$10,000 Reward in Khadijah Britton Kidnap Case

The family of Khadijah Britton today offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her location. Britton’s family says she was taken at gunpoint from a residence in Covelo nearly two weeks ago by Negie Fallis who was wanted at the time for a previous incident of domestic violence with Britton.

Fallis was arrested yesterday and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on multiple charges kidnapping and attempted murder.

The Sheriff’s Department reported earlier that they would be searching for the 23-year-old Britton today in the Covelo but family members say she has not been located.

A Facebook page, Help find Khadijah Britton, has been set up to coordinate efforts to find the missing woman. The poster below can be printed and distributed.

If you have any information, please call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 463-4086.
Khadijah Britton

UPDATE: Family Ups Reward to $25,000 in Khadijah Britton Kidnapping Case

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  • I hope u find her. Shame on the scene who failed to report her missing. This is on your hands aholes!

    • Second paragraph in the first link listed above, “The Sheriff’s Office was contacted on Monday, February 12th, about a possible kidnapping that occurred on Friday, February 9th, around midnight.” That was eleven days ago.

      • Your pointing where that was, why? I read it thourogh, did u?

        The fact that it was reported 3 days later, is why it pissed me off. The first 72hrs are the most important when trying to find a missing person. She was taken at gunpoint, it should of been reported that night, not 3 days later. If she doesn’t show up alive, her life is on their hands, besides the creep that took her.

  • Beautiful young lady. I sure hope she’s okay. God be with you little one.

  • If she`s dead, which she almost certainly is, everyone can rest assured it`s very unlikely she`s buried.

    It`s pretty unlikely Mr. Nellis has ever performed any sort of useful productive work, every gotten his hands dirty doing anything useful or broken a sweat working. Tools of any kind are completely alien to him and if he`s never used a shovel before, he`s not about to now.

  • I hope and pray this beautiful young lady is found safe. I can’t believe it took so long to report her missing. It certainly doesn’t look good so all we can do is ask God to watch over her and bring her home safe!

  • I pray this young lady is found safe and well, and returned to her family or she contacts her family to let them know she is ok and safe. Lets all pray for a Happy Ending. I will.

  • My comment was deleted because I said that “enhanced interrogation” techniques are certainly justified in cases like this. Something that will make him talk. And that people like him- women- beaters and women-disappearerers- are among the scum of the earth. If she does not reappear he should be put to death…after due process of course. Perhaps I worded it a bit harder in my deleted comment. Of course I meant after due process. After all he is now in police custody. That said- I hope she appears. But is she somewhere where time is of the essence? Yes- we need him to talk and any compassion for him or respect for his rights is severely misplaced. Aren’t we are all sick of catering to the monsters?

    • You are correct. The police need to make him talk

    • Push the talk of “enhanced interrogation” techniques and you’ll get deleted again. Whatever you call skinning someone alive, I call it torture. And I don’t think becoming a monster gets rid of monsters.

      • Kym, With the world we live in today….. Kind caring people like yourself will never understand rules by others set up to “WIN” a religious WAR. Take the pilot shot down in Syria…..The people, (ISIS) holding him put him in a cage, poured gas all over him and set him on fire. they didn’t want information…. they wanted to hear him scream. If you can’t bring yourself to their level you lose. Idealism left us 25 years ago and until people harden up to reality….. we as a nation will continue to lose beautiful people Daily and Senselessly!

  • Abusive men everywhere

    They bumped up the reward last night to 25k

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    How could anyone in there right mind not call right away if they witnessed a kidnapping? Her blood is on your hands if is dead.

  • Most likely to murder someone with a gun, a drug user is number one, a jealous spouse or partner is number two.

  • Not sure if it’s true, but I saw they just raised the reward to 25k. Hope they find her alive

  • Updated about an hour ago.

  • My God this is so sad and scary. My 20 year old daughter has been trying to live through an abusive relationship. It’s awful. It’s so hard to get help for this. Police have their hands tied. If you have abusive family members don’t protect and enable their abuse. Call it what it is. It takes a village and we have to start making domestic violence wrong again. This is so sad. She probably tried to love that man and lost herself. It’s so much easier to turn away when we see abuse but that just makes it easier for victims to accept their fate and isolate themselves further. I hope they find this young woman. Can they track his phone? Google maps everyplace people go if they have their phone. At least it’s a chance.

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