Skylar Nemetz Not Guilty of Murder 1, Convicted of Lesser Count

10632609_319981248189847_3068435899838553246_nThe family of Tarrah Danielle Rippeon Nemetz who died October 16th, 2014 when she was shot in the back of her head by her husband Skylar reported at approximately 3:40 p.m. that the verdict had come in.

Skylar Nemetz, who attended Arcata High, was convicted of “Manslaughter 1 with the included firearm possession,” according to family of the victim. A Facebook page called Justice for Danielle Rippeon – Nemetz run by Danielle’s family said the verdict was “[n]ot exactly what we wanted.. But we will take it!”

Skylar Nemetz who attended Arcata High was in the Army at the time of his wife’s death. The two were living in Lakewood, Washington when Nemetz shot his wife who was also from Humboldt with a AR-15 while she was looking at the computer.

The prosecution had argued that Nemetz was guilty of First Degree Murder while the defense argued that he was guilty of manslaughter.  The verdict of Manslaughter 1 means the jury convicted him of recklessly causing the death of his wife.



  • Let me get this right, Amanda who was in the Army and who had 100 of hours operating weapons and he had a accidentally discharge with a AR15 that took a like of another, is a bunch of BS. May she rest in peace.

  • Very diplomatic of the young lady’s family. That was murder. There was no “recklessly” about it.
    What about sentencing? What’s he looking at? Hope he gets the max at the worst place available.

  • Not the verdict I had hoped for…
    Besides Manslaughter in the First Degree, it’s worth noting that there is also an enhancement, because the offense was committed with a firearm… Making this a Class A Felony.
    The Maximum Sentence for this offense is Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole and Paying a Fine.

    Waiting for sentencing.

    Rest In Peace Danielle…

    • Sorry buddy. 5 year minimum. No criminal record. Time severed through house arrest. Appeals already being filed. Most is 7 years. But good dream. Dream on

      • Washington is not California Vera…The longest average sentences in 2012 are for 1st degree manslaughter with a firearm, a class B felony punishable by five to 40 years in prison. For this crime, eight convictions received an average prison sentence of 334.5 months (27 years and 10.5 months) without any portion of the sentence suspended and five convictions received a partially suspended sentence after an average 244.8 months (20 years and four months) in prison. I hope this answers your comment

      • He’ll probably serve around 10 years. I still can’t believe his girlfriend of almost a year was at the trial everyday. What is that about?

      • Hey Vera, why don’t you use your real name?

      • California Dreamin'

        Oh, hi Danette. Protip: saying “keep dreaming,” “dream on,” or “nice dream” after every post kind of gives you away.
        Everyone’s got contempt for your son, but plenty of people hate you and your poisonous attitude even more.

      • For your reading pleasure, “Vera”. Sounds like you are the one who is “dreaming”.

      • Skylar Is A Murderer

        And by Vera, you mean Dannette Heller aka McNeely Rain (like jazz, eh?) Your son intentionally murdered his wife and you have been so tacky to her loved ones. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • I’m really shocked about the verdict.

      I hope he gets what he deserves in the sentencing.

  • You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

  • According to a Fox news station:
    The Pierce County Superior Court jury rejected the charge of first-degree murder that prosecutors sought and instead chose to convict Netmetz of first-degree manslaughter with a firearm enhancement, which carries a sentencing range of 11.5 to 13.5 years. Sentencing is set for March 25.

    • Never be leave what you here in Fox News they are always full of shit

      • I enjoy Fox News, they are no more full of it than any other news org. They even tried to bring down Trump !

        • Well fox has had to apologize numerous times for lying about news stories. Not just facts but entire stories.
          Hard to believe they’d take down trump since stats show they mention trumps name 340-375 times a week and Bernie Sanders name 30-40 times a week.

          • As opposed to the other networks who never apologize or even acknowledge their false reporting. The obsession with Fox, while ignoring the exact same crap from the other networks, reveals your own silly bias.

            • We’ve all got bias but FOX sets the tone. It’s like singling out WalMart even though Target and Dollar General are operating the same way. You gotta start somewhere and pick your battles. They are all bad but FOX and Rupert Murdoch are the WORST!

    • 11 to 13 years is also what a defense attorney, former prosecutor said in a comment on my blog.

  • He took her life…. Her life
    I hope he is remained of this everyday he opens his eyes…..

  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo murder walks


    Scumbag shoots his wife in the head and the law can not even convict this scum.
    I’m so disappointed, and so is everyone else. The DA is a complete loser, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Yes, all of you are right. We are not 100% happy with the verdict however we take comfort in knowing that Skylar will spend some time in prison to think about his actions. We spent a lot of time here in Tacoma praying that God would guide the jury to make the right decision and have no choice but to accept the verdict. Skylar can still end up serving 13 to 18 years so it is not a complete loss. With that being said we would like to thank all of you for your undying support. Also thanks to the detectives who worked night and day on this case and to the prosecution team for the many hours they spent trying this case. In the end it will be God who will be the final judge. Most importantly we must remember that there are no winners in this case.

  • I know a lot of you are disappointed at the verdict but I must admit it was satisfying to see him being led away while bawling his eyes out. Tonight after successfully evading punishment for over a year he’s spending the night locked up. People that said he’d walk are at home without him. He may not be in jail forever but when he does get out it will be as a convicted class a felon that was discharged from the army.

  • I need to say it was unforgivable for the use of a family members name by the person impersonating Vera. I hope that this site will fully investigate this impostor. The family yet again being tormented by guess who? Yes you guessed right!

    • Sounds like an execution to me

      Murder in the first degree. (RCW 9A.32.030)

      1) A person is guilty of murder in the first degree when:

      (a) With a premeditated intent to cause the death of another person, he or she causes the death of such person or of a third person; or

  • I’m so sorry you didn’t get the verdict you wanted. But I promise you in the end the truth will reveal its self. Keep the faith. Know that you are not alone God is with you. And his workers including me. At times I fail but for the most part I’m a good person help people who are hurting. Loses loved ones. Etc. God bless you and family. Remember she is looking down smiling at you for sticking up for her. God bless.

  • If it wasn’t an accident, what was his motivation?

  • I am thankful he was found guilty, but so disappointed (like many others) by the charge…

  • Sad a trained supposed marksman can “accidentally” kill someone and basically get away with it…

  • Truth…….
    Did you watch the trial? Did you see just a portion of his text messages? How can you call it b unfounded jealousy. He treated her like a possession nor a partner

  • Bubba you hit the nail on the head ” Trained marksman”, not an accident. If anyone believes that this was an accident then I know you’ll buy the Bridge I have for sale. When family members message that they are done with MOMMIE DEAREST, and SON what can one think ? This young guy has a lot of practice at lies, he even fooled 12 jurors and one was of the jurors was an Attorney!!!!! JUST AMAZING RIGHT? They over thought it and tried to be Sherlock Holmes!!!!!!! NANCY DREW!!!!!!

  • As the prosecution stated in their closing, there were millions of points of direction in that room that the gun could have been pointed besides the back of Danielle’s head. Of course it was murder, shame on that jury for getting hung up on technicalities, or over analyzing it, or whatever their issues were shouldn’t have prevented them from a unanimous guilty verdict.

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  • People get WAY WAY too caught up on “theres no way” … “marksmen dont have accidents”, actually the law states that the jury has to find him Guilty “WITHOUT” a reasonable doubt. What is a reasonable doubt?? That is what you need to ask yourself, is it reasonable to suggest that even a “marksmen” could have an accident while checking a weapon to see if its loaded, while drinking alcohol? I would say yes, I would say it is “reasonable”. Im not saying that it is absolutely the way it went down. I am just saying that I would have had to vote the same way those jurors did on this case simply because… while drinking alcohol this young man was putting away a gun that was left out for his wifes protection while he had been away at training (completely reasonable) he then checks it for bullets and who knows.. stumbling, falling off to one side, hitting the gun on his leg, side, chest and the gun goes off. I am saying that it is not unreasonable to think that this could happen. I mean it COULD have happened!! To anyone!! When alcohol is involved. There is just no history there, no motive. I feel like the young man took responsibility and is doing his time like a man. I think the jury got this right.
    As for his mother… I dont know what she has done that was so crazy but Ill tell you one thing, I could totally see myself doing anything I could to prove my sons innocence if I felt he was innocent. I would go to the ends of the earth for my children and not give a damn what anyone else thought about it.
    That being said, Danielle was a gorgeous stunning and adorable young lady with her whole life ahead of her. My heart aches for her future.. for her short life. My hear hurts for her loss in life that led to her possible attaching herself to “love”. I am glad she is now in the arms of our Father in Heaven and with her mother and G-ma. I wish nothing but peace and comfort for her family and her sisters. I lost my sister a few years ago so I know that pain. God bless you all.

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