Man Missing Out of Hayfork

Roger Her Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff:

On March 27, 2017, at approximately 9:39 P.M. the Trinity County dispatch center received a report of a missing male out of Hayfork, California, identified as Roger Her (dob 12-04-88).

His family had gone to check on him and was unable to reach him, at which point they reported him missing.
At this time, this matter is under investigation. Anyone who has information regarding this matter can contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-1334.



  • May he be found safe and well.

    May the searchers be kept safe and be lead to him.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Maybe you should apologize to the people who love this man and are worried about him!

  • Del norte- i would never wish this on my worst enemy. Comments like yours is not needed. If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to keep to yourself. Thank you!

  • Maybe your racist comment identifies you as a thoughtless asshole, gfys!

    • Or maybe you are all right. In your own way. I am not a fan of the way certain groups in hayfork and elsewhere are blowing up the scene. Opportunists and bad neighbors, in my experience. Probably pissed off the neighbors.
      Sometimes the racists on here annoy me, sometimes the p.c. police annoy me more.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Unless this man’s name is “ching Chang Chong” (highly doubtful) there is nothing “right” or “PC” about calling him that! It’s actually 100% pure racism. Racism based on his appearance, speculation, and assumptions. Three things on here thst annoy me.

        • How the hell did he screw the wrong people? He was a beloved brother and son. How dare you make racist comments? You POS.

        • Yes the Ching Chong comment is totally stupid and racist! No argument there. I guess I just have a hard time with groups of people, be they Bulgarian, Lao, east coasters, even people who only live on the coast, and come out to the mountains, blow up big scenes, get into trouble, and then expect everyone to drop everything and worry about what happened to them when they get what’s coming to them. We all know what this guy was up to in Hayfork. He’s not a logger. He’s not a homesteader. Not that there’s anything wrong with growing, per se, but these guys are blowing it up big (trinity pines is totally Lao) messing up the market and not being good neighbors. I’m not worried about stating what’s obvious and true. I would feel bad if this guy just slid off the road and died or something. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump

            The Hmong tide has been in for enough years of owner financing contracts to come due.

            There will be more of Hmong violence when those contracts are due facing cheap pounds.

          • Emily I personally was born in hayfork and my family was 1of the first 9 wagons that came into hayfork I don’t care what people do for a living as long as its an honest living and as far as the trinity pines goes if it wasn’t for the law in trinity pines helping fight the fire it would have kept going and the pines and Indian valley and hayfork and hyampom who knows but alto of these so called mountains are still here thanks to them so when your quick to open your mouth you might want to think about it first then step back and check yourself

          • [edit] if it wasn’t for the Hmong in the pines it would have all burnt down and kept going and would have kept going for thousand of acres where were you during the fires not in the pines with the Hmong fight ING the forest fire not down at the fairgrounds selling t-shirts where were you Emily on the internet makings comments about shit before you know the facts [edit]

  • The laws could be ground up?

  • Could be anything

    I hope he is found. Scary stuff. Enough with the negative comments people. You want to spill hate, go to LOCO. That’s what they are there for

  • @DelNorte, I actually know him, that kind of hateful bigotry is rude and disrespectful to his whole family and many friends who know and love him. He is not a bad person, nor is a thief and I can’t believe anyone would make that assumption about someone they have never met.

  • Just ban the chump

    Why do the even let you post anymore?You are suggesting people be murdered and ground up.If that doesn’t violate this sights rules then I’m shaking my head.

  • Wait until someone you love goes missing. His friends and family loves him and wants him home. [edit]

  • Please help bring Roger back home. He is someones loving son ,uncle, brother, best friend. His family needs closure.

  • He was not a thief. Making a living just like everyone else.

  • Good riddance

    • Are u kidding me. That’s my damn nephew! Great kid! And very muched loved! Please feel free to tell us what u know there a 25,000 reward leading to his safe return home. I know someone gonna get sloppy and drunk, I know someone will slip out a clue to where my nephew is ……I know it’s a small town 2000 people and some change, everything is being survalinced and people talk amongst themselves….. ur comment sickens me and I’ll be sure to forward all and any comments that are hateful like this to the DEA

  • Seriously – you must have no life at this point to make such remark. He’s missing and all you can do is make some racist asian joke about it? How about you leave a comment for his family that you at least HOPE he makes it home safely?!

  • You shouldn’t be saying anything when you know nothing!

  • Anytine Honey Chump speaks, remind him how he defended Milo Yiannopoulos vigorously, you know the pedophile-backing hate monger.

    Would Chump like to admit how terribly wrong Chump was? No.

    Will Chump ever see how wrong he is? No.

    Does Chump like Yiannopoulos? Guess so.

    Nuff said

  • Maybe you need to get a life instead of going online and trolling serious issues. I’m not sure why race is an issue here and with growers. White people grow that shit too. Legal farming is legal farming whether it be canabis or strawberries

  • Does anyone know a tree arborist named Gabriel in his 30’s? Where he lives?

  • You need to stop with the negative comments. How would you feel if it was your own loved ones? If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it!

  • If you guys have nothing comforting, positive, nice, etc., to say besides commentary of racism and hatreds, stop luring around here trying to prove a point. A man went missing. His families and friends are worry about him. If you dont care and,it aint you’re business, move the fuck on. Quit trying to instigate on something you don’t give a shit about, unless you really do.

  • I’m a HER too but the dude is probably dead.

  • How on earth do you ever survive living in Honeydew of all places. There is hardly a soul out there that doesn’t grow. Even the most unlikely of people.

  • HaveSomeRespect

    It is easy to talk…until it hits home. At least have some respect for the parents who want their child home…or a sibling who wants their brother home. SMH. Someone is missing and you are going to talk about race. Until it is one of your own, you will never understand the pain or grief the family is dealing with.

  • May all the racists forgive those that have done wrong to them. Like your parents or if ya have parents say if you have nothing nice to say just stfu! Your hate won’t beat all the love around you. May god be with you just as god is with him.

  • Anymore updates on this case Kym? and what about the Mitchell Hernadez case out of AP (Nov.2016?)

  • For those who are wondering… no, my nephew Roger Her hasn’t been found yet … if anyone knows anything please contact the Trinity police ty.

  • I can’t believe you folks ….. If anyone knew rodger he is a good friend,brother,nephew,uncle,&son ….This man is no gangster he’s a honest helpful man that would gave the world just for happiness and peace ……I can’t believe any human being can say such hateful words about any human especially at times of asking for help from anyone that could help bring him home ……. U all who is selfish and disrespect about my good friend rodger hawj….Is going to get karma cuz one day everyone loses a loved one and when that day comes and falls hard on your shoulder then u can maybe see the pain we all fill inside for his lost ……..Then karma will definitely sink in hard and I hope strangers comment wrongful hate words torse that person and then come back to this site and let us all see how u feel …….U people r disgusting and needs serious help for those that have sick patehtic lame ass mindsets………Media is fuckkn twisted and ridiculous ……..Makes me sick…….Karma izzza BITCH………As for my nigga rodgers we all love you and miss you alot come back home soon G well all be waiting for u brother….,… Love you n miss you G

  • Fernbaconfriend

    Everyday I search up information on Roger. I just want to hear he is found. Thank you for updating and please continue to update. I’m a childhood friend of his. We went to middle school together and when I heard he was missing it hit me pretty hard. I just pray he’s found.

  • Angie Middleton

    I’m truly sorry about your loved one. I just lost my sister Sara who also was from Hayfork.

  • I don’t and will never understand how some people can be so judgemental and heartless and even have the audacity to post such hateful comments – without even knowing who this person is.

    This world is filled with filthy, greedy, selfish, judgemental, and sick people. Does it matter if his skin color differs from yours, or that he doesn’t have blue or green eyes? And because he doesn’t – does that make him any more or less of a human being than you or I?

    Does it give you the right to speak about him as if his life is not “valuable” because he is NOT caucasian? Absolutely, not.

    My parents are immigrants, who migrated here – after the Vietnam War. They have NEVER taught my siblings or I – to disrespect, judge, or belittle another because of their skin color, because they look different.

    I can only wonder how you were raised and by what kind of folks because HATE / Racism is NOT something that is instilled in person at birth. It is taught and learned.

    You (The RACIST ASSHOLE) are incredibly inconsiderate and for someone to “assume” that he is a troublemaker and a thief. Lawmakers and politicians, judges, bankers and corporations… those are examples of theives!

    Its easy for you to come here and say the nasty things you said because HE WAS / IS NOT SOMEONE that you knew, had it been your son, best friend, cousin, uncle, or brother it would be a different story. Had it been someone close to you, tell me that it would not be insulting to you and the mossing person for someone to make such comments regarding your person? I didnt think so.

    No matter what, this family needs answers and support from the community, and if you ARE NOT here to offer your support then PLEASE KEEP YOUR NASTY THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF.

    This man is someone’s brother, friend, son, uncle, or nephew.


  • I hope that he is found safe and alive. I pray for that outcome.

    In California, many people go missing and alot of the times the ending is tragic.

    I suspect foul play in this. The vast majority of Asian families are very CLOSE and tight knitted. They may go a week without contact if even that… there is no way he just walked off and decided to ditch everything.

    I believe that maybe he left home to meet with someone who may be aquainted with him or left with someone whom he has seen and is familiar with.

    Idk. Ive been reading about unidentified human remains / homicide victims bodies showing up in the California deserts. :/ It is scary but I do pray that this is not the case with him.

    Please update us with more info if and when it becomes available. Ty.

  • Roger is still missing. It’s been over two months and the family needs closure. If you have any information on Roger Her whereabouts, please contact Hayfork Trinity Sheriff Dept. at (530) 623-2611 or Detective Josh at (530) 623-8106.

    The last person know to be with Roger the day he went missing is Gabriel Malek of Hayfork. He owns a tree cutting service. We suspect foul play was involved.

    We urge anyone with any information to come forward.

    We pray each and every day that he is found safe.

    • 1 filipino girl and a group of 4 asian men been missing since roger. I’m thinking compton is safer than humboldt county/trinity county

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