[UPDATE 2:51 p.m.] Several Fortuna Schools on Lockdown; Reports of Shots Fired Nearby

Breaking news graphicAccording to scanner traffic about 12:35 p.m., multiple people reported shots fired in the Campton Heights area of Fortuna. As a precaution, Redwood Preparatory School has gone on lockdown, reports the dispatcher on the scanner.

The shots are reportedly coming from the area of Boone Street. According to reports on the scanner, two juveniles reported seeing a man shooting a shotgun near the school.

UPDATE 12:55 p.m.: Toddy Thomas is also on lockdown, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 1:12 p.m.: Officers have been searching the area and have not located anything suspicious. So, according to the Fortuna Police Crime Prevention Unit, “Fortuna Jr. Academy and Toddy Thomas are being released from lockdown.”

UPDATE 1:17 p.m.: Redwood Prep was also taken out of lockdown according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 1:22 p.m.: Officers are remaining in the area even though the area has been checked and no suspect has been located.

UPDATE 1:29 p.m.: Toddy Thomas posted, “For your information: Toddy Thomas was placed on a lock-down by Fortuna Police Department as a precautionary measure. Everyone is safe and the lock-down has been lifted. Students can be picked up, walk home, or take bus as usual. Thank you for your cooperation.”

UPDATE 2:51 p.m.: Press release from the Fortuna Police:

On March 15, 2017 at about 12:35 P.M. Fortuna Police Department received multiple 911 calls of citizens hearing shots fired in the Campton Heights area of Fortuna. As a precautionary measure the schools in the area were placed on lock-down while officers checked the area. Officers from Rio Dell and Ferndale Police Departments assisted Fortuna Officers in checking the area. Through the investigation a report was received that two juvenile students had witnessed an unknown adult male in a field area off School and Boone Street fire two shots from a shotgun into the air. In checking the area and surrounding area the unknown subject was not located. Officers remained in the area and the lock-downs were lifted. We ask if anyone witnessed the subject firing the reported shotgun or has any information regarding this matter to contact the Fortuna Police Department (707) 725-7550.



  • Wtf going on in world come on people

  • Go to where the kid saw him and look for shells? If your dumb enough to shoot in town I doubt your smart enough to pick up your shells

  • To dennis, Heavy metals poisoning, feeling lonely and without community, getting to a point where your quality of life is such that you feel you have little left to lose, hormone imbalance, alcohol, wireless signal allergy, anger issues, bad reaction to meds, etc etc and on and on it goes.

  • its gopher season , they everywhere
    but a shotgun is a bit much
    keep them kids safe and find them gopher hunters

  • Drug dealers abundant

    Not exactly shocking. The house on Boone with all the cars is a well known drug dealing house. Guns, fights, a young couple that throws shit at each other and fights every day, the old lady and her cartel bf that beats her and thinks he’s “hardcore”. It’s all bad news. And they have kids in there, oh and they breed dogs that they don’t take care of, they beat the crap out of them and keep them locked up, then sell them.
    Rant over.
    TL:DR avoid Boone st

  • Maybe he, being a bit squirrelly, was going after flying squirrels ( you know, like Rocky?).

    • That’s another possibility indeed!!! I’d say chances are Slim & None & I just saw Slim leave town!!! But anything is possible, for a fact!!!

  • None of these schools can protect our kids from a violent person intent on doing them harm, all they can do is lock them in a room and hope everything’s okay. I would love to see them stop me from getting to my child during an emergency.


    • I would be like you….my daughter goes to toddy. I got a call from my dad on my way home only because my little sister listens to the scanner. I finally get a call from the school that there is a lock down after they lift it? Seriously. Why not let us know the second it happens? Why do I need to hear it from a scanner? Why wait so long to let parents know? It pisses me off how we have to find out whether our child is safe or not from a scanner/lost coast outpost. I know I want to know from the school, the second it happens not after its all said and done.

  • THC, in a locked down situation, by law and school district mandates no one is allowed to enter or exit school facilities.

    When a lock down occurs teachers and staff are directed to get students and school visitors into a building, lock the door, move the students and adults away from windows, pull the shades, and settle in as they await an all clear.

    Having children who have been in “lock down” mode I am aware of how well or poorly the situation can be handled.

    Having calm adults, communication between the teachers/staff with the incident command liaison at the school for frequent updates, and keeping the students calm is so very important.

    If you do indeed come onto the campus, expect to be told to leave until the all clear is given. Most parents do not have a clue what their child’s school emergency plan is for various natural or human made incidents/disasters.

    There is nothing more worrisome for a parent than to be separated from their child or children in the event of a human made or natural disaster.

    I am no longer amazed at the children in our school who do not know their parents full name, their parents cell or land line phone number, or the numbers for emergency contacts.

    It is key for families to have calm and frank discussions with their children on what the family plan is for disasters.

    Our school has emergency kits for disasters which include five gallon buckets with toilet lids to address sanitation needs in a lockdown situation.

    Kudos to those who reported the shots fired. Hopefully the person doing the shooting was not intending nefarious motives.

    Folks should take their local police department or sheriffs department active shooter training.

    If you are able get your concealed carry permit.

    And take your family to the gun safety event this weekend.

    You all can learn a lot.

    • Yes I’m well aware of schools policies during lockdown, that’s what prompted my comment. You better believe if there’s an active shooter in the vicinity of my child and I’m aware of it, I will take whatever steps necessary to protect my child and not rely on the state to do it for me. Not allowing parents to get to their children during lockdown is fucking ridiculous. And in most cases where there is an actual active shooter on campus killing kids, locking them in the classroom has only added to the body count because there’s nobody there to actually protect them. all it does is contain and isolate them making them great Sitting Duck targets, it’s a ridiculously stupid tactic.

  • Thanks Redwood Prep for informing parents…NOT! Unacceptable.
    Get your S$:7 together.

  • What’s become of the “Friendly City”?

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