[UPDATE 10:40 a.m.] Hwy 36 Blocked by Major Injury Accident West of Hwy 3; Woman With Broken Back Being Medevacked Out

chp major injury featureA woman has a broken back and Hwy 36 is blocked following a solo vehicle accident about 8:30 tonight, according to a report on the California Highway Patrol Incident page.

A local resident tells us, “Post Mountain Fire Department and Hayfork Fire Department and Two Cal Fire engines are there.” The resident also tells us that a medical helicopter landed around 9:30 p.m. Our reader tells us that Bramlet Road and Hwy 36 are the landing zones. Hwy 36 is blocked about Mile Post 25.

UPDATE 10:40 a.m. Thursday: 26-Year-Old Laytonville Woman Was Medevacked From Hwy 36 Accident Last Night



  • EyesAreEverywhere

    Vehicle description?

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    May she get excellent medical care. Thank you EMS/LEO’s who took the call to assist her.

  • My boyfriend and I were the first ones to find her. We called 911. It was 8:33pm. I think the van was a GMC. It was a larger type of van. She was in bad shape. Was being loaded into the helicopter around 10pm. I pray she will be okay.

  • My husband drives that dangerous road everyday.so bad.as a matter of fact,our truck just blew up and AAA,just sent tow truck like NOW,because of the dangerous road,so watch for tow truck just before dinesmore.hes off the road but heads up.

  • Some day I hope people around this county realize thei “Highway” no wider than a city street & loaded with DANGEROUS curves, is F’ing Extremely DANGEROUS!!!! Hopefully before someone else gets KILLED!!!! Bad enough all the major injury accidents of late but fatalities on this road are NOT like a video game you don’t automattcally refresh with another life!!! Here when you’re DEAD you’rew gone period!!! End of rant!!! Sorry I just get tired of reading of wreck after wreck especially the Major injury ones!!! :-C

  • It is upsetting to see so many crashes out on 36 (and 96), but the highway isn’t the problem. The universal speed law says go no faster than is safe for conditions. Remember, your body is soft and easily injured. Just because we have vehicles that can go fast doesn’t mean we should go fast. I’m sending agnostic prayers for this lady and the person injured yesterday on 96.

  • I sure hope she going to be ok.oh and for the folks who stopped for my husband this morning,thank u from the bottom of my heart.we have a silver ram pick-up with racks on top.the joint calmed him down waiting for AAA.such awsome people in humboldt,except the CHP who didn’t stop to see if he needed help,not nice.on 36 this morning

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