[UPDATE 9:16 a.m.] Milk Tanker Overturned in the Area of Richardson Grove

A tanker truck hauling milk went off Hwy 101 in the area of Richardson Grove and struck a tree about 5:34 a.m. While the 75,000 pound truck is off the road and the driver is reportedly uninjured, the tree is now a traffic hazard. In addition, milk has begun to slowly leak from the truck.

UPDATE 6:10 a.m.: The tank “has buckled.” The “tank is compromised,” according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page.

UPDATE 6:45 a.m.: According to CHP Emergency Dispatch, traffic is moving through the area.

UPDATE 9:16 a.m.: Here’s a photo from a reader that gives a bit of an idea of what the accident looks like.

picture through a car window



  • Got Milk? lol! glad he is ok!

  • Wow. .another one.

  • Must be the roots under the road . She Definitely wasn’t texting

  • No use crying…

  • Call humane society, they have a pretty big hazmat crew, meow

  • Suicide truck mission as an excuse to chop down old growth. Winco was headed north. Question is…. Was the milk comin in or goin out? 75000 lbs is the DOT max. Was the truck Northbound or Southbound?

    • Chop them down, or wait for climate change to blow them down, either way they are coming down, but lets wait and see how many people die hitting them in the meantime

      • Another one dead is another dumb, dangerous driver off the road!
        Congrats on a great idea.
        Another great idea is to slow down…….
        yeah, right.

      • Lone Ranger, get a life no ones chopping down those trees. And yeah a percentage will come down, in maybe a few hundred years. Your stuck in the past, do you still think there are an endless amount of old growth? Hack it down, no need for our children’s children right? That’s the Trump way huh? You must be proud!

        • So 10 or so old growth trees are worth how many lives. How many old growth redwood trees are there in this country? Old growth redwood can’t reproduce , so how do we save it, it’s extinction is inevitable, now that’s funny shit, you know it but you still try to save it,huh?

          • With that logic all life is facing inevitable extinction, so who cares if a few unfortunate souls crash into a tree?

            Everything will be dead in the end regardless…right?

            Better a beautiful redwood then a grey concrete divider or something along those lines..

          • Wait, who died?

            When Kym says this happened “in the area of Richardson Grove”, it obviously didn’t happen in the proposed RIP area within Richardson Grove SP.

            Why should Caltrans focus on Richardson Grove when they can’t even keep 299 open? Hell, they can’t even keep two lanes open north to Crescent City. They need to get their priorities straight, instead of trying to straighten the Redwood Curtain.

          • “Old growth redwood can’t reproduce”.
            Of course they do. Just take a walk in any old growth forest.
            In my tree physiology class at HSU, we were required to to reproduce Redwoods three different ways naturally and by cloning.
            I was taught that an old growth Redwood produces on average one viable seedling every 50 years in an untouched forest.
            Since Redwoods have such a long lifespan one viable seedling is all that is necessary to maintain the species.
            Redwoods also reproduce through adventitious buds and via suckers.
            All three methods of natural reproduction can easily be seen in any redwood forest.

            • If that is the case , all redwood forests are old growth, that makes cutting these 10 down even more logical, don’t see a legitimate argument to keep them

        • Sorry didn’t vote for trump, just being logical

        • CHOP THEM DOWN! CHOP THEM DOWN! CHOP THEM DOWN! You can take all the generations of children to the Headwaters! Safety first.

    • 80,000lbs. is max weight allowed in California without permits.

    • Actually the max gcw is 80,000 lbs.

    • The hills are watching

      Since when is 75 the dot max?!?!?! Keyboard warriors spouting out their fingers with no actual knowledge of the truth. That’s how misinformation gets legs! Soooo…. anything you post from now on has questionable truth.

    • Probably southbound from Humboldt Creamery…they supply a lot of major milk brands. The Creamery building is right by the Fernbridge road. Various local dairy herds provide the milk.
      Want to know where your milk comes from?
      In California, every milk or milk product (egg nog, yogurt, etc) will have a code stamped on the container. It’s usually two numbers a dash and three numbers. Here’s a place to look it up:

      If you live in a big city, chances are the location will be a packing plant which packs for many brands. .

  • Superstallion truckrman

    I’ll bet 50 bucks it was a Steve wills truck there kind a like the JB Hunt of Humboldt

  • is the highway open?

  • Looks like Will’s Trucking and I believe dot weight is 80,000 lbs.

  • This is EXACTLY why we need to TEAR DOWN RICHARDSON GROVE. How is the North County going to get milk now?? I’ve had enough of these tankers overturning. We NEED a safe way to travel through the forest. God forbid we slow down….

    • Not sure how life would go on without the grove, people all over the world talk about that park where ever I go , they never mention weed capital , always just Richardson grove, “do you have any redwood on you”

  • Let’s expand that road.

  • It’s really sad all these Bozo truck drivers can’t honor the road. I feel they should know where they have to drive a few MPH slower, just like I do, after driving the roads so many times. Whether it was d/t driver error or road conditions he wasn’t going to get any where faster by not slowing down. Of course it could always be unsafe vehicle conditions or malfunction he had no control over but a commercial driver should be inspecting his rig. I know when my vehicle feels weird or sounds funny and try to pay attention that way too. It’s just a good idea to slow down on that small stretch of road anyways. And a Steve Wills truck should know better in that area!

  • 2 trucks are down there

  • One right answer, it wasn’t a Steve Will truck. And a wrong answer, truck was headed north, load was inbound to some plant in the north end of the state.

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