New Blog and New Fiction Based (Loosely) in Humboldt

Southern Humboldt grown Stewart Kirby, known for his movie reviews in The Independent, has begun a blog, StewsReview,  and has a new website devoted to his fiction. (Click on the rat on one blog post.  I don’t know if that is Stewart doing one of his great impressions or some computer technique but it cracks me up.)

Like Kirby’s character Sam Hain, the website will take you to a parallel universe where there redwood burls talk and 6 foot fleas terrorize the town of Whale Harbor. This surreal version of Humboldt is housed on a website emblazoned with a county seal.  On the seal is the unusual motto–County of Humbaba: National Armed Resistance to Growers. The whole website is a mocking tribute to Humboldt and its culture. To quote the site itself,

Steeped in a darkly comic 60s and 70s sensibility, Humbaba twists Goth Hick yucks with high lit myth.

Those familiar with Nietzsche and Kafka will discover shades of Zarathustra in DRIFTING ROOM, and echoes of Gregor Samsa in HIDDEN SPRINGS.

…Then again, those familiar with none of those things will still have an awesome time enjoying original, character-driven stories where the land itself is a character, as are the local businesses which comprise any community.



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