Two Victims Identified in Hyampom Homicide Case

Homicide investigation

Background photo by Oliver Cory

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The two decedents from the Hyampom homicide have been positively identified as Michael David Sims, 47 years old from Samoa, Ca, and Lawrence O’Connor, 56 years old from Eureka, Ca. Autopsies have been performed and revealed the cause of death of Sims and O’Connor to be gunshot wounds.

If anyone has information regarding this case, please contact Detective Peterson at (707) 268-3663.



  • were they the robbers / property owners / or workers?
    crazy stuff

    • Probably too old to be workers and I don’t think there has been any mention of a robbery. You can check county records to see if they owned it.

  • So was this related to the weed bust arrests the same day?

  • Kym, Do you know if they were both shot multiple times??

  • I bet there is WAY more to this story.

  • A very sorry person

    R.I.P…. David was a great person and a very amazing man to his wife and step son

    • I knew David (Skidz) way before he went out to be a mountain man.
      He was an awesome guitar player for a band called “Bent Davis” I’m, fortunate to have several CD’s of thier work.
      FTW (F*ck the World)
      Smoke screen
      Sweet pain, tough love
      Let it go
      Losing my Religion
      I’m a baller
      Tell me I’m not crazy
      Love God, love life
      Nikki, Nikki
      Like this

      With a band named “Chromozome”
      She’s electric
      Married alive
      Tell me what you want
      Rise above

      • Hi R.C….So many people are heartbroken, including me. Skids was one of my best friends and I knew him long before he became a mountain man as well (he was always a mountain lover, though). Maybe we know each other….but I love that you have recordings and I would love to be able to hear them. We spent long nights (and days) recording from a big soundboard in my Southern California kitchen – and it was all just for personal fun – but he had the tapes. 🙁 Those times were the best ever…full of good food (he was an awesome chef), long and deep conversations about everything and nothing in particular (he was the best storyteller and a great listener), and of course we played guitar and listened to a ridiculous amount of amazing music. Would you consider getting hold of me and letting me listen to your recordings? If there is any way I can hear him playing again, maybe it would hurt less that we will never have those times together, at least in this lifetime. Then again, with a spirit so large, I know that he will be with me always. And with you too. Picture his smile in your mind and it will be near impossible to smile back.

  • These guys Facebook pages don’t seem like bad dudes at all.Family guys…loved. So question is who’s the killer??? Watch out inner circle. Any body else missing, friends of David and Larry MIA… obviously more than those two knew of the property and what was going on. The industry is hard enough without bullshit robbing and shooting willy nilly. Hope they catch the F#**!!@##s soon.

  • Innocent men
    Reacting to the 4 guys who came up there looking for some one else….

  • I am anxious to see photos of these men, I used to work at a place where I may know them from.

  • OMG!!!!!!! I just found out that Larry is dead, now Im finding out he was murdered. He was my life and best friend. I love him and he is no more. Omg I still have his clothes in my closet and his razors in my shower. I knew it was bad when I hadn’t heard from him but not this not forever. He was such a gentle man, selfless and a true diamond amongst the ruff. My greatest regret is my love died afraid and alone. I use to dream beautiful dreams in sound and color when it came to Larry. Now it’s just flashes of darkness and pain. My soul mate is gone and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

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