Candlelight Vigil Tonight – Rohner Park

A candlelight vigil will be held tonight, at 8PM, in Rohner Park, Fortuna.  Undersheriff Honsal and HCSO Chaplain Flores will be on hand to offer a few positive prayers and thoughts to our community.


Candlelight Vigil to be held at Rohner Park, tonight at 8 PM. [Photo Credit: Jessica Sandford]



  • How about a vigil for the two murdered men that prompted this round of violence?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Exactly, but too many media folks are Pro Police State, and some are married to a government employees and some work as a government employees, and supports all things government agencies (including new taxes, grants, etc) and openly tells law enforcement who and where to go to bust marijuana growers.

      Pathetic is when cops whine that they get no support in protecting democracy…….wow, as if cops are protecting democracy when point blank murdering an innocent human being…….cops always lie in their whining, trying to deflect the attention into various arguments because guilty consciences seem to thrive at being guilty, but pointing fingers elsewhere.

      • Only a very small percentage of mankind are cold blooded murderers, the rest of us are fairly decent human beings. Just because some of us are murders is no reason to condemn all mankind. The same goes for cops, only a VERY small portion of them are screw-ups. The rest badly need our support. Nobody can do a good job when they get no support.

        Lets support all cops until a bad apple pops up. If a bad apple pops up he/she should go, whether they make a mistake in judgement, or they are just plain evil power-trippers. We need a competent police force. I can’t even imaging what we would do without a police force.

        And yes, I know some bad cops myself. Get badge names and numbers and report what you see them do wrong. Git rid of the bastards, and support the good.

        Yes, numerous complaints are LISTENED to by upper management law enforcement

    • One statement that you will never find among the brotherhood of police is an admission of impropriety or wrongdoing.

      Even in the most egregious of circumstances such honesty and forthrightness doesn’t seem to be in the DNA of law enforcement.

    • The fact that this “vigil” is only for dead cops, speaks volumes, none good. af

  • I won’t support law in force ment for cops can legally murder people . I saw the video . Law enforcement like that I don’t condone murder.,and that was plane to see murder they could have tasted him instead point blank twice in the chest .f off cop murderers ,but I definitely would hold the candle for the persons that were murdered in Cold Blood

    • So you don’t think the cops were murdered in cold blood? Wow..

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Ya, hold a vigil for cops, but not murdered citizens at the hands of cops.

        Most cops are all the same, cult members who deny, deny, deny their criminal actions.

        It is sad that the possibility exists that 5 dead cops may have been not evil, but if they were, does it change the aftermath? If research shows that any of the 5 dead cops were crooked, well, then a justified killing of a person using a position of influence and power to defraud and corrupt.

        Unfortunately, change occurs when those in power are murdered, not enabled to carry on with the status quo.

        Ironically, a military trained individual killed 5 cops and injured 7 or more in this latest incident caused when 2 cops elsewhere murdered citizens.

        If ya live in Mexico, you probably experience similarities between mexican and american cops – both are untrustworthy, corruptive frauds, especially after doing bad.

  • May they all rest in peace.this has to stop.the life’s that were taken is so sad,ALL of the people,not just the those killed,but All human life.cops have to be held accountable.even if it was a mistake,or being can’t take a life back.ive seen all the videos too,and man somebodies has some explaining to do.NEVER LET HATE WIN

  • I lost a friend at the Kent State Massacre. The National Guard “feared for its life.”
    I wonder how it would have turned out if we had had the tech then as we have now. ALWAYS pack a ‘phone, and when pulled over, turn it ON and start “streaming.” af

  • I know a lot of good folks who are cops. The shooter just wanted to kill white cops. Posters here act like the officers had it coming. The fact is that the vast majority of cops never fire their weapon in the line of duty. Its a shame that there are a few cops with itchy fingers and crappy judgement. My sister is married to a retired police officer and a better man and father doesn’t exist. My thoughts are with the families of those who through no fault of their own were struck down in Dallas.

  • The bad cops make it so ruff on the good family has sheriff’s Chp,and fireman,my uncle.was a detective for EPD his sons are.all sheriff ‘s this is a very sad day.just image if their wasn’t any law!who would help us?my prayers go to all the family’s.god bless you all

  • Now one can draw some parallels here. There are two sides but one is playing dirty .As for me I stand in support of law enforcement yes there are a few bad apples.But it’s exaggerated here in Humboldt big time to serve who?? .To keep those of us that are law-abiding quiet and scared.

    • There are a lot more bad apples in the civilian sector than there are in the police sector. Simple math. Should we go off the deep end when some ghetto rat commits mayhem and start shooting them all? Because I have a feeling that is what would happen if the police threw up their hands. Civil war is not pretty. It used to be pretty straight forward until the politicians and immoral cowards got involved.

  • Hopefully they will vigilantly pray that the good cops will arrest all the bad ones, or at least have them moved to a desk job.
    The video’s I’ve seen are horrible. Even so, 2 of the 3 were borderline excusable.
    Sterling had a hammerless revolver, which can be used inside of pocket, & he had his hand on it.
    Castile didn’t wait for the cop to provide instructions before reaching for his license.
    Both the above were wrong. But the grand jury needs to sort it out.
    The iPod music kid wearing headphones reached in his pocket, but it seemed obvious he didn’t know he was being told to stop. He didn’t know a cop had his sights on him. He didn’t know he would be shot in the back if he continued walking. This one is unforgivable to me.

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to draw out any sympathy, whatsoever, for cops these days.

  • How many would like to defend and protect in this society that we now live in?

  • I sure hope that tonight’s vigil is not used for political purposes such as as a motive or plug to support the tax initiative in Fortuna because that would be pathetic in my opinion . But I’ve been disappointed by humanity before so I know anything is possible .

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