Fortuna City Hall Site of Latino Protest Against Immigration Agents Being Used by Local Law Enforcement

ICE protest

A rally on the steps of Fortuna City Hall by Centro del Pueblo, a Latino organization, protested the inclusion of ICE agents at recent arrests by local law enforcement. [All photos and videos by Stormy Taylor]

Members of the Latino community gathered in Fortuna with Centro del Pueblo, a grassroots organization, as they held a press conference denouncing the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] agents by the Humboldt County’s Drug Task Force and other agencies when three search warrants were served on February 6.

The arrest of two men as a result of those incidents and the presence of ICE agents at the arrests reportedly sparked a terrified response in the Hispanic community.

One man speaking through an interpreter said that the incidents caused children to stay home from school and parents to stay home from work. (See his short statement below.)

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release, that the ICE agents were only used as interpreters. The release said that during the

“…investigation, Special Agents were able to determine some of the involved parties did not speak English.  As a result, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents were requested to assist with translating during interviews with those involved.  No immigration action was taken at this time by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents.

However, the Latino community believed that ICE agents might be using the search warrants as an excuse to do “reconnaissance” and deportations might follow at a later time.

Renee Saucedo who was at the protest warned,

Usually, when ICE is involved in these kinds of local law enforcement operations, there’s an enforcement reason. And, ICE is typically doing reconnaissance…Doing things that may eventually lead to someone’s deportation…Local law enforcement, you gotta do your jobs, but don’t collaborate with local ICE agents, because it causes panic and terror among the community.

See more of the press conference and the Latino community’s concerns in the short videos below.




  • Well if they weren’t doing surveillance I bet they are now

    • I was there as Rene was preaching her confusing and very hypocritical salmagundi of communism, liberal socialism and anarchy, laced with not so veiled threats to our community as to what will happen if we don’t ignore federal law. As her rhetoric reached the level of subversion, dancing with insurrection, a 70 year old gentleman in the crowd could not resist getting in a couple of USA chants. Rene’s non English speaking man puppet holding the pink sign descended the stairs and confronted the old man, got right up in his face and told him to leave, using very aggressive body language. NOW he was speaking English just fine. The old man stood his ground as solid as a rock, while keeping his hands in his pockets. After some tit for tat remarks Mr. Pink Sign realized that the old guy was not an easy mark and went back to being Rene’s failed martyr. There was no crowd to agitate, so they picked on an old man. What they don’t realize is that that old man would go to bat for many of the immigrants in this town if they weren’t in the clutches of blood thirsty, criminal instigators. The immigrants had it good around here until the professionals took them under their wing. Now we are headed down a very dodgy road to who knows where, and if picking on old men is on the agenda, Rene will certainly have her martyrs.

      • 70 sounds like he’s 17

      • Yeah forget about these weed rooted protesters, like all the laws are not supposed to apply because your Latino or illegal,…
        Plenty of illegals with fake aliases working on payroll in the county, I know a few, even after gotten deported twice, they seem to find their way back, like a bad curse that persists. In my opinion they are allegedly like human cochroaches, …
        Get your frijoles and go back to Mexico

  • Trumps coming fer ye

  • He gonna gitcha

  • Does this portion of the Latino Community really want to be associated with the perception of protecting drug dealers?

    • Seems they do! Unfucking believable!

    • Fascinating how different “perspectives” can be.

      The view from here is of a people protecting their families and communities from the involvement of an astoundingly inconsistent and ineffective and overreaching gov’t agents. Maybe you’ve never met anyone who has had their family ripped apart by ICE. I have…….but it’s about the drug dealers…yea

      • EDIT: Meant to reply to UNHAPPY

        I do not have a problem with any race and welcome any nationality that wants to come here with good intentions. But if they are involved in criminal activity, especially violent or drug sales related AND are illegal, then I hope ICE does gets involved. I wish we could deport our ‘legal’ drug addled, thieving, homeless tweakers in Eureka too, but our bleeding heart system is busy giving them money and a place to live so they can continue their parasitic drain on society.

  • Who dat loookeen over da fence essay ??

  • If they are NOT ILLEGAL it shouldn’t be a concern!

  • How fitting, Centro del pueblo avenue? Really?
    They must be lost, the trump tower or the white house is not in humboldt.I’m so tired of Mexicans protesting in California and everywhere else in the USA.
    Not like America hasn’t done enough yet for them. This constant double standard for Mexicans.
    More than 50 percent don’t graduate high school, because apparently it is free to come here and waste classroom space and waste all those resources while other immigrants don’t get the opportunity.
    A drag on our economy is what the reality looks like.
    Proclaiming we stole their land, or it belongs to them.
    California was purchased fair and square. Most of them do,t even care to learn the language of the land which would be English.
    Billions wasted on catering to them in Spanish, billions!
    You don’t ever hear a “press 3 for Chinese”
    The police should check on their status and deport them if they are illegally staying in This country.
    I can do without Mexicans! Proudly!
    Gtfout of here.
    Every country on this planet has borders, just look at the wall Mexico built to keep guatemalans out.
    What are they exactly protesting?
    They arent protesting when it comes to undercutting competition or smuggling in heroin or meth or sending dollars back to Mexico.
    All you Bernie voters are going to be pro trump real quick, just go spend a week in los angeles or San Diego, where caucasians have been a minority factually for 2 decades and you dont hear them whining.
    If you don’t like it here, don’t want to leArn English and all you ever showed up for was a handout then go back to Mexico!

  • They are protesting the law? Being enforced?
    Sneak into Mexico and get jailed for 5 years, sneak into USA and get welfare benefits,…
    Non citizens dont get free public school in Mexico, the list goes on and on.
    This is USA, get used to it!
    You see Americans protesting in Mexico?
    Lets not feel bad to enforce any of our immigration laws, they are meant to be enforced, all the time 24/7
    So tired of these Bernie voters

    • Was that you, who set el puedlo market on fire?

    • An unjust law is no law at all.
      But don’t worry, slavery will make a comeback, and no one on this thread is gonna be on the ownership side.

      Americans protest in Mexico??? Thats a laugh. Why?
      They’re much kinder, welcoming, warm, fun loving, non-exclusive…… Mexico rocks! Let’s help folks born there with reasons and opportunities to STAY!

  • Guess what, Our new president is nice enough to have let them know that we will gladly clean up their cartel problems, Obama never did such a thing, he was busy killing women and children with his,drones,..
    Its time we go,down there and straighten these mexicans out.
    By the way this mental disorder , “liberalism” is so advanced, it is trying to make an American feel racist to call a Mexican exactly what he is, a Mexican!
    If your illegal no matter where from shut your,mouth about,it, ill call immigration on your ass real quick

  • Classic Economics

    Wow! They are protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants who are selling meth and heroin? But those are the only kind of illegal immigrants we can agree on deporting! I guess some people will never be happy! And they will water down their cause so far it makes it meaningless and loses any sympathy…

  • DumpTrumptheChump

    HungryHoward, as a Mexican, I reset your implication. I am fourth generation American. Besides, Mexico used to own California, and Texas, and largely the southwest, so who stole whose land?

    • Learn YOUR history. Americans and Texicans kicked Mexico’s butt. The land settlement was made after a war. Maybe if Santa Ana hadn’t been such a DB the Texicans wouldn’t have made a fuss.

      Good ol Sam Houston taught them a lesson.

      Where is our Sam today?

    • And how did Mexico and Mexicans come to be and who did they get the land from?

      • Also, why arent the Native Americans upset with them too?
        Why are they upset with just the legal immigrants?
        Are they branches off the same tree?
        Spain & the surrounding areas were quite the restless sort.

  • Anyone remember the propaganda film from the nineties caked” a day without a Mexican”?
    What a joke, America would have been built tough with or without a Mexican.
    Like nothing would get done and white man would be screwed driven out of his mind because theres no Mexican to do labor jobs.
    What a joke!
    A day without a Mexican would be a dream, no traffic , no mad dogging, no gang brawls, no none of it.
    I moved to San Diego to earn my PhD and let me tell you how nice it was to come back to humboldt, but it seems like them days are counted. I’ll gladly mow my lawn and do all labor Intensive jobs, not hiring Mexicans, no thank you!
    Lady liberty has 7 spikes on her crown tiara, representing the 7 continents of our planet welcoming all that peruse the legal way to enter to live the American dream. Go into any immigration building and you will find that our melting pot has turned Into a giant bean stew.
    Where are the Chinese, Russian, French, and all the other immigrants?
    I only saw Mexicans, all day every day!
    Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America, and the wall just got 10 feet taller amigos

    • Day off, you contradict yourself,

      “Lady liberty has 7 spikes on her crown tiara, representing the 7 continents of our planet welcoming all that peruse the legal way to enter to live the American dream. Go into any immigration building and you will find that our melting pot has turned Into a giant bean stew.”

      I thought u were originally talking about illegal immigrants but u state inside the immigration office? I’m confused, are you mad about illegal Immigration? Or are you racist against bean stew?

      By they way, many countries have bean stew, Caribbean-black- bean-soup, Hungarian gulyas (goulash) is a red bean stew, Portuguese kale-and-sausage bean, and tomato stew, French comfort dish Flageolet beans, Colombian black bean stew, Italian Escarole and Cannellini Bean Stew, & too many more to mention. So your joke isn’t really funny but a racist label. It’s this behavior that scares folks away from Trump & why they continue to challenge his every move.

    • The Chinese were tossed from Eureka en mass. The Easten Bloc is all over HumCo.. but being so well educated you knew this.

      Earning a Phd in lawn-mowing to keep the Mexicans out, that is Rich!

  • Boy Capitalist pig and Hungry Howard the two of you need to go back to school. Put you together and you don’t have the brain of a piss ant. Shame on the two of you.

  • Add dayOff to the list with Boy Capitalist pig and Hungry Howard.

  • Well, Gypsy Rose should be the first one to be sent to Mexico, as she/he??? doesn’t seem to grasp the full story here about the ICE Agents. I guess maybe she/he?? should be checked out to see if it?? is legal to be in the USA. A lot of my family members are of Latino (Mexican) descent and I don’t think they stayed home from work or school and if they did, I would jump down their throat.

  • Nope. If people who immigrate here illegally commit crimes, they must be sent back to their country of origin. Immediately. That’s what ICE does. My heart goes out to those local children who are living in fear because their parents have placed them in this situation. I do not have a lot of patience for their parents. These families are “living in fear” because they chose to move here without the permission of the United States Government. Please don’t waste your time and resources complaining about how American police do their jobs. Instead, focus on advocating for meaningful immigration control and reform. I welcome the opportunity for these families, who are indeed an integral part of our community, to have their work status legalized. I am appalled that our government thinks that spending money on a wall is the answer to immigration. There is a better way.

    • Yes there is. We can work towards IMPROVING relations with Mexico and within Mexico, a country long plagued by corruption and gang rule. Still an ally still one of our biggest trade partners … and still our fucking neighbor. (with wonderful winter weather)
      We improve Mexico people won’t risk life limb rape abduction their child’s abduction jail or death in the desert etc etc for a living wage. Hardest workers I know, most all from south of the border, the kindest too.

      They are living in fear because the poor uneducated white boys are also living in fear as their days as inherently superior are over. Trumpeting out that last gas/p.

    • The wall is only a partition. Trump is implementing faster & better processing everywhere, but starting in those 7 out of 100’s of countries in the middle East that Obama & Congress listed as Terrorist states, due to ISIS having sanctuary in those country’s. It’s not about religion or cultures, or races or colors. But the courts are so repugnant with party politics it’s slowing things down. The courts don’t know a Congress passed Constitutional Law from an unconstitutional law. They don’t seem to care to know.
      Once the ball is rolling again, more and more will become documented correctly. This should have, could have, been implemented years ago! Party politics are what’s wrong. The Framer’s warned us about party’s.

  • Why do they feel that breaking the law doesn’t apply to them. The only reason to be afraid is if you or someone in your family is ‘breaking the law’, whether you are White, Black or Brown. Breaking the law is a criminal act no matter if it’s stealing or here illegally. Living here illegally is breaking the law. Many off them don’t have a SS card, don’t pay taxes, drive without a license and get free benefits. Then send money back to their original country so friends and relatives can come and do the same thing. VERY SIMPLE……..You want to live here, go through the process and become legal. Saucedo should not be allowed to teach or give advice to CR students or any student. Her views to protect illegals and drug dealers, and advocate breaking the law makes her questionable to be employed at CR. Many of my best friends are ‘legal’ immigrants of other countries, so this isn’t a racial issue.

  • Looks like I’m gonna need some more popcorn, shits gettin good in here…

  • This makes me want to support those who want all illegally entered people gone. This saddens me!
    In Mexico, they tremble in fear and misery from the drug cartels & gangs that are reported back. They don’t want them there, so they move here to supposedly escape them, but then protest if the cops even look at them twice?
    No. No more. This is bull.
    Peace starts with you.

    • I edited auto corrects change of deported but it changed it back to reported.
      Is deported now a censored word?
      Changed my settings, turned off the auto correct feature. Testing 1, 2, 3.

  • I’m not an immigrant, I was born in cali, my parents and their parents and theirs were all born in America….To the young lady holding the you are an immigrant too sign….

  • If they had all their papers they wouldn’t have to worry about papers or visas but they’re looking pretty dog gone now the ice force knows now we’re all the undocumented aliens are in the city of fortuna . Like the guy was saying we need to get in a large group so ICE can arrest all undocumented aliens at once send them back to Mexico .

  • Legal immigrants no problem. Illegal criminal immigrants need to be fearful, deport them. If they’re illegal, they’re criminal! What doesn’t America understand? Seems to me the proof is in the pudding, Americans have been dumbed down!

  • Authentic American

    Illegal immigrant translate to criminally active element.
    You have no rights here.
    Take your shit and run.
    ICE is here to do there job, anyone who supports them not doing their job a loser too.
    If you can’t come legally, many of us don’t want you here.
    Now I see we have lost another minor to heroin and they want to protest about drug dealers being busted by 2 agencies that we pay taxes for… incredibly disgusting.

  • Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you for not teaching me to be a racist.

    -Your Forever Grateful Underdog Loving Son

    • Nothing about this is racist. It’s about following the law of the land and busting major drug dealers. Our prisons are full with Mexican gang, drug dealers still running things on the outside. If illegal, the two men need to be deported; which means ICE will be involved. If their friends and families are afraid, they obviously have something they are hiding. Follow rules and laws, no problems. Nothing racist about it !!!

  • Newsflash: Mexico does noy currently own the State of California. We are a constitutional republic and as such we are bound to the laws. If a person enters our borders without going through the proper legal channels they have broken federal laws. If a person chooses to possess/sell/distribute illicit drugs and firearms they have broken more laws. If one chooses to sympathize with law breakers that is their choice. However to directly call or incinuate that law enforcement personnel are racist because these two dirt bags don’t speak English and ICE was called in to interpret for them is inexcusable. Citizens who are fed up with illicit drug activity should not be called racists because they want their communities to be safer. Pretend that you never saw their skin and were not told their language, just concentrate on what these two dirt bags were in possession of – first reaction to armed drug pushers? Let’s call them white-first reaction to armed drug pushers?

    The info I have read does not state if these two degenerates are citizens or illegal aliens. At any rate they shoukd be hung out to dry if convicted. As for the protesters, shouldn’t you people be thankful that they were given interpreters? If this causes fear within the illegal communities so be it but we cannot cow tow to illicit activity in order to spare feelings of others. It’s the laws of our land-deal with it.

  • TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺round em up!

  • The ACLU will come to their rescue, they are obviously undocumented pharmacists.

  • I bet the to Mexican nationals that just got busted are back on the street headed to mexico

  • Here’s a idea, why don’t True North, Centro del Pueblo and the Mexican community in general police there own. Rid your communities of the cartel connected, gang connected vermin that plague us.

  • (From U.S. Code Title 8, Chapter 12)

    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    Any and all who support illegal immigration are engaging in treason against their country. It is an insult and affront of all those living here who legally immigrated, and assimilated to the laws and customs of the United States as best they could.

    Open borders and weak immigration controls benefit human traffickers and slavers of all kinds, and lead to the inevitable destruction of nations. A nation without borders is not a nation for long.

    Immigration laws must be enforced to the greatest extent possible, especially in this time of global emergency.

  • Glad to see people are fed up with this bullshit. If I was in Mexico protesting (in English, no less) I had have my F!@#$% ass beat and thrown in jail. Furthermore, the citizens of Mexico wouldn’t come rushing to my rescue like the brain dead liberals in America do for foreign invaders here. Send these ungrateful motherfuckers home. Mexico doesn’t even come close when it comes to world poverty so save me the bullshit sob story. WE should be deciding who comes here. You don’t get to stay just because you invaded our country! The more protests I see, the more assholes waiving Mexican flags, the more I resentful I become, rightfully!

  • Just moved back to Humboldt after 14 years and I can’t believe the amount of Mexicans that moved here. Fortuna must have 70 of Mexican kids in our school. With that said I’m moving out before they.

  • I hate going to the grocery store in Fortuna and have to stand in line waiting for a food stamp Mexican checking out and the clerk spending 15 minutes just doing the paperwork. I’m ready to move to Canada before these immigrants take over everything.

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