I Am Humboldt – River Life’s 8th Anniversary


Sean Swanson, founder of River Life Foundation, at a recent cleanup. [Photo credit: Sandi Petersen]

The current I Am Humboldt page features Sean Swanson, founder of River Life Foundation.

The River Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded on July 5th, 2008, by Sean Swanson. RLF works to provide hope in a hopeless situation, to the citizens of Fortuna and nearby areas.  Some of the activities RLF provide include:

  • Quarterly community clean ups.
  • Outreach to the homeless
  • Community Meals
  • Weekly meals for homeless and low income families

The RLF is successful because of Sean and the many volunteers who assist him on his endeavors.  Please watch the Current Events page and learn how you can get active and volunteer with RLF.

Some current stats for River Life:

  • Over 17,000 people have been feed.
  • Over 189,500 pounds of trash has been removed from streams, creeks, and rivers in the Fortuna Area.
  • 106 people have been helped out of the area, reunited with their family or moved on to jobs! As well as 6 dogs!

The I Am Humboldt crew is always looking for new faces to photograph and stories to tell.  Know someone with a positive tale to tell?  Please message them on their page.




  • All fine and good but it is at some level enabling .We are in a crisis trying to make light of a very serious situation is not going to make it go away. We as in Humboldt got a problem called addiction . Root cause a culture of criminality.

  • You rock Shawn but how do you do all this good .being non profit ? I mean how did you pay for all the garbage u and your crew pic up from the tweeker holes .harry hardon wouldn’t give you a break on the garbage rate .

  • Driftwood sculpter

    Isn’t he Ron Swanson’s brother? “Please and thank you.”

  • Good for you Shawn. Doing what you are doing is not the definition of enabling, you are simply taking care of something that needs to be taken care of at this moment. The enablering happened long before you came along. It does not hurt anyone to do something positive for the world around them and to be supportive of the people doing said action. It is quite simply yet another star on your cap. There is a quote from the book “The Little Prince”….”You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose.” As A Society we ( whether fortunately or unfortunately) have made ourselves responsible for our beautiful roses and are damaged wilted roses, as well. Thank You, Shawn, for stepping up for all of us! Your classmate, Beth Coleman Johnson

    • That’s all fine and dandy Beth maybe more should free load as for one I’m sick of paying the bills
      And getting nothing in return .I will just stop bitching and just start taking my trash to the river bar .Do you know if there’s any drug free places down on the River Bar where one can build a nice camp with in cell and garbage service please .thanks

  • Sorry for the auto correct on the spelling of your name…. SEAN!!!!

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