[UPDATE] Woman and Child Sought in Connection With Mendocino Homicide Reported to Be in Bay Area

The mother of a woman who was sought in connection with a homicide victim that was found north of Laytonville yesterday has contacted law enforcement telling them the woman is with her in the Bay Area, according to Lt. Shannon Barney of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

Barney said that the possibility that a woman and child had been abducted was brought to law enforcement’s attention yesterday at 3:39 yesterday afternoon when they “received a call of a possible homicide off the back of the Hog Farm. The caller also thought that there may be a woman and child missing.” Barney said the caller “was associated with the property” and “discovered the body the morning after the incident and took a long time to walk out to get to a phone.”

When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered “one male deceased and one female normally there was gone.” The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office then put out a BOLO because they were worried that the woman and her child may have been abducted, Barney explained.

“Not too long into the investigation, we learned she was safe,” Barney said. “The female’s family said she is safe…[However,] We have not interviewed her…For we all know she may have fled, or been abducted, or even been a participant.”

Because it was raining so hard and the woman and child were safe, Lt. Barney said the decision was made to “lock the crime scene down” and finish up today.  “The Department of Justice criminalists and our detectives are investigating,” he explained saying he would not comment on the mode of death. “We have to have a complete autopsy.” However, he did say that the death was suspicious.

He added that there were no obvious suspects but, he said, “We have some people that are associated with the property we want to interview.”

UPDATE: The Mendocino Voice has more information from a source in the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department.

UPDATE: Trimmers Sought as Suspects in Laytonville Homicide, According to Mendocino Sheriff’s Office




  • Kym, I think the title needs some work. Thanks for the info.

  • How much weed got stolen?

  • Glad their all alright.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump


    Terrorism, hostages, crime, international terrorism ring…

    Hope the children are fine.

    Most growers spend time in Syria, namely Aleppo, return to Triangle, & spread terrorism.

    Most Emerald County growers spent time in Aleppo, pray to the east, and only exist to spread their poison to children.


    • Hey chump…. I been in Humboldt all my life been growing weed since I was 14, im 34 now. It was passed down to me from my dad who grew his whole life too. No one I know and trust me I know lots of growers have ever been to Syria or spread terrorism… I grow to provide a good life for my kids, nice house, education, and traveling to expand their view of the world. You comment on here frequently, and I never comment [edit]. .. however this time I had to let you know.[edit]

      • Sarcasm not taught in SHUSD?

        • Sarcasm not well expressed through written content more like it. If that’s what he was trying to do I don’t think anyone thought it was witty or funny. Someone died, I have never seen any violence in my years farming mj. I think the green rush brought a lot of people into the Marijuana world that don’t have the resources or instincts to do it safely or intelligently. It casts a bad light on the people who were raised to know the ins and outs of the lifestyle. The original growers of northern California are peaceful hard working people, but more recently a bad element has been introduced. People need to realize this isn’t the way it always is. Bad events get all the press, you won’t hear about all the successful non-violent business being done. Some people are easily persuaded by the shock content headlines, if they want to from an opinion look at all sides of the issue.

      • How many L Bs do you harvest a season?

        • Not much compared to what’s going on now, less then 100. But it allows me to be home to raise my small children and Pay for the things we need.

          • and if youre exposing your children, youre just as stupid as these idiots. number one rule NO BUSINESS AROUND CHILDREN.THIS INCLUDES NO GROW ANYPLACE WHERE CHILDREN LIVE. PERIOD.

      • I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you. Hate rumors that spark hate.

    • Riiight..and everyone who brews beer is killing teenagers on the highways. Its fun to make
      crap up on the intertubes huh? Moms calling you…

  • Regarding the homicide: Sad, sad, sad. Glad the woman and child are safe.

  • The loss of empathy and understanding for these tragic losses and violent activities is sad. The people I have worked (Garberville store) with and lived near, from Alderpoint to Miranda since 1988, is nothing like most of the people that reply here. These are sad enough times. Sarcasm, mocking and just generally being an ass is what is wrong with all of us. Someone died and someone is in deep pain from their loss. It happens way too much. Why can’t we be kinder, a little more understanding and caring. Maybe, we just don’t all feel like I do until it happens to you. The loss of my friend, Hugh Duggins has inspired me to be kinder and not wish this pain on anyone. We’re not perfect people but we can try to do better.

  • And jeff is my brother, we will love and miss him so much

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  • So sorry for your loss Greg and Robin. Well said Volunteer.

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