Two Early Morning Fires in Fortuna in the Last Day

The volunteers of Fortuna Fire have been called out in the early morning hours twice in the last day. The first call happened a little before 6:30 a.m. yesterday and the second occurred about 1 a.m. today.

The fire yesterday in the 1200 block of N Street burned a residence. The occupants all were able to get out safely.

Fortuna Fire Department battles a residential blaze

Fortuna Fire Department battles a residential blaze yesterday. [Photo provided by Barry Tucker]

The fire this morning burned a shed on Home Avenue off of Baer Court.

a burned shed

A shed was burned last night. [Photo provided by a member of the owner’s family]

According to a family member,  “the shed has no electricity, fireplace, nothing to start a fire and it went up in flames.”  In spite of what the family member calls a “quick response” from the firefighters, the shed, and all its contents, including “tools and building equipment burnt to the ground.”

“There just isn’t any way it could have started naturally,” she said. “The people renting the home and property are out of state for the holidays so we know it wasn’t the people living there as well.”


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  • If I remember correctly that used to be a nursing home back in the early seventies cuz I believe my great-grandmother Mabel beerbower left this world in that building .

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