Local Residents Holding ‘Families Belong Together’ Rally in Eureka This Saturday

This is a press release from Families Belong Together:

Families Belong Together! Public outrage is growing over the shocking and inhumane treatment of families seeking refuge at our southern border and in our communities. Joining over 3,500 concerned political and community leaders and 60 cities across the country, local residents are organizing the Families Belong Together Rally in Eureka, Saturday, June 30th.

Activities will begin at Madaket Plaza, foot of C Street at 10 am. A Native blessing will open the events, followed by a short program including representatives from the National Union of Healthcare Workers, Centro del Pueblo, and other community members and organizations.

Calls to action will include ways for local residents to help change these failed and illegal immigration policies. Organizers will provide letters and suggested language for contacting our Congressional representatives. We will then march along the Boardwalk and through Old Town, including the office the Department of Homeland Security. Signs are welcome – please raise your voices for compassion and fairness. This a family friendly event.

“Centro del Pueblo is proud to join with many other Humboldt groups and individuals to stand against the separation of children from their parents at the border,” states Brenda, an immigrant from Mexico living in Humboldt County and member of Centro del Pueblo.  “We call on everyone in our County to stand for humanity and compassion, not racism.”

Families Belong Together is a nationwide initiative that opposes the cruel, inhumane and unjustified separation of children from their parents along the U.S. border with Mexico and at other ports of entry into the U.S.  Families Belong Together protests the conditions in which these children are kept – and the irreversible trauma that has already been perpetrated on these children and their parents for the crime of seeking a better life.

To separate immigrant families, victims of violence, hunger and poverty, is to re-violate them. Children as young as 18 months are torn from their mother’s arms by the U.S. government. This is violent abuse. These families are victimized again by the government to which they turn for help. Families Belong Together opposes the inhumane policies of the Trump Administration, Border Patrol, and I.C.E. and calls for immediate reform.



  • No one is being forced to come to the US.

    It isn’t racist to punish the crime of illegal immigration according to the law.

    Children shouldn’t be used as legal shields.

    • Asylum seeking is not against the law! Get your fact straight!

      • Maybe you should read about what qualifies for asylum. What’s flooding our border seldom qualifies. Grabbing some random kid on your way doesn’t make you a family either

      • To file for asylum, a person must cross at an official entry point. Sneaking into the country is not filing for asylum. This is what caused the arrest of the parents and the subsequent separation of the children. Which was still a bad policy. However already there are judges approving release of children and consequently their parents just like happen to the Obama administration. The court system is designed to negate immigration law.

        Families that asked for asylum at the official points were not arrested.

        • Total Bs. There are parents, who sought out an immigration officer for asylum & were escorted to the appropriate facility and children were taken day two, in the middle of the night. Get your facts straight, fish food is bad for your health!

          • Post your sources that are not from immigration advocates.

          • There is something wrong with the thinking of people who advocate violating the law to encourage illegal entry into the country by those running from lawless places. Be careful what you scream for. You just might get it.

  • I guess we need courthouses right on the border for rapid trials, and facilities that can detain entire families. Those who entered via Mexico must be returned to Mexico regardless of their nation of origin (assuming they are not granted asylum). Remember, these are families who where trying to break the law and sneak in, Not families who walked up and asked for asylum.

    This is only an issue because we made the moral decision to grant illegal immigrants a right to a trail.

    I dont know what the moral border policy would be. What would happen if we had open borders?

    • Bias!

    • Thats not true asylum seekers are completely caught up in this!!
      If you all hate illegal immigration so much then
      1) blow up the statue of liberty as its irrelevant by your way of thought
      2) pack your bags and go back to your country of origin because you are an ancestor of an immigrant which makes you one too who may have had someone in their lineage commit war crimes and genocide on the native peoples.
      Up until a little over a hundred&fifty years ago this was mexico as was whats now texas.
      Take a read of the actual numbers recorded of folks coming across&its steady decline as well as stories from the border towns themselves saying what its really like. Its not that bad.

      Youre all being played in the name of rich white guys getting richer, the detention centers are private prisons. And the miltary contracts to house them on bases must be huge, get a clue, your taxes are paying for it!!!

      Taking children in this way looks like nazi germany and is inhumane if any other country did this we’d be attscking them. Really think about that. Deporting parents while keeping their kids here with no way to find them, thats ok how? Theyve already lost track of at least 1500 children who crossed the border alone&do no checks of the people picking the kids up. A boy escaped a forced work endentured servant situation who told how he was released to the partner of the coyote who brought him and who told the feds he was his uncle. Turns out this guy had done this over 40 times and no one checked or even noticed until the boy escaped. These are children lets taje yours away for a month and not tell you where they are and see how you feel.
      Seeing people calling themselves christians doing thrse things is awful its exactly the opposite of what jesus said!!!!

      • The Statue of Liberty was designed, build and subscribed as a monument to the founding of the USA and the Declaration of Independence. It was later co opted by immigrants who a minor plaque with a poem about immigrants decided the whole edifice was about themselves. No. It was about the document and the government that the document made existent.

        Only a total lack of understanding of what liberty means and a total disrespect for the people who created such ideas could come up with that racist rant. It’s not all about you, immigrants or the tyranny of bullies who have no respect or honor.

      • There is some confusing because many news outlets are calling those illegally entering the county “asylum seekers”.

        From what I can find there have been 5 cases of asylum seekers being separated from their families. Every article addressing the issue cites the same 5 cases (or a portion of the 5 cases) Of course this is wrong and should not continue.

        Here is the list of 5 cases that I found cited by every article on the topic;

        Thank you for inspiring me to look into it. I think this is horrible but it is also obvious that using these 5 cases as a taking point is a disingenuous tacit.

  • At a time when conservatives (the most polite term I can use) and spineless Democrats are doing nothing for the disadvantaged in our country, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE STRONG FEELINGS DO WHAT THEY CAN TO LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD (and in this case, their presence seen).
    This March is but one more way to do that!

    • Taking care of the disadvantaged in this country means ensuring they have access to good paying jobs. This is accomplished by enforcing the laws designed to maintain the value of their labor from endless immigration in competition.

      • Oh. I see. Hmmmm. Last time I looked unemployment was at a near record low!
        “Disadvantaged”: No/Little access to – A livable wage, access to healthcare, affordable housing and education, a justice system that treats them fairly, a federal government that does not kidnap and (basically) hold as ransom their children, etc.
        Where did your parents or ancestors come from, Guest?

        • Really. You think the USA is so bad a place yet the issue under comment is the masses of people who want to break into the country illegally just to be here. You must think them some fools. Or at least there’s some fools in here somewhere.

          As to ancestors of mine; it includes those who were part of the founding of the country, gave their life’s blood for it throughout it’s history, were on both sides of the civil war, suffered through its subsequent turmoil, made their way as flotsam of various trials to combine most, if not all, of its various peoples in California.

          That history does not obligate me to move over for the next pair of sharp elbows. One thing about the USA is that it deliberately frees its citizens from being confined to inheritance only from their their forefathers. It recognizes the right of its citizens to make their own government as they want it. Not as someone else outside wants it to be. You should at least celebrate that freedom and independence which gave you the ability to criticize it without fear of retailiation. Instead of greedily using its good only to bash it without respect.

          Grow up. I don’t care where you ancestors came from. We’re stuck with you now.

      • Tell that to the central valley farmers who have watched their crops rot after immigration raids. Especially the pear industry, look it up.
        They put word out across the country and got no workers, none.

        No one wants to work that hard for that pay. My 22 year guy friends who are strong farm workers did the fruit picking circuit one year and couldnt keep up with the 40 year old mexican guys.

        • Guess the pear farmers will have to pay a fair wage. What they have done for years is exploitive.

          • And exploitation creates stagnation and criminality of any culture for sheer selfish greed. The lack of labor will force them out of 19th century thinking and to embrace the 21st.

    • Hopefully those strong feeling are supported by well considered facts.

  • I recently saw on Alex Jones, where these people asked passers-by in public to take a look at some photos of children in detention centers (separated from their parents, of course). Naturally, the people looking at these photos reacted with righteous indignity. Then, the people showing them these photos revealed to them that they were taken in 2014, when Obama was President. Naturally, the people, once this was revealed to them, just stood there in an awkward silence. My point being that this sort of thing has been going on for a long time, and when it happens on Trump’s watch, people suddenly grow a conscience.

    • Convenient crocodile tears. Those who want unrestricted immigration happily don’t worry about facts. They spin their stories and scream racist at those who object.

      Obama actually created the problem when his words opened a flood gate of “unaccompanied” children. He then instituted a policy to hold them, got sued and thus the requirement to release children within 72 came into play. At that point Obama gave up.

      • http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/us-immigration-fact-check-1.4711267 A quick synopsis by Canadian Broadcast Company-

        “By 2014, President Barack Obama was facing an influx of both children travelling alone and families as a result of violence in Central America. At one point, his administration tried housing the families in special detention centres. But after a federal judge in California ruled the arrangement violated a long-standing agreement barring kids from jail-like settings, even with their parents, the government began releasing families into the U.S. pending notification of their next court date.” Union which they disappeared into the US.

        This is the corner that repeated Presidents have painted the US into. You can’t refuse the illegally entering people, you can’t hold their children. And all just get entrance sooner or later. It is de facto open borders.

        If gang violence is allowed as a valid reason to grant asylum, every single person in a country may qualify.

      • Actually Obama deported more people than any other president.

        Industry didnt like that he wanted the immigration detention centers run by govt instead of companies so they like to spin that he “opened the borders” as it affects their bottom line business wise.

        • Actually he just change the definition of deported to include people who were barred entry but let in anyway so magically increased “deported” without actually doing it.

    • Alex Jones? Really? 😂

  • ..”the crime of seeking a better life. .”

    Oh funny one. No. The crime was illegally entering the US.

    Spin it how you like but how is is fair that some waltz in and others go through the rigors of obtaining citizenship? Keep your family on the other side of the border and you remain together. Someone has already addressed the legit way of “seeking ” asylum. Why do none of the rules apply to these folks?

    Please don’t take us back 2 centuries either, moot points of no merit. The “pilgram vs native Americans” and ” butthurt over the Mexican/American war” memes are lame. [edit] Opening our borders now in no way erases the past. Remember, when the settlers to North America declared Eminent Domain it was a different time , different standards (not saying it was right) but it is what it is. And as much as La Raza can’t stand it in 1845 the drunken president of Mexico sold (had debts erased for ) a giant swath of their territory relinquished to the USA! Oh well.

    Fast forward 200 or 100 years and I suppose all the marchers and advocates for open borders have no gates on their property or locks on their doors? You are comfortable leaving everything out and accessable to anyone? Get real.

    Try this in any other country ! ,Please get back to us on how many services , preferential treatment and privileges (like working /driving /owning business or property) you get. Truth is u won’t get much of diddly .

    And how do the open borders advocates think we will afford to take care of everyone and their children who stumbles in with no vetting or due process? We can’t even care for and educate adequately the folks already living here! Be realistic.

    It’s out of control .

  • The jerk is simply doing what he promised the the trumpkins he. Neither he or they had any real idea of the ramifications of what seemed simple enough. A lot of the trumpkins need someone to blame for their predicament. If the libs and foreigners would disappear amerika would be great again.

    • If the prior Presidents had ever somewhat enforced the laws they swore to uphold, a man like Trump would never have had a platform to run on. He was created by those who used the government to harm their own citizens to satisfy themselves while shutting off their hearing of protest about it. Trump was elected because he could out shout the haters who had created government that would force its citizens to give up their liberties to join a new world order that exists on in the fevered brains of a few.

      Trump just out uglies the left at their own game. And looking in that mirror triggers the highest level of denial in them. They just hate what they see reflected, like a dog having a terriorial battle with its own reflected image. Haters one and all. Clinonettes should recognize their shame at being the reason Trumpkins exist

  • Is there anyway that we can help those fleeing poverty an violence without significantly harming ourselves? I like the idea of open borders with Canada and Mexico. I just dont see how it could work. Many millions of central and south american people live in areas controlled by violent gangs. Can we take them all? Will they bring problems with them? Look at what the Scandinavian countries did to themselves.

    • That is the first question in a real discussion. But if the reaction is that Americans have no right to a border than it goes nowhere.

      I think the first step is to repect ourselves as a culture. Not that we are perfect by any means but there must be a lot of good for us to act as such a magnet. Unless of course you assume that immigration is just a tool to get money. Which it is for some.

      Unless the discussion of immigration include both the good and bad, then no one will be allowed to get past the opening salvos to get to a compromise. We continue to try to shut up anyone with any broad perspectives.

    • Good question!
      IMO, POTUS has outlined the solutions beautifully.
      It’s everybody’s wishes to save, rescue, help those who are fleeing extremism of poverty, danger, corruption, and pain.
      It’s most people’s wishes to rush the innocents through the same door that we slam shut on the oppressors.
      Without walls, the door can’t be slammed shut to keep the rescued safe.
      Without VISA’s, the innocents would have to return with an empty belly.
      VISA’s allow the innocents to work, live and play wherever they choose which job openings to take, rentals to rent.
      The absence of VISA’s places them at the mercy of political agendas which enslaves them, endangers them, and insults them.
      Across America right now, there are more jobs than employees. They are begging for legal workers, but the political agenda refuses to allow the workers to apply legally.
      Everybody has the right to travel, but nobody has the right to force others to transport them.
      Calling, writing, and peacefully assembling in front of every politician who opposes the innocent’s rights to work, live, and play here legally is the lawful way to fix it. By demanding they stfu and FIX IT, they will know where the true American’s stand on the issue.
      By allowing the politicians to constantly tell the people where they stand on an issue, while blaming their constituents for opposing their opposition, we are in essence supporting their cruel and unusual punishment against the innocent.

      Those who have failed to achieve VISA status, due to criminal charges against them, need to share with the public how and why they received those charges. Were they a bumrap? Were thousands of laws were passed so that everyone is a criminal? Do they need genuine constitutional lawyers? Do they need translators to help them fill out the paperwork with precision? If they are innocent, what problems are they facing in clearing up their bum-rap cases?
      The first place to start, imo, is to hound the oppressive political regime that refuses to FIX IT.

  • Yeah because all these mass shootings were done by illl….uh no by us citizens.

    And during the housing crisis which group of people kept their payments up the most? Thatd be latinos.

    Most immigrants Ive met are hard working family devoted community members. They work harder than anyone i knoe so i dont get how all tjese people say it will cost us money to “take care of them”. Majority want to come here to work. Id way rather have them than all the white trash idiots who are the true welfare recipients and generally make awful neighbors&community members.

    • Playing the race card is a projection of your own thoughts. Race has nothing to do with the lousy immigration laws that have been in place and are being enforced.
      Unless, of course, politics is a race instead of a belief. Is that why they call it a political race to the top?

  • Outstanding compilation of news reports, interviews with the kids and parents, and the lack of political activists during the Obama years. This is worse than horrific.

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