One Surrendered Yesterday in Laytonville Homicide; One of the Suspects Has Ties to Southern Humboldt

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Wuester in Custody


On 11/14/16 at 9:25 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives contacted Zachary Ryan Wuester, 24, of Haskell New Jersey in the 100 block of East Commercial Street in Willits and arrested him without incident on an arrest warrant for 187 PC (murder) and 211 PC (robbery). The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office had been contacted by a Deputy United States Marshal who had been in contact with Wuester and convinced Wuester to surrender himself to authorities.

Wuester was booked in the Mendocino County Jail for a Mendocino County Superior Court arrest warrant alleging murder and robbery. His bail was set at $650,000.  Wuester was also found to have felony warrants out of New Jersey and Virginia, both of which were narcotic related offenses.  The out of state warrants have a “no bail” status.

Gary "Cricket" Blank

Gary “Cricket” Blank III

This investigation is ongoing and the Mendocino County Detectives are looking to locate and interview Gary “Cricket” Blank III [edit: Has several connections to Southern Humboldt], Gary “Giggles” Fitzgerald,

Gary "Giggles" Fitzgerald

Gary “Giggles” Fitzgerald

Jesse Wells,

Jesse Wells

Jesse Wells

Michael Kane,

Michael Kane

Michael Kane [Note that Michael Kane is listed as a missing person out of Pleasantville, New York]

Frederick “Freddy” Gaestel

Frederick Gaestel

Frederick Gaestel

and Amanda Weist.

Amanda Weist

Amanda Weist

There is one additional suspect that has not yet been identified.  This person is only known as “Richie”, a black male adult, approximately 25 years of age, thought to possibly be from the San Diego area.

There are currently two outstanding vehicles associated with the listed suspects; a 1999 Honda Accord, California License #7LPN823 and a 2005 Volvo XC70, California License #7TVT318.Blue car
White car
The Sheriff’s Office will not be releasing the cause of death of the victim at this time.  All press information will be released in the form of updated press releases to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Any persons with information about this incident, or the current whereabouts of the named suspects are encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Services Unit at 707-463-4111 or the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-234-2100.

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  • Ah, we now know the identities of the other suspects.

    Hopefully law enforcement will find them soon!

  • 100 pounds isn’t very much once you split it seven ways. It it was full term weed you’re probably looking at 100k right now. $14,285 per person. Was it really worth killing someone over dipshits?

    • They may have done it because the grower was going to rip them off, we dont know yet. Revenge is priceless to many people.

    • I don’t know any growers letting flowers go for $1000/lb. currently. Obviously you aren’t part of the industry. Still not worth the murder of another person.

  • Mrs Kemp, im confused as to whos name is whos?

  • I so hope justice Wil be done ,for the victom.

  • Funny how you get offered bail for robbery and murder in CA but you get no bail warrants in other states just for narcotics.

  • Everyone should know that Freddy G. was cleared of charges when he turned himself in yesterday.

  • Someone snitched….

    • Someone got brutally murdered [edit]. This ain’t Hollywood!

      The ones who always yell “he snitched” would be the first to snitch. [edit]

  • Wuester singing like a bird to authorities.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Betting the chick and her yet to be named black boyfriend did this.

  • Not to change the subject very much, but in a related question, a week ago everything changed for the worse …or not.

    I have seen nothing about the guesses going on right now in the MJ industry.

    Yep Prop 64 passed.


    Yep, the President elect despite his puffery and posing seems to be being quickly sucked under into the vortex of Neocons, Tea Party, same old Party, the Wall Street people, corporate lobbyists, and his selections certainly are from the crowd that wants to Build The Wall and Deport millions right now….so how ever is MJ going to be legally grown anywhere, surely the new administration will be Corporate Prison/Prohibition Lawn Order controlled.
    The former Atty General’s non-enforcement letter, the Holder Memo, has about as much weight in the whole matter as I do after January.

    If I was an new or old for that manner MJ investor right now I would be going…’oops!’…the rest of the country perhaps to follow.

    so, Kym…I am sure you have seen and heard all manner of stuff about this development no one really was planning on.
    What do you think?
    (And go and delete this if you like, I don’t mind :))

  • And people wonder why some rather hire females to do this work.

  • Frederick resembles T-Bag on the series Prison Break. He could have made a name for himself as a double. Ya snooze ya lose.….0…1c.1.64.tablet-gws..0.14.1235…0i131k1.YWmwyGVT2CM&ved=0ahUKEwihrY6IrbHQAhXhwFQKHZlLATYQ7HIIBygA&tbm=isch&tbo=u

  • i hope there is a lesson in here for all. the trimmers have no rights, but they live in tents, scrounge for meals and shit in the woods. they work hard for a payday and dream of what they can do with their pay checks. When an employer renigs on his word and doesn’t pay off its the trimmers, who gets screwed? Humboldt has a reputation for screwing their trimmers and this time it had horrible results! Everyone lost this time, they all are victims. Lives lost and others lives ruined. He screwed over his entire crew and the entire crew was involved. His wife and child were in a hotel room and he stayed in his shed because he knew they were coming for the pay due them. Everyone lost out, it’s just sad.

    • Fuckin greed rush! Disgusting.

      • The reports don’t tell the whole story, they imply that they stole all his weed, 100 pounds. Agreed this was wrong, they all were. But they took only what was owed them, nothing more. They left more behind then they took.

        • Yeah, their futures…

        • They took what they were owed??? They murdered and took a human beings life. It seems they took more than they were owed.

        • It’s all part of the GREED RUSH…greedy outsiders hiring greedy outsiders. Go back where you came from you fucking kooks! We hate you fucking up our community. & as always…much respect to the Native Americans who’s homeland was taken from them in the name of greed.

  • They all look like trimagrints from the streets of Garberville. I always ask myself who in their right mind would hire these caliber of people.
    Two years ago the HCSO warned growers not to hire folks off the streets because they will probably come back and rob you or worse.

  • Scumbags, hope they go to a state prison where they will get theirs.

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