Rockfalls on Hwy 299

Traffic Hazard iconThe rain is impacting Hwy 299 in two places. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, approximately at mile marker 24.99 a boulder is creating a traffic hazard and at mile marker 34 the westbound lane is blocked.

Please be alert if driving in the area.
UPDATE 6:11 p.m.: Caltrans has cleared the Westbound lane at mile marker 34.



  • Please note; Mile post 24.99 and 34 occur in each county. Humboldt and Trinity. It also occurs in counties to the east. Assuming you mean Humboldt County.

  • Oh yeah wher is it? Im confused on what county not to drive to.

  • Nothing like a piece of the mountain in the road lol🏔

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    One day there were so many rocks on the road that it took me HOURS to get to Weaverville… Be careful in the canyon!

  • Came thru that area in the dark and was getting pushed by a semi and a few cars behind him, And I was driving a Taurus with no clearance so I pulled of in time to watch them plow a huge pile of rocks! That truck never stopped but those cars were pulled off with flash lights checking their damage. Listen to your instincts and let the dummies go.

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