[UPDATE 5:56 p.m.] Semi’s Brake Fire Spreading to Load of Lumber

Scanner BlurEmergency crews are on the scene of a fire on a big rig just south of Benbow as of 5:50 p.m. Personnel there reported over the scanner that it is a “confirmed brake fire spreading to the lumber.”

The truck is on the roadside but be careful in the area.

UPDATE 5:56 p.m.: Fire has been extinguished. The crews are mopping up.



  • jinglejangle@yahoo.com

    Seen the coppers and the fire trucks head that way, wasn’t sure what all the chatter on the scanner was about but here we have it, thanks for the update!
    And yes I’m first!

  • Hot brakes!glad it’s out everyone’s ok

  • I saw this while on my way to Eureka. It was well off the road on a broad pullout, and there were a number of firetrucks and police vehicles all flashing their lights while smoke poured upwards from the back of the truck. Impressive. Glad they got it out.

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