Pickup Fleeing Law Enforcement Crashed in Eureka Last Night


The pickup crashed into a metal sign. [All photos provided by a reader.]

“A red Nissan pickup truck fleeing police crashed…in front of my house at the south end of Harrison Ave in Eureka at Manzanita,” wrote a reader who sent in these photos. The incident occurred about 10:55 p.m. last night. Scanner traffic indicates that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was chasing the pickup before it crashed. The deputy on the scene requested an ambulance for one person with head injuries.

The reader sent this description of what he saw.

We were inside the house and heard a vehicle traveling at an unusually high rate of speed, then heard the screeching of tires skidding for what seemed like a very long time (just 3-4 seconds probably) then a loud crash.

IMG_5518 (1)

Photo taken this morning shows the long skid marks left by the vehicle.

I ran out the front door and saw a old red Nissan Hardbody (late 80’s/early 90’s) single cab, short bed, 2WD pickup crashed at the end of Harrison Ave where it T-intersects into Manzanita Avenue a block from the National Guard Armory.

3 squad cars were approaching the scene, with lights and sirens. They were on scene within seconds of the crash, but the driver had already fled before I even got outside. All I saw was a female starting to walk away, before being stopped and questioned by deputies…I eventually went outside, once the scene appeared secure, to look around and over heard one of the officers state the suspect had felony warrants for his arrest.

45e8fbfb-4df8-4bda-94cc-ae1407c0fc89The truck was towed off last night, after the towing company struggled to get if free from the metal sign post that was caught up on the underside.




  • william tillman

    Dumb ass in the truck.

  • Sad state of affairs. This belongs to a Fire Fighter that works to protect our property and then they have to do this. Way to go scumbags.

  • Special exemption?

  • I am reading old copies of the Garberville newspaper ” The Life & Times” ,which sadly is out of print, in these clippings from the early 1980s they had a crime section, they would report the crime here in So Humboldt.
    Somebody stole a bicycle, later recovered. Lost dog, man found passed out drunk in street. etc. Now a days it is worse, as you know. What has happened to this once great county of ours ?

    • Just want the end of the story

      The major industries were gutted, then destroyed. The workers left for other jobs, leaving behind comparatively cheap housing which filled up with entitlement recipients. Then an overlay of university hanger on and Bay Area refugees took over. And now we, the people who love the area and have, gasp, standards of behavior higher than that of gutter rat, reap what others have sown.

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