Suspect’s Name Released in Shelter Cove Man’s Death

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeOn 05-03-17 Officers from the California Highway Patrol were dispatched to a fatal traffic collision in the Shelter Cove area of Southern Humboldt County. Once on scene, CHP Officers determined the collision was the result of an intentional act. Detectives from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded and took over the investigation. Suspect Eric Lively (45 years old) was arrested and is being charged with homicide. The victim’s identity is being withheld until next of kin can be notified.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Man Dead After Allegedly Being Struck on Purpose by a Car Yesterday in Shelter Cove



  • Good ole days

    Classic quote from Eric Lively in a Town Hall meeting about public safety, lol.

    Eric Lively, a Shelter Cove resident, described distrust between residents and law enforcement. “I’m not afraid of the junkie or a tweeker. I’m afraid of you,” he said looking at the officers from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Id really like to understand exactl why u would even write this

    • TheBirdIsTheWord

      Id really like to understand exactl why u would even ask this

      (Can people even spell correctly anymore?? Apparently not…)

  • humboldtmama67

    People who believe that they have the right to decide if someone lives or dies irritate the F*ck out of me! I do believe I spelled all of this right, so yes, apparently some people can spell correctly. Oh, maybe it is because I didn’t receive my education from Humboldt County. I received my education elsewhere!!

    • Then maybe be the “elsewheremama”.
      Why the unnecessary slight on Humboldt education? Lame. There is a lot of quality education here, from elementary school through CR and HSU. You may have had a poor experience, but I have seen that it can be quite different.

      Also, in Humboldt a single exclamation mark is pretty standard English. Or did you have an informal moment?

      • nobodyimportant

        I am sorry that you feel like humbodlt education is okay. It is truly a horrible system. Not only the education but the way the students are treated is terrible!

  • The victim was Jesse Earl Simpson, 42 years old, of Shelter Cove. What a tragic and senseless ending to his life. He will be dearly missed by us all! And NO ONE is going to miss you, Eric Lively!!

    • Thank you. I wish I wasn’t thousands of miles away. I am his sister in Oklahoma and it still feels like a dream. I pray for my family there in California and I hope that the viewers and media will remember that his loved ones are still here to view these releases. And the thing I can say for the individual who decided that it was his responsibility to take a life of my brother, and has the lack of fear of taking any life, it wasn’t your responsibility as a citizen or a human to take any other human life. You may not fear anyone but I hope that when the time comes and you are faced with someone’s lack of fear yourself and you understand what you did and the disregard you had for human life makes you the biggest part of our corrupt society. I pray the state of California will take responsibility to remind and correct this individual of his actions as well. And that was again my brother who didn’t deserve your wrath and I as well as my family didn’t deserve your insensitivity for human life. That junkie as you called him was a big hearted, kind soul who Was a good citizen and so much more than the shameful waste of an individual life that you are and you lack thereof for human regards. And if you don’t get what I am saying more or less, you were nobodys judge and less of a good citizen due to your cowardly actions and inability to do what’s right. As his sister and as someone who will miss him and think about him everyday for the rest of my life, it would only be fair for you to be reminded every day as well of the wrongful action you took and corrected every day for the crime, bad decisions and wrongful thing you did.

  • You can replace money and materialistic things, you can’t replace a life.

  • What kind of voices does this man hear in his head?
    It seems that many people had knowledge to the fact that the suspect had commited a similar crime in the past
    And yet everyone did not not join together as a community to see that this man could not be let back in the community. Its obvious that this man is mentally ill and needs to be in mental hospital.
    And now a innocent man that is obviously loved by many people is now gone.
    So hopefully something good will come out of this like maybe people will start joining together and stop this kind of stuff from happening. And if its the local law enforcement that is doing nothing then go above them.
    When you know that someone is dangerous to you and your loved ones you don’t just allow them to remain there.

    • Jodie what I have observed and seen many times over in this community is yes, many people recognize and talk about situations like this but it is not until the tragedy happens folks get up and decide to step up and ‘do’ something about it. I have heard over the past many years this perp was becoming more of a danger to those around him. I’m not sure if many or any tried to confront the matter head on or it has been a live and let live attitude in the neighborhood. No one wants to be the person to call another out or bring undue LE into the area. And there are kids in the home that have needed some protection for years as I understand it also.

      • There were so many comments from several people stating this man’s name and how he has done such bad things but no one did anything but bitch and complain about it until someone has died
        I just feel that this could have been prevented.
        And I feel so very sad for the family of this man and most importantly his children will not have a father.
        May he Rest in Peace
        But what I do not understand is why do you mention children being harmed or could be harmed could you please clarify that for me

        • I called the police on Eric for threatening my life. I don’t call that bitching and complaining.

          Usal billy had to shoot a cop in the face before they took him in.

          Unfortunately Eric had to kill someone to get the respect he deserves.

          And yes this man has a pile of kids that he should have never had custody of but the mother died. This is why we care for his family soo much. Plus he had a baby with a local gal that we all consider to be family. Even though we disdain this man we still want the best for the innocence.

          • I dont care for any of his family. They (girlfriend etc.) are all wannabe victems of him and his controlling actions. THEY never did anything to stop him……guilty

            • His children should have stopped him?

              • No. Your right, not children. He was telling his girlfriend and anyone who would listen that he was going to kill jesse, but then again, he threw out threats to everyone! Once again kym, your right, children are innocent, im still very angry over this.To run someone over while there weedwhipping on the side of the road with back turned in a vehicle has got to be one of the most chickenshit ways to murder someone. It will be very hard for his loser ass girlfriend and his kids to be a part of this community. I suggest move far away, there are lots of “children” here that loved jesse and wont want anything to do with the livley kids. thank u for my posts. May there be Godspeed on jesse’s soul and God bless erics kids,wherever they may be

    • The only wAy to stop a person like that is kill him?! So what r u suggesting?Eric threatened people with violence. What would have u done being a neighbor? I was one.Tell him to politly move? Easy to do posting on internet from another town…….”noggs” murder will not go in vain. He rid this community of a scumbag tweeker.. thank u jesse. U will be in my heart n soul forever bro. I miss u 😥 Thank u frodalee 4 pic. Handsom man there! To all the simpsons … my condolances.


      It was not our responsibility as a “community” to convict Eric Lively for the past crimes he had committed! Yes, we are all aware of his volatile and unpredictable nature and no one wanted to be a victim of his wrath for confronting him. In addition to what’s on record there are a number of incidences involving him that went unreported for just that reason! People just steared clear of him. What you’re suggesting is that we should have resorted to vigilantism because the court system failed to protect our community from the heinous disregard of Eric Lively! Well in hind sight that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now that he’s murdered his neighbor, our brother, our friend, a father, a grandfather! But no one really saw that coming…especially Jesse! A guy who if he was driving by and noticed your grass was tall, would stop and mow your lawn and not expect anything in return. If he saw anything anywhere that needed to be done, he would just do it! The impact this has had on our community is beyond words. What this man has taken away from us is devastating! Unfortunately it’s too late to break out the pitch forks and torches so let’s hope the justice system does its job right this time. Which is still not going to bring Jesse back….

  • Covelo or busted


  • Concerned citizen

    Didn’t know the victim personally but I saw him around and talked to him a few times, he was always kind and funny. I will miss his pleasant personality in the cove. My thoughts go out to friends and family

  • So sad Jessie will be missed he was a great Neighbor and what Eric did is unforgivable he is a scumbag that took another’s life [edit].my heart goes out to Jessie’s family n loved ones …. and hopefully the people that destroyed Erics kids stuff realize The kids had no part of Eric’s choice n don’t deserve to be punished for this horrible act committed by Eric ….remember they are just kids n destroying there stuff is a shitty act n Jessie would never hurt or do children,kids any harm he loved kids n always wanted to play n b a kid

    • So from what you are saying is that someone has been
      disrespectful toward innocent children?
      What a cowardly thing to do.
      I understand that people are upset by what this Eric person has done but to go take it out on his children is so wrong. Seriously what the heck is wrong with people these days. The children most likely have not had the best childhood due to what they have already had to go through in life first the death of there mother and then being raised by a mentally ill father.
      And now someone thinks its right to destroy or take the children’s things. I am so mad and feel so very sad for these innocent children and if whomever decide to take these revenge on the children should be a shamed of themselves and they to should have a mental evaluation done on them as well cause there is no sanity in doing any harm to children physically or mentally
      And whom ever did take there anger out on children happen to read my post I have this to say
      You are spineless and your heart is cold and if you really wanted Eric to pay for what he did and take the law into your own hands then you could of got drunk and walked down the middle of eureka and get yourself put in the same jail as Eric and then handled it. Seriously if someone did what Eric did to my loved one I would want revenge as well but never would I take it out on a child. I can only hope and pray that all of the children that have been affected by this innocent mans death will be able to heal in time and grow up to be respected citizens of there community.
      And to the family of Jesse my deepest sympathy goes out to you and I am so sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace and just know that even though he is no longer here in the flesh that he will always be here with you
      Cause now he lives through his children and through them you will always remember him
      And to who all read this I hope you have a great weekend.

      • The kids stuff that was ” destroyed” had been left in the street and run over months before this happened. I drive by his house that stuff is piled up in front of his house along with a bunch of trash. To be honest….. im surprised his house is still standing! If u lived here, u would know this…

        • OKxLBCxTXxNCxSC

          …what he ^ said is all true! There’s been broken down toys in the street, across the street, in the cul de sac across the street, in the driveway, on the side of that house perpetually. Anybody who drives Debbie on a regular basis has undoubtedly had to dodge something left in the street in front of his house more than a time or two. So it may appear to the looky loos doing drive bys as if someone destroyed those toys but that’s not the case. They’ve been there for ages. Eric just never cleaned them up AND he got upset, would accuse Jesse for stealing when he’d try to tidy up the neighborhood! Which is what he was doing the day Eric ran him over!

  • Jessie was a very loving person very much missed and it’s not right for someone to destroy the kids stuff I feel for them imagine what they are going through it’s not right don’t take it out on them it’s there scumbag fathers fault

  • Lively was a weed ripoff for years, taking others crops and laughing about it. About time he got rolled up for his actions.

  • He has no Bail now.

  • I know Eriks two oldest kids, and they are really sweet hearts who have been through so much then moved in with a father they hardly knew, now going through this. Jesses nephew ( who he loved so very much) and these kids all go to school together. Hard on all of them. Jesse and his family have been friends of myself and family for a very long time. Cove family♡
    I dont know anyone in our community who is going to treat the Lively children like they are their dad. It might bring up hurt feelings to hear their names, but anyone to treat them unkindly is themselves a p.o.s. In fact the community is trying to find a way to support them until their family comes from where they once lived out of state. Not cool to thrash their things. Losing Jesse is a big heartache, huge loss to our community from the stuffies to the everyday rampers, were all extremely saddened and disgusted by what Eric has done. If he is gets bail it will be a scary place.

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