Mendocino Cannabis Resource 2016 Conference Schedule of Events

12472574_10153573679197883_3682003561118269907_nPress release:

Mendocino Cannabis Resource 2016 Conference
Schedule of Events
Friday April 8th
9:00 am – WELCOME: Karen Byars, Mendocino Cannabis Resource,

9:15 am – KEYNOTE: Elvy Musikka, Federal Marijuana Patient
EMCEE: Kerry Reynolds, Keynote Interviewer

10:00 am – Environmental Regulations
Adona White – CA Regional Water Quality Control Board
Hannah Nelson – Cannabis Law
Noah Cornell – Eel River Recovery Project
Julia Carrera – Julia Carrera & Associates – Third Party Veri cation

11:30am – Mendocino County Medical Cannabis Regulations
Mendocino Ad Hoc Committee Chuck Morse – Mendocino Dept. of Agriculture Jude Thilman – Heritage Initiative

1:00 pm – Lunch and Networking

2:30 pm — Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA)
–and Current Legislation
E.D. Lerman – Attorney at Law
Don Duncan – ASA, CA Dir. – CA Legislative Report

4:00 pm – Medical Cannabis Legislation Work
Casey O’Neill – California Growers Assn./CGA – Mendocino Chapter Julia Carrera – Small Farmers Association
Dr. Dale Geiringer – CA NORML

6 – 9 pm FARM TO TABLE Dinner Reception
Sponsored by Women’ Grow Mendocino Chapter

Saturday April 9th
9:00 am – WELCOME: Karen Byars, Mendocino Cannabis Resource

9:15 am – KEYNOTE: Linda Jackson, Natural Remedies Health Service
EMCEE: Sherry Glaser, Performance Artist

10:00 am – Fundamentals of Building Your Cannabusiness
Zeta Ceti – Green Rush Consulting – business plan
Liana Held – Liana Limited – Bookkeeping/Taxes

11:00 am – Developing your Cannabusiness for Marketing
Amber E. Senter – COO at Magnolia Wellness Collective – Branding Shiloh Wisham – Social Media

Noon – Lunch Demonstration
Chris Conrad will demonstrate how to measure your cannabis plant –to determine your gardens square footage.

1:30 pm – What the Market wants from the Licensed –Cultivation Community
Karyn Wagner – Paradigm Cannabis – CO2 Oil Producer
Cody Bass – Tahoe Wellness Cooperative – Dispensary
Sarah Russo – Project CBD – Medical Cannabis CBD Market

3:00 pm – Funding Your Cannabusiness
Ben Larson – co-founder, Gateway Incubator
Good Farm Fund – alternative fundraising for your Cannabusiness

4:00 pm – Additions for your Cannabusiness
Kristin Nevedal – ASA Patient Focused Certi cation
Melissa Moore – Emerald Triangle Analyics
Andrew Black – Certi ed Kind founder and Certi cation Director Amber E. Senter – Supernova Women
Casey O’Neill – Emerald Grown

5:00 pm – California Adult Use Initiatives
Chris Conrad – Author, Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) Mikki Norris – co-founder, The Leaf Online
Lauren Vazquez – Fired Up Lawyer



  • So how much are the tickets?

  • The Regular priced tickets are $225 online at You can use the promotional code ‘Mendo” and get a 30% discount.
    Tickets are also available at the ticket outlets listed on the flyer attached to this post for $175.
    Hope you will join us! The ticket includes both days of the conference and the Farm to Table reception hosted by Women Grow – Mendocino Chapter.

  • Times r a changin

    This must chap Tom Allmans ass.

  • I’m hoping Mendo will release it’s draft Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance before the event. In any event I’m planning on being there, so drop by my table and say hello if you attend.

  • Did anyone see Tom Allman on Vice’s weededicate Sunday.
    He seemed ticked off and walked out of the interview.

  • Is anyone from here going to the Cannabis Summit in New York the 17 and 18?

  • Is there anyone sponsoring the most chronically ill so they can afford to get in? Its bad enough they can not afford to buy or grow their medicinal use cannabis in this day and age. After over twenty years battling the local city counsel, board of supervisors, corrupt law enforcement, the State and the Feds, etc. the best they can do for us is try to limit the amount we can grow outdoors or straight banning us to do so trying to force us indoors which is not only not sustainable but impossible to afford. We can not afford to buy at the prices offered at local dispensaries and are given a choice of low grade herb because the people with all the loot get first choice. People with disabilities are being exploited for straight greed. NOT ON THE BACKS of the DISABLED! Wake up! The disabled in California have no voice! Elvy is one of the only Federally recognized people or women using cannabis in the nation. They supply her with all her weed at no cost to her. Sweet!

    • Many disabled and chronically ill need to live in the city close to resources such as public transportation, “research centers” or other services and are not even given a local dispensary to ponder over which basically deprives these people of a quality of life and a pursuit to happiness among other things.

  • Not only have the disabled lost their voice they are being beat up and silenced and left for dead for speaking up about the exploitation and greed. On top of this the workers many of who are women are being beat up, forced to work in unsafe inhumane working conditions, silenced and exploited as well because of dictator bosses and corrupt law enforcement. On top of this the city of Willits tries to ban outdoor growing claiming to be protecting the children. If they were protecting the children they would offer the women who give birth to the children fair employment opportunities and free them from being exploited by their corrupt bosses. They would lift the indoor growing requirement and let the people grow the herb in the full sun. Willits has an epidemic of prescription drug abuse which leads to meth abuse, other dangerous addictions and high rates of crime. If they cared about the people in their community then they would put the people in their community first by offering a better choice for its people than greed, addictions to opiates, 5150 arrests, less crime leading to a more productive and thriving community.

  • Stranske and Burton the two Anti-marijuana prohibitionists on the Willits City Council dont care about the people of Willits, both wealthy republicans. STRANSKE A JEWELER AND Burton a Redwood Tycoon-banker with lots of daddies money dont represent the interests of their community. The Willits City council has continueously violated the rights of its citizens and these two screwface republicans are the two prohibitionists which are using their heirarchy and wealth to keep the rest of the commhnity in poverty. Time to take back the Willits City Council. Tar and feathers for both of these two rich republicans.

  • Does anyone know if the talks and workshops at the conference are being recorded? Would we need to register for the conference in order to have access to those videos? I would so much like to attend , but I’m still in the process of moving up there. Thank you.

  • There were video cameras there used for presentation but I couldn’t tell if they were also used for taping. My head was spinning over the amount of rules, fees, penalty’s, taxes and fines!
    Every one interested should go to and see the bills, some to be voted on next week I think. AB-243 AB-2243 AB-2300 AB-2516 all found here

    Not much seems to be finalized but if your not watching and voicing your opinions you may be shocked at things like a proposed tax of over $9 per oz above and beyond the 15% the state wants if I understood correctly.

    I don’t have my notes in front of me But I think thee are about 60 different initiatives being considered.

    People were strongly encouraged to get involved asap.

  • Hey, lifetime Sonoma, Mendo & Trinity family concerned. Need info good or bad on Julia Carrera & Associates. Many of us are concerned since she came on the scene and we are not sure she is for us. Seems we have gone from off and under the grid / radar to in your face, total state law path.

    Not cool man.

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