuck in by the Dems and that the Repubs guilt tripped OB for not signing it.

                  And people still think that their party is different from the other party, when in actuality, they both are one and the same working in unison to take full control.

                  Furthermore, just because YOU label someone or something as a liar, doesn’t make it so. All the channels say truths in order to get us to trust them. For instance, your 350 lies stance, is built off of lies itself.

                  Somewhere in between lays/lies the truth. Not reading all the sources available is a sure way of sinking into the pits of bias.

                  Thank you, though, for your distraction attempts to take away from the beef of the story itself. I am even more eager to research deeper now and see how far down the rabbit hole this goes.
                  Does it begin before JFK and his EO 10988 that made the deep state ‘legal’? Does it begin after the amendments by the various Presidents throughout the years?

                  If we search the Deep State data base, we find the SS Nazi regime that the rioters have been rioting about. They were right on one account, but they were dead wrong about who is on the regime.

                  I’d appreciate it if you’d stop bullying people’s research. I’m happy for you that you’ve arrived at your own biased conclusions, but as for me, I prefer the liberty to research every lead that strikes my fancy. No lie.

      • How the fuck do you know that? Current student, or just a troll?

      • Its snowing…

    • Bunny, I hate to be the one to inform you, but if you want to live in a society in which you only hear and read things that you “perceive” as nice, then maybe a free speech society is not for you. The problem here is that everybody wants to discuss these things after some big publicity even and the media has everyone hyped up and reacting emotionally instead of sitting down at a time when people are more calm and rational. A lot of you who are screaming for immediate knee jerk reactive change need to stop and at least consider the consequences of giving up one of the most essential liberties that founded our nation. To all those that spout off about “assault” rifles not being what the founding fathers had in mind, the government is also more armed and powerful now than back when that was written. The people need to keep up or,,, well you can just look back at history to see the consequences. I realize that many people have the need to feel in control and think they must help be part of change, but you are going about it the wrong way. This is a deep societal problem and banning guns will not stop a violent person. They are way more ways to take a life than save a life in this world and when you have a person who does not fear any of the “consequences” that society has put in place then you really have no control over a human being like that.

  • It seems readily apparent to me that if our children are worried about this subject, then we as adults should be too. Comments about how low the statistics are (as in 0.0004%), while informative to some, are not really helpful. School shootings are a form of terrorism; nearly everyone gets scared or worried. I know I do. The question for me is “What should we do about it”. Doing nothing is not an option. Blaming and name calling is immature. Lack of action is irresponsible. We need to address this problem and get the discussion going that will lead us to real change.

  • “To those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”

    • I agree.. question is, what is an essential liberty? Surely not high capacity automatic rifles. Not in my mind, or most people’s minds.

      • “Emily” you just don’t get it

        • Sorry “Dick”. I think it may be you who “just don’t get it”.
          In these words: LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dead kids can’t pursue happiness, nor liberty.

          • Yes I agree but banning ar’s hi cap mags and bumpstocks won’t change a damn thing, (especially a stupid bump stock) all of these are banned here and nothing’s changed.

            • So we can’t ban anything, and we shouldn’t even try. It’s hopeless… can’t be done. We’re going to have passenger ships to mars in a few years apparently, but banning automatic rifles, can’t be done. Right…

              • I see this a lot . An AR 15 is NOT an automatic rifle , geez . it doesnt help your case when you seem to know very little about the thing you are trying to ban.

                • I don’t have a case, and I don’t claim to be an authority on these kind of guns, but I think everyone know what we’re talking about.

                • You are correct. An “assault rifle” can cycle at a rate of least 600+ rounds a minute, some as high as 900. A semi auto AR-15 is capable of firing about 2 rounds a second or in the area of 100 rounds a minute. The rate of fire would be affected by the capacity of the magazines available. Bump stocks are in effect a mechanical devise that uses recoil to increase the rate of fire by in effect pulling the trigger faster than your physical ability.

              • fuckwalterwhite.com

                Can’t even decide if weed is medicine or recreational

              • If you would calm down and listen to anyone but your self you would realize they ARE banned! Go ahead do it again I don’t care, I’m trying to say the attention should be give to solving the actual problem mental health, drug use, antisocial behaviors ect. Is a good place to start, I don’t claim to know the answer but I do know what hasn’t worked, I say this to you often please consider it, you have the right to believe what you want but you should really listen to everyone even if you don’t agree.

                • I’m listening, just not hearing anything good.
                  I said I wished there was still institutions to put mentally ill people away in.. I’m not trying so solve the worlds problems, just saying that this one is pretty easy.

              • Want to ban the cause of school shootings then ban bullying AND gun free zones!

                • Spot on, Trucker Don, spot on!

                • The Sandy Hook massacre was done by a twenty year old killing his mother and room full of second graders. I doubt they were bullying him. Lots of us including myself were bullied and isolated at some point. So mass killers weren’t popular on campus. Really? I’ll remember to hug the next one I meet.

                • Ban bullying?

                  So the next time time Trump uses Twitter to bully someone you’ll be screaming foul right?


                • Remember the movie demolition man? With Wesley snipes and Sylvester Stallone? Lol!

                • Or the next time Huffman and Company does you’ll be doing the same?

                • No. I’m not complaining of bullying right now. Just trumpites.

                  Plus, start at the top of the ladder. That’s just common sense.

        • What am I missing?
          I’m proud of these kids. My daughter was there, and she has been raised around guns and can handle her 22 with finesse. Don’t tell me you need automatic rifles for anything except having fun at the target range, which is fine, except not at the cost of safety in schools and workplaces. Not a good enough trade-off. I don’t think history is going to be on your side- your betting on a losing horse. Even trump is figuring it out.

          • fuckwalterwhite.com

            Cool. Handles her gun with finesse. What happens when she gets bullied or traumatized?
            Oh. You’re a good grow mom that taught her right and wrong.
            What if the other kids parents didn’t?
            She’ll be there handling her gun with finesse.

            • shouldn’t assume things didn’t you ever learn that? And yes that’s a really good idea that all of you NRA types are pedalling.. we should stop bullying. I bet I could find that on their website if I looked. That’s usually where you all come up with all these red herrings. Face it, your on the losing side of this one. Even trump is figuring it out apparently. Let’s check back in next year after a few more shootouts in schools, and we’ll see where we are.

              • Are we still killing women and children in the Middle East daily? Kinda seems cold-hearted that you don’t care about them cause they aren’t American.

              • It’s an oxymoron for Trump backers to cry foul about bullying.

                It is a defense mechanism acting in place for a lack of intelligence.

                • The Trump Effect: the relief felt by most everyone because the most rabid of blamers so focus their hates on Trump that everyone else can get on with their lives with much less bullying from the super emotional mob. They spend all their vitriol on Trump analogies instead. Whew!

                • No, that’s just your bubble.

                  Re-read my comment if you must.

                  I pointed out that trump backers are crying “bully” now, but for all the wrong reasons, and they arent allowed too, because they’re sucking the yodel of trump, the biggest bully in america.

                  Its an Oxymoron.

          • Are you trying to convince us that the arms that Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious lost, consisted of just sweet little single bolt action BB guns?

          • Emily do you realize that an AR-15 shoots the same caliber bullet as your daughter’s 22?

            • C’mon… The caliber isn’t the issue.

              • So what is the issue, Is the issue because it’s semi-automatic?, could you imagine what a semi-automatic shotgun would do to those classrooms, do you think that a semi automatic .22 would kill less people? Or is the issue that AR15s are used in less than 2% of overall gun deaths in America? Even though it’s the most popular rifle sold.

            • Yes thanks for explaining that… not the point. Keep trying guys…

          • I own automatic weapons for protecting myself and family from nutcases and criminals with automatic weapons. Enough said? Again ONLY law abiding citizens will turn over there guns….a criminals paradise then

      • Emily, don’t you realize that automatic rifles are already illegal throughout the United States without special licensing and within California high capacity magazines are also already illegal unless they’re grandfathered in.

        How about mandatory training classes for anyone who purchases a gun and I don’t mean a quick hunter safety test, I mean a multiple-day rigorous training seminar.

        • I dont think mandatory hunting classes are going to stop mentally ill shooters to be honest . The fbi was notified multiple times about the shooter and dropped the ball …….

          • Row Row, You are correct, but the majority of gun deaths occur by either accident or suicide so being trained with a weapon before you can buy it might alleviate some of those at least the accident parts. And I’m not talking about hunting classes, I’m talking about being able to actually use the weapon and understand and respect how dangerous they can be. You’d be surprised how many people have bought their own guns and don’t even know how to take them apart to clean them or in some cases where the safety is.

        • Thc, you said: “I mean a multiple-day rigorous training seminar”

          That’s a fine idea, regardless. Really.

          Snoop Dog says there aren’t school shootings in the hood because they took cops off the corners and put them at school entrances along with metal detectors.

          I think that’s another fine idea.

          Now, what is wrong with raising age limits on semi auto long barrels too? I mean really.

      • Hey Emily? that daughter of yours 22 rifle is semi auto….it’s considered a “assault “ rifle. Ban it.

        • Nah it’s a single shot bolt action that’s all you need if you’re good. Explain why u need so many shots. Bad eyes?

  • Mike.. you suggest that school massacres are simply a part of our “essential liberty..”? I think not..
    Wonderful post, Kym..

    • It is called a trade off. Everything including freedom has a cost. Some people would rather not give up rights they hold to be very important and were held to be very important by the people much wiser than you who lived through tyranny and formed this great country just for the small chance of reducing something that is already quite rare statistically. To think that we can create a world in which nobody or nothing dies before its exact life expectancy is a pretty naive thought in my opinion.

      • One of the saddest things I see about the situation is everybody is pushing this for the “children to save “children’s” lives, which is a good thing no one wants to see child died. But most the people that are in support of limiting or outright removing a constitutional right also think that it’s a fundamental right of a woman to be able to kill 600,000 + children every year. In contrast only 4 kids were killed in school shootings last year. And no, I’m not antiabortion. But something is very screwy here.


        • Whoa- a woman getting pregnant 600,000 times in a year!

        • To them, that’s not enough dead bodies. That’s why they also push to end self defense.

          What’s the stats on defense stances where nobody was hurt, because the good guy brandished his gun and the bad guys backed down? 97% I think it is. It was on CDC once.
          Stats on burglaries decreased by 88% in the town in Georgia that passed a law requiring all households to own at least one gun.
          Rapes fell drastically wherever the victim utilized a self defense weapon. (knife or gun).
          All the news the deep state goes out of their way to cover up.
          Too many people are glued to their C!A news reporters & refuse to change the channel. One would almost think they’ve been hypnotized or something.

  • We can only pray that all students would be as passionate regarding bullying as they are about gun violence.

    • Veteran's Friend

      Exactly. The root of all the school shootings has been the social isolation of the shooter.

      • Geez, have we already forgotten Steve Paddock? Las Vegas? Bump stock rock?

        What does bullying at school and social isolation have to do with that?

      • According to all the things I’ve read, it’s political. They were all (minus 1), from one certain party affiliation.

      • And psych meds.

        Black Box warnings on SSRI’s
        labeling means something…check it out.

    • the bullies are literally the ones shooting guns at the river bar. literally, you can confirm this for yourself using facebook. its not considered stalking when you are a concerned dad. its called parenting. and I am a parent.

  • Thanks Kym for a great recap of yesterday’s event. The photos by Malachi are wonderful and you both captured the essence together. I’m very glad that I was able to attend, support and bear witness to these students showing up, taking part in a nationwide call for change and I acknowledge their grace for the silence of those 17 minutes. Powerful – it truly gives me hope!

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Photo: Cliff Anderson speaking to the crowd.

    What was he saying?

    • I didn’t write down every word (nor could I hear it all) but what I heard I felt essentially boiled down to what I quoted him saying in the article– “Their hopes and dreams are honored by your hopes and dreams,” he said.

  • That event, especially with the 17 minutes of silence* will live long in the minds and likely will affect the choices those caring, motivated, young people long into their futures.
    * – It is a REMARKABLE statement of how seriously they view the situation that teens can stay silent (and off their phones!) for 17 minutes!! Heck. That might be hard for me!

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    A thoughtful gesture. Good to know kids are thinking.
    But I think the bullying and shaming will be a key factor in solving extreme adolescent violence.

    It’s not just guns,kids are cruel and inexperienced.
    Even Rachel Goldberg didn’t expect her actions to have such severe impacts. And they were adults with choices and experience…and kids.

    Kids can only be pushed so far.
    Some people had great childhoods that they will always wish to go back.
    Some had horrible childhoods that would never go back if they could.

    Parents need to step up their game,instead of buying their kids ipads to keep them busy.

    • Unfortunately Parents are starting in the cradle to keep children busy, sad indeed. I see parents walking a stroller themselves glued to their phones, I see parents in grocery stores with children in carts glued to their phones or other electronic devices. Teach them early to engage with life, not disengage. Teach them early to respect their fellow man. Just Teach them to be kind. These virtues have been lost somehow. Remember the saying? Treat others like you would want to be treated? I remind my grandchildren every day. So yes, Stop the Bullying , Stop the Violence.

    • unbridled phillistine

      I am proud of my son for not walking out of FHS yesterday. He has his own mind! When the Gov brings a M1 battle tank to your house maybe you too will get what the 2nd amend. is about.

      • You live in a paranoid fantasy land. When has a tank ever threatened you? And what would your little guns do if the big bad govt decided it wanted to take you out? (Or whatever your fantasy is?) why don’t you explain the scenario where it happens that you really need to use your guns to defend yourself against the govt… how does this unfold? And what historical context do you have. I’m curious.

        • Can we all please pitch in and buy Emily a history book?

            • why did they occupy that wildlife refuge again? oh yeah, LDS.

              • What’s an LDS?
                Why did they occupy that wildlife refuge, even when they knew they’d end up in jail? Many reasons.
                1. To get the word out about the tyranny happening in that county (& across the nation).
                2. To raise awareness about the Hammonds being tried not once, but twice for the same (non) crime. Double Jeopardy?
                3. Why were the Hammonds arrested? For putting out a control burn that escaped. They didn’t have a permit to put out the fire. The fire escaped onto BLM property. The ranchers in that area (like most areas), always use control burn to control weeds and brush. So does the BLM. I believe they held a permit to do a control burn, but they didn’t have a permit to put out a runaway control burn.
                4. To draw National attention about property rights and about our constitution being shred.

            • So the best you got is the govt going up against a couple anti govt nutjobs? David Koresh and Cliven Bundy? Ok.. if that’s the best you got, I rest my case.

              • LOL, they are furthest thing from being anti-govt, Emily. In fact, they are the opposite. They love and defend the govt that our Founding Father’s constitution created. The govt is the creation of the states. They were created to defend and secure our states from all tyranny, and they are given the powers to manage all the foreign issues and matters so that we are all on one page.
                They are against corruption though.
                Are you saying that corruption is just another word for govt and visa versa?
                Are you saying that all corruption is govt related?
                Are you aware of what you are saying? You have outted yourself.

        • We’re going to Mars. We might need them for aliens..lol ..I’m pretty sure most people in Ferndale have long barrel rifles..they will be fine.no tweaker’s walking around there either..

        • unbridled phillistine

          Wow! Emily really lives in a fantasy world.. Where big brother is your friend. People recognized idk about 2oo years ago that the biggest threat was it over bearing self. Go back to take history again please. And yes the gov brings tanks to deal with its own citizens.

      • “The visit, meant to bolster the candidate’s credibility as a future commander-in-chief, would go down as one of the worst campaign backfires in history. ” in 1988, I remember Quail coming to visit me in NH, it was not as memorable as yours.

      • the irony of your story, which isn’t completely factual, is that Mass has the least gun violence out of all the States (2016). Alaska has the most, but like most States, suicide accounts for more than half, except LA, which has more homicide than suicide. The South makes up the majority of the top ten.

        • Suicide shouldn’t count in gun violence statistics. If these people didn’t have guns they would find one of many other options for offing themselves. And one could argue that it is not really violence, but rather the ending of suffering because the person doing it made their own decision and didn’t have their rights and safety violated by another as violence statistics would have you believing.

          • that’s why they are listed separately. maybe you should look at the data. you can look at both numbers, which is why I cited LA as the only State in the top ten that has the highest homicide number. the US map detailing were the least educated reside is also where all the problems are the highest for everything. you can overlap maps. these maps are for making informed decisions. the solution to all of our problems is education, but that is a problem when their are parents that say things like “indoctrination” or “commies”. no one follows the least educated except the least educated. only billionaire politician want to play world domination, the rest just want to make bank like the average American would if they could.

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        I’d bet the gov’t would get you any other way than driving a tank through the redwoods. Maybe gas,poison,bombs,tech,food,water,drones or many other ways you can’t shoot your way out of.

        • it was Dukakis when he was running for Prez. it was in Detroit. if you are worried about the US government taking your life, I would say you have much bigger problems and shouldn’t be allowed to bear arms. this isn’t Russia.

      • Sorry.

        They’ll kill you by drone or apache. If you were lucky enough to see what kills you, M1 or not, you’re still gonna get gutted.

        You are screwed against the US Gov.

        That arguement fails completely and utterly.

        If the best example of Americans using 2nd amendments against their government is the Bundy standoff (as discussed by me and others ) – I say wrong.

        They assembled, protested, and spoke but didn’t fire a shot.

        Seems to me they exercised many rights other than the 2nd.

        I support the 2nd, but I’m not seduced by BS.

        Why should an 18-20 year old need a semi auto long barrel?

        • Yes Brian these folks who think that somehow having weapons will defend them against the military should it come after them need to go over to you tube and watch some of videos showing what a single Apache does to dozens of well armed and trained insurgents. A pretty grim dose of reality.

          • it would not be the military. it would be SWAT using a flash bomb. they are delusional and battling mental illness.

            • Well there are many many things protected under the first amendment that fail many argument and logic tests, yet we still put tons of stock into protecting them,,,

  • Why is there no conversations about the phychiatric medication (and side effects) that the majority of these shooters seem to be on?

    • the majority of the Mass Shootings (non school) are by men and after a bar/club closes and in the parking lot. its a lot deeper than you think. it may even be genetic, like a natural instinct men have. we are barbaric if you are honest with yourself. that would suck if we got banned from this planet, maybe we should just ban some of our tools that make us so barbaric.

    • shhhh , just go with putting the blame on the NRA and labeling republicans Nazis that want kids to be murdered at school.

    • Thank you Mike for raising the issue of these drugs. It seems like they have become the first option suggested for people struggling mentally. Shouldn’t other options be explored first?

    • It’s called a red herring Mike.. you know what that is?

    • Why is there no discussion of the conditioning men get to be aggressive while dismissing emotional well being, which clearly leads to psycho meds and violence?

  • If the only way to be safe is to stay out of school then that’s what should be done. The powers that be do not respond to requests. When the pain reaches them they will respond to demands.

  • ok, If people (young people who are the next generation of voters), then create change. Vote for candidates who are brave enough to create policies that protect American citizens. Like protecting our borders, like eliminating sanctuary cities, like protecting private property rights, like creating environmental policies based on science and not left wring propaganda. People like moon beam, Huffman, polocie, and gavin newsom dont care about your safety – they care about your vote and expanding policies that create larger government and more dependence on government

  • This guy’s hope and dream was to stop a killer. Thank God this man was well trained and well armed. Somehow, I don’t think waving a gun free zone sign would have helped.

  • All of you should google Japan. It will make you seriously think about what goes on in this country when it comes to guns.

    • Japan, a country socially and legally rejecting the least hint of diversity and incredibly regulated, is never an example to be of use to anyone else. And it is not nonviolent. It uses things like knives, bomb and poisons to do mass killing. It also keeps its problems very, very quiet as a matter of culture. The amount of social and legal control is heavier and legal recourse less there than anywhere else I have ever been.

    • I suggest using DuckDuckGo or better yet, SEARX engines. They’re not into the political bias as of yet.

  • The “Women’s March” was actually about you, specifically. All one million plus of them traveled to DC just so they could device a diabolical plan to take away your guns and make you leave the toilet seat down. Now the teenagers are marching because they always listen to and precisely obey what adults tell them to do, like brainwashed zombies. They are going to force you to pick up your socks and brush your teeth.

    This is obviously a sinister conspiracy of horrific proportions, and you should go into that bunker now and wait for the demise of humanity. When you come out, the only thing left to shoot at will be rocks, since all life on earth will have been obliterated.

  • “… The root of all the school shootings has been the social isolation of the shooter….”

    Sad reality.

    Parents are often the role models for 1st class( 1st grade? ) bullying. The cliquishness and outright aggressive and unkind behavior between the adults in our culture paves the way for children to judge and put down and exclude their peers and marinate in selfish superiority instead of compassion. Add to that the absence of the moral beacons like a spiritual community, in their developing lives and some of the youth in our midst will have a rough go of it. And apparently have found a (terrible ) way to push back.

    In my opinion, having a “protest” without offering any solutions seems a little self serving. Is cutting class the only way to “raise awareness” (was that the purpose, idk?) Reminds me of the chaotically purposed Women’s Marches. We march, or stand there because it makes us feel good, or better at least….?

  • Oh, my, God, your all ding-a-lings including myself. I feel like I’m in a Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig cartoon.

  • Reality is that there is zero possibility of successfully banning either guns or bullies or the mentally unstable or school murders by gun, knife or bombs. Schools, college or below, are places that concentrate people unlikely to be able to defend themselves and can not be turned into prison like compounds. There are huge caches of weapons in this country, owned by the right and the left wing nuts equally. You want a nationwide house to house search for weapons? You think you can regulate every nut, bolt, piece of milled metal or internet instruction with harming everyone? It can be argued into infinity to no effect.

    Until more people are expected from birth to be highly responsible to society for their own behavior, mass murder will seen as an option by way too many people who tend to think the world revolves around what they, and only they, want. Teaching being respectful of one’s own culture rather than spitting on it is a good place to start.

    • I kind of agree. If people were just better behaved we wouldn’t need a lot of laws. I don’t like laws, regulations, red tape. I personally don’t think I need to take a gun safety class, or that I need a license to burn my brush pile or whatever. Unfortunately there are a lot of dumbasses out there, that ruin it for everybody else, and the way I see it, that’s why we have to have these laws. I never have understood people fascination with high powered rifles or whatever you want to call them, sport shooting or any of that, but if my particular hobby was related to having a lot of violent problems in the larger society, I (or you in this case) should accept the fact that it might not be allowed any more. It’s that simple to me.
      I’ve been to European countries where the demographic looks a lot like around here (say, white) .. people aren’t obsessed with guns, they aren’t obsessed with fantasies about the government coming to get them, and they are generally happy and well functioning societies. I have had a hard time explaining the problems we have here with school violence.

      I really wonder what kind of brainwashing created nuts like the ones commenting on this thread.

      • Sounds like you should consider European citizenship. I do agree with you about the dumbasses out there ruining it for the rest of us. Like most laws out there created for the lowest common denominator. Fact is that the human brain is so misunderstood by mass society and we still have these concepts of good and evil floating around like the person shooting up the school created his own brain chemistry. If you are going to live in large overpopulated societies like we do you are always going to have some percentage that cause “problems” for the rest. I think the long term health of society would be better served investing more money in neuroscience and related fields. It is very tough to fix a problem when you do not understand it and even tougher when you think you understand it, but are using antiquated thinking.

      • Dumbasses are the ones needing the earliest training.

        BTW Europe has a long list of mass shootings. In fact, I think the world’s record number of victims in this century was 70+ by a civilian was by a Norwegian, if of course you don’t count war related crimes. I also take exception to the idea that no Europeans are weapon obsessed as I remember finding a hand gun left on a side table in Italy. Which is something I have never found in the US so that may just be my impression. What you don’t see them do is blame themselves or their society for it.

        • True. The Europe example wasn’t the best, but still they aren’t shooting up little kids on a regular basis.. and the whole govt is coming to disarm you fantasy isn’t a big deal there. Just making a comparison, maybe we can see something there. I’m not saying I have the answers, ok.. just that I’m pretty sure I’m right about a few things.

      • 39 people died in a soccer stadium riot in Europe, no guns involved. 600 injured. If I recall correctly after the stadium collapsed they ripped it apart to use parts of it as weapons. Germany has a problem with “ghost drivers” today Europe doesn’t have problems with humans killing other humans for no reason is uniformed to be polite. I realize no one will change their mind on this issue, especially from this forum but if you are going to lecture people on this subject I would suggest some research first.

  • So everyone agrees on the whole gun thing then?

  • I think this is great. Who better to protest, then these children who are scared everyday that they might be the next victim. I would much rather see them leaving the school on their own accord, then with there hands behind their head, so they can prove they aren’t the shooter that is on campus. If it weren’t for protests, the only people in this country with any rights, would be the white heterosexual christian male. To do nothing, while children are getting killed, is not the answer. Something has to be done, its been proven that thoughts and prayers aren’t working ( I know , weird). So lets try something else.

  • Why did BHO strike 500,000 known criminals off the background check list?

    Why do people fear the good guys who are trained and well armed against the criminals?

    Why do the good guys prefer a weapon that “scares” the wannabe bad guy into being good, so the good guy doesn’t have shoot?

    Where are the protesters against criminals with guns?
    Why are the protesters protecting criminals with guns by going after the good guys with guns?

    • Shak,

      The answer to your 1st question is in the link you put forward.

      But I wonder: Do you check your sources and not care, or do you not care to check your sources?

      That 4 paragraph “bombshell” report was written by Ryan Saavedra. A Brietbart writer that was called out as an idiot by fellow Brietbart writers.

      Here are his words, that got him called out as an idiot:

      -“People think I’m kidding when I say this but the crusades need to come back.”


      It’s obvious to me what websites you frquent through all your commennts. Please let me suggest that when FOX is on today, tune into Shep Smith and drop the other opinion personalities.


      Everything else you question just sounds like whining.

      • Psssssst, Brien, it was a tojan horse bill that nobody but the dems wanted, and who are still trying to sneak through. Listen to the video if you don’t trust the written word of a certain author.
        You’re very sweet to be so thoughtful and unbiased though.
        oh wait…

        • You’re right, I am biased.

          I don’t like religious fanatics giving me emotional opinions about the world.

          Imagine that.

          100 comments ago you agreed with trucker don about bullies and bullying.

          I guess it doesn’t matter if those bullies are white and Christian to you. Funny how that works.

          • It’s good of you to admit.
            As for me and my house, we just want truths. It doesn’t matter if the truth bursts forth from an atheist or a religious fanatic, a genius or a vegetable, an adult or a toddler. Truth is truth.

            ah, I see you edited while I was responding.
            I do not agree with or accept your accusations and bullying methods.
            Have a swell day.

            • You spread news from sources like Ryan “crusades” Saavedra, or scream when Alex “crisis actors” Jones gets banned from YouTube.

              You say “stop bullying” when high school kids ask for SOME gun reform in empathy for innocent child victims. But you promote bullies.

              You need to find some consistent truth in your truth crusade. Objective truth you have not.

              Me pointing this out plain and clear doesn’t make me a bully.

          • I just reread Trucker’s post. I do not agree about banning bullying, that’d be ridiculous. That is an educational issue, how to grow a thick skin, stand up for yourself and others, let dumb stuff slide off your shoulders, etc. How to learn what empathy is until you can learn to feel it yourself, etc.

            What I did agree with, is the banning of gun free zones.

            I read too fast, but can’t make an edit or a post script at this time. Thanks for bringing it up to my attention though. I appreciate being able to clarify my thoughts, good or bad.

            • Ok. And I was wrong on one point too.

              Ryan Saavedra doesn’t claim he is white. He is declared a hispanic.

              Doesn’t mean is isn’t suffering from xenophobia, islamphobia and who knows what else.

              I really suggest you know who you promote, and what they’ve written.

              Credibility is important. For Ryan Saavedra to call for the crusades to come back, and seriously mean it, is extremism and on the same level as ISIS, or Farrakhan.

              These groups are not truthful, they are ideological psycopaths.

              • Newspapers are always being forced to retract false statements. Your NYtimes is just one of the many I would keep an eye on for retractions.

                The distractions you use to distract from the beef of the news itself, is charming.

  • Humboldt Granny

    In 1962, several high school kids in the San Francisco area, decided to see whose car was fastest. Thy chose a road much like some of our lesser travelled ones here. As they approached a curve in the road, they were un-aware of the car coming toward them at an equally high speed of travel. The inevitable happened and all three cars became tangled with each other. Nine kids perished. None survived.

    These 17 minutes of silence honored those 9 kids like the 9 minutes of silence did on the campus of the high school I attended. Things were done a bit differently then. The cars were carefully loaded on to a larger flat bed truck in as close to the positions they were in at the accident site. The remains were removed, as were any valuables and personal items. No, the interiors were not cleaned, just left as they were. They were taken to several local schools or a week at each. The site was very disturbing. Though this school was in a suburb of San Francisco, the silence was just as palpable as it was in Miranda.

    The interesting outcome was that for a number of years, the accident rate at that school, as well as at other schools, was almost zero. The only accidents were minor fender benders. Unfortunately, the number of accidents eventually “recovered”. One has to wonder how many students would have been in accidents like that if they had not brought those cars to the various schools.

    • How many flatbed trucks would be needed to haul around and display all the shoes that were piled high at Auschwitz?
      What about the skulls piled deep by Mao, Stalin, … good grief, 10’s of millions of skulls from the genocides. http://endgenocide.org/learn/past-genocides/

      The best offense is a strong defense.
      Knowledge is power.

      The quote “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” is often attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy during WWII.

      70 million armed Americans behind every blade of grass vs 25 million enemy soldiers.
      Enough said.

      Stop the genocides.

      • Not sure you could shoot missile nuclear bombs out of the sky. Guns only protect you from your neighbors. If our own Army attacked us they are better armed than 70 million citizens armed with handguns and M-16’s. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The Second Amendment armed citizens against our own military or other likewise threats from outside out country. That might have worked in 1780, but today our military could wipe us out in less than a week. Anyone who attacks from outside our borders will be using missiles armed with nuclear warheads. Arms is defined in the Second Amendment as weapons. So why can’t citizens own arms like, Claymores or grenades or IED’s or mortars or Napalm etc? How about 50 calibers on the back of pickups? They are all “ARMs” If by our own military or from outside our borders any attack on those levels is ,”kiss your ass goodbye”.

        • The military has so many modern weapons they make the game Halo look ancient.
          The people don’t/can’t stand a chance against a ‘real war’. The people don’t want a war anyway, even if the people had the modernized weapons and the military had old muskets.
          It’s the standing UP for your rights, your family, your country, your neighbors, through the act of self defense, that the 2A was written to preserve. It was based on the love your neighbor as you love yourself.
          America is based on those values.
          America has to be strong against the nations who hold the opposite values, and against the tyrants in every walk of life.
          The 2A has had a 97% effective rate of stopping criminals in their track, without harm to any one.

          If the people wanted to go to war against the govt, they would have done it way back when, even before Carter. The people don’t want a war with their govt, they just want their govt to behave.
          A constitutional govt KNOWS it is up to the people to defend self, family, country and their beliefs.
          A tyrannical govt knows that the only way to fully control the people they have no constitutional authority to have control over, is to disarm them.
          This is when genocides happen.

  • It’s easier to buy illegal firearms and even explosives on the deep web. You don’t think a 17 year old kid can figure out how to use tor network and buy some crypto. You think banning cocaine or heroin has made it less available in the states? The left is for gun control and open borders but that’s contradicting. Go ahead ban guns because all that will do is put billions into the hands of cartels and criminal organizations and with open borders the streets will be flooded with illegal weapons just as they are with coke and heroin.

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