[UPDATE: Located] Woman Missing off Hwy 36

At 3 a.m. on Saturday, December 10, Jessica Roggenkamp went missing from Anderson which is on I-5. Her 2010 black Mustang was found off of Hwy 36 in the Wildwood area later but Jessica has not been located.

We were contacted from the Nor-Cal Alliance for the Missing and asked to share her photo with the community in hopes someone knows a crucial piece of information.

Jessica is 44 years old, has brown eyes and hair, is about 5’5″ and weighs 122 pounds.

If you’ve seen her, know where she is, or have any information of her whereabouts, call the Anderson Police Department 530-378-6600 or Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing anonymous tip line 530-378-4491.

You could also fill out the online anonymous tip form here.

Jessica Roggenkamp missing poster

UPDATE 8:17 a.m.: The Anderson Police Department issued this press release:

On December 12, 2016, the Anderson Police Department received a report of a missing person from the Anderson area. The mother of 44 year old Jessica ROGGENKAMP contacted the Anderson Police Department to report her daughter missing.

ROGGENKAMP was last known to be driving her black 2010 Ford Mustang to the Igo area at about 03:00 AM on December 10, 2016. Prior to ROGGENKAMP’s departure, she obtained a sleeping bag and pillow. ROGGENKAMP never arrived at her destination.

On December 11, 2016, at about 2350 hours, a Deputy Warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife located ROGGENKAMP’s vehicle parked in a remote area of Trinity County, south of Highway 36. ROGGENKAMP’s vehicle was unlocked with the keys still in the vehicle. ROGGENKAMP was not found around the vehicle. Nothing was located in or around the vehicle to indicate or suggest any type of struggle had occurred.

Anderson Police Investigators obtained cell phone data information for ROGGENKAMP’s cell phone and found she had not made or received any calls since December 10, 2016. The last cell phone tower location record showed ROGGENKAMP to appear to be driving in the Highway 36 area of Platina. Anderson Police Investigators recently learned that ROGGENKAMP is familiar with the remote area of Trinity County where her vehicle was located off of Highway 36. In fact, ROGGENKAMP visited this very same area just after thanksgiving during a day trip with her daughter.

The Anderson Police Department is coordinating with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue Team to conduct a ground search of the area where ROGGENKAMP’s vehicle was located, in an attempt to locate her.

ROGGENKAMP’s disappearance is believed to be voluntary but is still being investigated according to protocol. There are no known or reported details, suspicious circumstances, or other information which is indicative of foul play. At this time, there is no indication that this case involves an abduction or other like incident. Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Anderson Police Department at (530) 245-6526.v

UPDATE: Located.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Two Hispanic women in a dark SUV?

    • my gosh make it stop

      Too soon

    • @ Seamus ~ Your comment is sad!!

      This article says they don’t have any reason to think there is foul play…..but the fact that someone’s vehicle is abandoned with the keys in ignition in a remote area tells me there is foul play.

      • yeah, i think its odd that the keys where left in the car, hope she is found safe

      • Yes,that’s is what I was thinking of.I was down at Napa auto a few minutes ago and noticed the flyer on the door,I was thinking OH NO not another one!! What is going on!!!! The flyer was black & white it needs to be colored.all we can do is pray and keep hope!!!

    • Considering this appears to be a voluntary disappearance and evidence in the Papini case points to this being the second time she’s faked an attack by Hispanic people, your remark isn’t anywhere near as offensive as other comments.


      • Do you have ANY evidence it was faked? Your link provides none beside a single random internet poster saying it “seemed off”. You also claim she’s faked attacks before — again, ZERO evidence. Are you seriously claiming to have knowledge the police do not have?

        • That’s one of a dozen similar article plus many people are coming forward about her character and corroborating reports about her being racist and making up stories to get attention. Sorry if that offends you that I repeat what I’ve read. The detectives are likley very aware of all of this info and they’ll sort out the truth. Who knows, maybe her husband’s response about her “jealous” friends pretending to be her online or making up stories is true. Maybe two women did kidnap her and brand her MILF just to set her free, weirder things have happened. Maybe all $50,000 dollars raised went to her search. But I doubt it.

          • No, these articles all refer back to the same story, the one that was debunked. Fake news sites are all over even in the Nor cal areas. be careful what you believe…and you have no idea what was branded on her, you are repeating pure rumor there…that really doesn’t help Investigators any. if your’e not sure of the facts, then don’t post.

          • Kenny please stop already. There is NO evidence Sherri Papini’s case is a hoax. Lay off the weed.

      • That has been debunked as being posted by a high school enemy of hers that hacked into her account back then, It keeps getting reposted over and over by people who don’t have any idea what’s true, keeping it going. Its not true, let it die out…

    • Alright, put away your pitchforks, that was in poor taste and it was too soon. Sorry.

  • seamus needs to head on over to thunder dome no place for that here♡

  • What was her destination she didn’t make it too ,they never put that in the info release, never to early to assume anything leaving at three am with blanket and pillow , hopefully if she was getting away from someone for the night they didn’t follow her and catch up to her , doesn’t sound like a spur of the moment camping trip

    • Press release says she had said she was heading to Igo, which is about 10 miles from Redding, but her car was found almost 30 miles further along the road.

  • Grow up Seamouse

  • Sounds suspicious in nature.. If she meant to park her car at destination, wouldn’t she have taken her keys and locked vehicle ? Why was she leaving at that time with a sleeping bag ? This story could go any direction. Hope she is found safe for the family’s sake.

  • I agree with Homer I hope she is found safe also. Leaving her keys in her car does seem a little weird tho. One can only pray she is safe and back with her family soon.

  • To many missing people lately tho and you can never be sure of anyone’s actions around Northern California anymore. So many crazy things going on. People getting gunned down druggie going crazy ect… but we live in a real and dangerous world. Which is very awful lately..

  • Praying for a good outcome.

  • “Prior to ROGGENKAMP’s departure, she obtained a sleeping bag and pillow.”

    The article doesn’t say if the sleeping bag and pillow were found in/with the car.

  • Wow,i hope she is found safe a 18 year old was just found dead in a bathroom with a sock in her mouth in Humboldt. A teens mom ran over her own child and killed her and her friend all in Humboldt this world is going crazy so glad I stay home or do family time.

  • Alot of stories are just that,STORIES.and unless you know the truth,don’t spread rumors.the facts will come out.so please pray for a safe return.im praying for you,and hopeful.

  • Good job APD you TRACKED her phone in Two days or less it took Trinity County Sheriff’s a month and a half to get Stacey Smart’ s cell phone info.

  • It could be someone impersonating a police officer who pulled her over and told her to get out of the car for a search. It’s getting scary, folks. Weren’t thousands of sex violators just released from prison?

  • I’m confused about APD saying they don’t suspect foul play because her phone hasn’t been used since her disappearance…uh….wouldn’t that point to foul play? Kidnappers and murderers usually don’t let their victims call home to check in.

  • Yes I was thinking the something!! I was just down at Napa auto and I noticed the flyer.I thought oh no not again! The flyer was in black and white.. In needs to be in color!!! Something is diffently Wrong!!! The keys left in car,no cell calls.all we can do is keep hope & pray!! Family stay strong…

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