Local Eagle Scout Builds Clever Cat Condos for Animal Rescue Group

Mike Stewart being thanked by Mr. Smooshface, the HART office cat.

Mike Stewart being thanked by Mr. Smooshface, the HART office cat. [All photos provided by HART]

Press release from the Humboldt Animal Rescue Team:

Mike Stewart of Boy Scout Troop 27 in Eureka, chose HART(Humboldt Animal Rescue Team) as the recipient of his service project to attain the highest rank available of Eagle Scout. Stewart and his father worked together to build four large welded “cat condos” for the rescue. These sturdy cages will help HART to house cats and kittens for decades. Local steel fabricators Fortuna Iron and Ferndale’s DCI Construction donated the materials needed to build the condos, so Stewart was also generous enough to gift the money he had raised for supplies, $500, to HART as well.

Stewart giving surprised board member Wendy Raymond the $500 check

Stewart giving surprised board member Wendy Raymond the $500 check

Stewart did research to figure out the design best suited to cats and after months of work came up with these roomy condos. The details are impeccable, with moveable wheels, soft surfaces, different levels (cats love to climb), removable doors and a sturdy frame, these are cages that would retail for a total of $6,000!

Stewart learned of the need through a friend of a friend and because he is interested in welding he took on the task. In between taking classes at College of the Redwoods, and doing many other service activities in BST 27, Stewart was able to design and build these sustainable and beautiful cages.

His future plans include finishing at CR and then enlisting in either the Navy or Coast Guard, and then on to work as a CHP officer.


HART is grateful for all of the community support it receives and wants to especially thank Stewart for his hard work and commitment to creating these beautiful condos.

The cat condos created by Mike Stewart.

The cat condos created by Mike Stewart.



Humboldt Animal Rescue Team is a small animal rescue located in Eureka, CA.  We specialize in cats and kittens. All the animals in our program are from Humboldt County, CA.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization, no one collects a paycheck, we are all here for the animals.  Since 2014, we have been saving animals through adoptions while also helping the community to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and feed their pets, keeping even more animals out of the shelter.  Even if HART can’t take an animal into the program we strive to do anything we can to alleviate the animals suffering by connecting them with the necessary services to help them. In order to do this we rely on community donations.  If you would like to help us continue this important work donate through our Paypal account humboldtanimalrescue@gmail.com or visit our webpage www.humboldtanimalrescueteam.org

We are located at 8 West 6th Street, Eureka, CA.
Please schedule an appointment to visit by calling 707-616-6440

HART office cat, Mr. Smooshface, enjoying the new condos.

HART office cat, Mr. Smooshface, enjoying the new condos. [All photos from HART]



  • Impressive. Really impressive. To even find the need, much less produce a quality solution.

  • Great job Mr Mike Stewart!

    What kitty wouldn’t love that condo?

  • Any animal shelter would be lucky to have those.

  • What a stand-up young man. Mr. Stewart your community thanks you for your hard work and dedication to this project. Thanks as well to the businesses that donated the supplies. These are beautiful and HART is going to put those to good use immediately I bet. 😊 thank you.

  • Omg, what an amazing young man!!!!!!! What an asset to the community and exemplary human being. On top of it all kitties were involved so I give this article 5 stars. I’m sure he’ll make a caring and efficient CHP officer.

    I definitely credit girl scouts for some of my good character traits and desire to be ethical and contribute to my community. I love seeing what members of Boy or Girl scout troops accomplish.

  • Wonderful person, heartwarming story, thank you.

  • SPECTACULAR! His parents must be overflowing with pride. A job well done young Man!

  • Congratulation Mike Stewart for making Eagle!

  • Takes a lot more than this project to attain an Eagle rank. Scouting got me out of the city and into the woods and for that I will always be grateful especially to those who taught me outdoor survival skills.

    • @SM – i’m hip to the hard work it takes to obtain Eagle. the project is usually near the end of the journey. never made it myself but did serve as a committee chair for a Troop. the young men that obtained Eagle rank were all exemplary people. as were their families.

    • Right!? He must have put in so much work to get eagle scout. So cool!

    • So you meant that he must have already done more to earn the rank? Not that this was an insufficient effort as I read your remark to mean at first?

      Anyway I thought it was a a need mostly not addresses and a good project.

  • He should help humans. Cats and dogs are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). They are not natural to this world. Derived from other critters. Cats DO belong in cages. Out of sight. LOL

    • I knew somebody would have to be snarky. And when was the last time YOU helped a stranger eh?

      • I also knew there would be one waist of space person commenting. Prayers to them though because only a horribly unhappy person would diss this. His thoughts don’t even make sense, there could also be a serious mental illness going on or just your average miserable troll looking to make people as unhappy as they are. Imagine how much they hate themselves and their life, hopefully some day they’ll become even a half decent human and start contributing to society. Overall there has been 10 times as many comments on a positive article, pretty rare compared to other positive articles here!!

  • Thank you and you are amazing!!! They call me the crazy cat lady here in the Cove. And yes I love cats and other domestic animals along with wildlife. You are a good man and a wonderful asset to our community.

  • A BIG Thank you to Mike Stewart and his dad!!!

  • Mike Stewart, you are a kind and loving person. May many great things happen for you in your journey through life. Animals give us so much love, thanks for caring.

  • Just curious. Is Mr. Smooshface an Exotic Shorthair? I have one and, over the years, have had two others. Wonderful loving cats.

  • Well done Mike, well done.

  • My Grandson just obtained Eagle rank and I am so proud of him. And you young man I am also proud of. It takes a special person to obtain this honor. May your future always be bright for you.

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