Homicide Investigation: One Dead, One Injured in Last Night’s Shooting in Eureka


Photo by Oliver Cory

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This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka PoliceOn 10/24/15, at about 9:55 PM, Eureka Police Department officers responded to the report of shots fired in the vicinity of F and Watson Streets. Upon arrival, officers found an adult male victim in the street with an apparent gunshot wound.

The victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. Officers subsequently learned, after he arrived at the hospital on his own, another male had also been shot, possibly during the same incident. He is expected to survive.

This is an active investigation. Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060 or (707) 441-4044 (after hours).



  • Wow. There’s something in the water lately. Because it’s been off the hook in Del Norte County all week also.

  • Well I’ll be darn. The State and County just spoke out last week that crime rate is headed down in Eureka!?#&^% All I can say is those people that said that are full of Bullshit. Look around people, we’ve had a man missing out East of here and the LEO’s won’t even search for him (Shannon House0. It’s harvest time and people are all hunkered down in their homes and the only time they come out is to sell some more weed or rip some off or their so high they shoot someone or stab them, because…..for no good reason! I’m of the mind that no one cares any more as long as it doesn’t effect their own little piece of tranquility. “What we have here is a failure to communicate” We our out of control Houston

    • dont b ignorant please

      Umm I think the behavior you describe is more due to meth use, there are lots of labs in the woods polluting the land and water while producing new kinds of meth that is “tested” on local users. Some growers are jerks but there are a lot of good folks in the hills. Leaving the hills to stab or steal is just ludicrous and the type of rhetoric that is false&is hurting our community so please shut up or move. If you think the crime is bad here u otta take a trip somewhere else&see how good we are in comparison.
      In eureka there are lots of indoor grows by folks who just want $ & dont care about community, they come from places where violence is the norm.
      Just fyi there are more than a few gangs in the northern humboldt region. Ask any teacher at eureka high. Multiple Latino gangs, Mhong, and of corse the Aryan nation gangs in Mckinleyville. The majority of shootings by civilians in Eureka are gang related.
      Funny how everyone gets all upset when civilians shoot each other but dont say a thing when cops shoot civilians. Eureka is in top 3 cities in CA where you are most likely to be shot by a cop based on population and previous shootings. KMUD interviewed the man whose group conducted the statewide study but all other local media has ignored the story.
      Eureka has already paid out $4million in a wrongful death ruling, & has a few more wrongful death cases filed against EPD totalling $14mil more if the city loses again.
      And folks wonder where the money for police has gone.

  • Desensitization is only the beginning

  • Ya,that’s so messed up can’t or won’t search for a missing person,come on with that.Humboldt start caring again.we as tax payers need to stand up for our selfs and get some better law enforcement.shame on our sheriff,so lazy.i feel like we live in the wild wild west kids killing each other,druggies taking over,stabbings,robbery,So how is it our police chief says crime is down?I m so sorry to the parents.

  • I think chief mills and downy should do proactive policing go to the source of the cancer affecting our home and the American way drug supply er crank and heroin u stop that and the transient drug users and bums will go somewhere else as far as the crime rate lol bulls hit it seems everyday there is something in the lost cause outpost of a major crime everyday

  • almost 1 year ago Casey J. Campbell was murdered, shot in the back, at Williams and 15th st… Cheif Mills blamed the victim on multiple occasions for being shot in the back. No suspects ever announced ,no progress in the case, and now this is the 3rd murder this year in that vicinity…Attention Eureka, this is what happens when Chief Mills lets murderers run loose. Criminals have to be arrested before the DA can charge them.Other idiots see that the Cheif doesn’t catch murderers so they are empowered to murder too…

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  • Apparently Eureka’s residents aren’t fed up enough yet.

    • I’m past pissed.my family has been robbed twice.Im sorry lady,but there’s so much of this going on,we don’t have the time to help u.thats the answer we got from the Law.So now I sleep with a 9 iron.Thats awful.STOP LETTING CRIMINALS’GO.PUNISHMENT for their crimes COME ON HUMBOLDT

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