Family Ups Reward to $25,000 in Khadijah Britton Kidnapping Case

Negie Fallis and Khadijah Britton

The suspected kidnapper, Negie Fallis, and the missing woman, Khadijah Britton.

Yesterday, the family of Khadijah Britton, believed to have been kidnapped earlier this month, offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her location. Today, they upped that reward to $25,000.

On Monday, her suspected kidnapper, Negie Fallis, was booked into the Mendocino County jail on charges that include attempted murder. According to a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, he was located at a residence in a remote area near the town of Covelo.

Yesterday, the Sheriff’s Detectives and the Search and Rescue team was looking for Britton in the Covelo area without success.

A Facebook page, Help find Khadijah Britton, has been set up to coordinate efforts to find the missing woman. The poster below can be printed and distributed.

If you have any information, please call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 463-4086.

Reward poster Khadijah Britton

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  • unbridled phillistine

    Maybe the law can track his cell phone ping to some towers and narrow the search area? Pretty grave situation! If maybe he has her held hostage some where and now he is in custody, Who can take care of her? Maybe she is waiting on him to bring her food and water? Trapped? IDK my imagination running wild? Perhaps?

  • My thoughts go out to her family. I sense this will not have a happy ending. I pray otherwise.

  • He does not seem like he’s a particularly motivated person as far as work. So it would seem that a search of an area about a10 mile circle from her last known whereabouts, or His arrest area should yield some results. I am so sad for her family because it seems this is not going to have a good end. His booking photo shows it all you can literally see the shadow of death in his vacant eyes. 😢

    • I don’t want to sound negative but it is incredibly hard to search rural areas. They couldn’t find Shane Miller’s body just over a quarter of a mile from his truck after what could only be described as a massive manhunt. I applaud search and rescue for their efforts but unfortunately it simply doesn’t work like it does on tv. Often people aren’t located even when they are in close proximity to the start of the search when the terrain is difficult. Although I do hope they are more fortunate in this case.

      • Locals told the cops to search down by the river but they refused to do so…nope he went south into the king range! For sure! Dumbass’s. They just wanted to scope greenhouses and fuk with people

  • Could they use dogs?

    • They do and dogs are almost always the best bet. I don’t believe they have any locally, they have to bring them in from outside the area (at least a few years ago this was the case) I’m not sure but I believe a bit of time has passed since the incident? Time and severe weather also make it harder and harder on dogs as the smell fades with time. Dogs are the best case but they don’t have anywhere near 100 percent success rate due to allot of factors, time, weather, if the person was transported by vehicle they are almost useless, rivers or creeks, ect. Im sure the local search and rescue is doing everything they can in conjunction with help from the authorities.

  • The probability of her being alive is very close to zero. Most likely she was dead within an hour of the abduction. The mostly likely cause of death is blunt trauma or strangulation with shooting or stabbing a distant 3rd. Finding someone alive in rough, broken terrain is quite difficult, much less a body and even more so if effort has been made to conceal it. The body will mostly likely be found by a hunter or hiker sometime in the time frame of the next week to 10 years with a longer time period the most likely.

    I don`t want to rain on anyone`s parade, however, I think I`ll be proven correct.

  • He was arrested fairly close to the Covelo dump. Definitely worth a look. Abusers view their victims as trash. Terrible.

  • Kim could you please delete my comments, I thought it might help people realize the difficulties involved with logistics, but this was not my intention.

  • Reminds me of the Charlie Scott Case from Maui Hawaii, the ex bf lured the girl out a dark rural rd. Nobody knows what happened but her jawbone was found. The FBI placed the bf in the vicinity numerous times by using cell phone data which triangulated his location in the area at the time of dissappearance and afterwards. The body was never found but the bf (Capobianco) was found guilty and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole based on the jaw bone finding, cell phone data, a changing story and motive…. the motive was that the woman was going to have his baby and he did not want a baby according to prosecuters. I hope MCSO calls in the FBI and at leasts attempts to retrace the siuspects actions in the days following her kidknapping. Triangulate his locations or even use cell forensics specialists to locate his history using google account or other cell phone apps. Time ks of the essence, I hope the MCSO takes this kidknapping seriously and does not turn a blind eye just because the kidknapping occured among Covelo residents.

  • Sheriffs should leave him at the victims families yard for an hour. They will find her with his ultimate cooperation.

  • This is to Mike, don’t pay attention to these replies. You knew you were right to the best of your knowledge, you gave the most logical reply that I wanted. Where are the coon dogs when you need them If they had the people Mike could they work the last place that they knew where she was in grids?

  • These folks maybe could help.

  • They are…

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