[UPDATE Sunday] 299 to Stay Closed at Big French Creek Into January

According to a post on the Caltrans District 1 Facebook page,

Caltrans District 2, along with contractor Steve Manning, Inc., has resumed work on State Route 299w at Big French Creek Road following two rockslides on Monday, December 5, 2016.

During the rockslides about 100 thousand cubic yards of debris fell into the catchment area and onto the road. Caltrans Inspectors and Geologists believe there could still be about 200 thousand more cubic yards on the hill. Due to the constant activity on the hillside, and for the safety of all motorists, Caltrans will construct a temporary detour, approximately 350 feet long, along State Route 299, adjacent to the existing roadway. Due to the construction of the temporary detour, the road will not open to one-way controlled traffic until the week of January 8, 2017. At the same time, Caltrans will be working on removing additional slide material.

“We understand that having the road closed is an inconvenience, but we do appreciate the cooperation of the traveling public,” said Caltrans Project Manager Matt Gowan. “Our interest at Caltrans is for the safe transportation of the traveling public and that’s why we had to close this.”

Caltrans is recommending motorists use State Routes 20, 36 or Interstate 5 as alternate routes.

Please call the Road Construction hotline for the very latest information at (530) 225-3452. You can also like us on Facebook (Caltrans District 2) or follow us on Twitter after hours @CaltransD2.

UPDATE 12:08 a.m.: Caltrans District 2 is now tweeting,Tweet about a road closing from Caltrans

The residents of that 20 mile stretch between Big French Creek and Junction City are going to have to be using a heck of a lot of backroads until this second slide is cleared.

UPDATE Sunday: According to Caltrans, “Trinity SR 299 west of Junction City will OPEN to one way traffic control at 7 a.m. Expect 1/2 hour delays.”

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Lord have mercy!!please everyone be so careful when traveling this holiday.weve already lost a lot of folks this year and don’t want to lose anymore!!from the bottom of my heart I wish all of Humboldt peace

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Are growers blocking the roads with landslides to avoid being arrested?

    • No it is republican pedophiles working out of pizza parlors in the central valley. They use tunnels to transport their victims to and fro. It is all organized by Jeff Sessions. Remember the movie Eyes Wide Shut? Well it’s like that but huge. You decide!

  • I know, let’s start construction east of Bridgeville on Highway 36, which is the main alternative route to 299, and clog up the road with logging equipment during a major winter storm event. Caltrans you are so smart !!!!!!

  • The consruction on 36 has been in the works for years. The clearing project timing is dang unfortunate, but timed to avoid nesting birds. We live in the middle of it and it’s rough for sure 😕 Especially with the extra traffic from 299.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    I will post this here with the landslide –

    Suspicious Observers on YouTube has a high batting average of predicting earthquakes.

    Their site predicted the last quake a day before it happened.

    With the 8 in New Guinea this morning he has placed the Gorda Escarpment on big quake alert for the next three or five days.

    There seems to be a connection with weather on the sun and earthquake activity and we’re getting that weather.

    Take it for what it’s worth, check out the channel, and think about how many roads would be cut if an 8 hit offshore along with the wave generated.

    Just felt this was useful information, even to lettuce heads.

    Stay alert!

    • Can post any evidence that they successfully predicted a single earthquake, that was not already predicted by the USGS?

      According to their own statements,

      “So far we should have predicted 1 or 2 M6+ earthquakes by random luck in year 2, and missed 12 or 13.
      We have predicted 9 M6+ earthquakes, and three others that the USGS labeled as ‘significant’.
      We have missed the location of 5 M6+ earthquakes.”

      Although there is no evidence that they predicted any of them provided, this is still not impressive.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Go back on kyms site to the 4.3 days before the 7 and you’ll see I posted the same warning.

      • I have been following suspicious observers for many years now. His analyst are always intriguing. His evidence comes from various puvlic sources. He has observed a relationship between cosmic and solar energy and its effect on earth. Since he launched the earthquake prediction system he has been very accurate on predicting earthquakes and where they might occur. Granted the area is a broad area and the warnings are generalized but it’s better than having no warning at all.

        Predicting earthquakes


  • The Russians are coming !!

  • “Caltrans is recommending motorists use State Routes 20, 36 or Interstate 5 as alternate routes.”

    Wow! I-5 connects to the coast? When did that happen? 😉

    • I-5 to 96 to Willow Creek & 299 then west on 299 to the coast. But last January there
      was a big slide that closed 96 near Orleans as I remember.

  • Right now i’m fearing black ice more than I fear the criminals. Jack Frost is making his rounds.

  • Even an amateur could see that Cal Trans was starting at the wrong end of this slide. Do you pull the bottom blocks out of a stack of blocks and expect it to continue to stand? They very nearly got people killed several times. The contractor has a mess to clean up after those Cal Trans engineers.

  • I used to have to take the old highway to redding when I was young.so this is nothing.this road has always had slides and will forever.be safe all

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